Would you rather? The ultimate personality quiz

Would you rather? The ultimate personality quiz

Answer these "Would you rather" statements and we'll tell you who you truly are!

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Would you rather?

Who doesn’t like the game “Would you rather”? It’s a great party game, beloved by so many people around the world. But this isn’t your standard “Would you rather”, this is “Would you rather” with a twist! Answer the following questions to find out, who you truly are! You’ll be shocked by the result of this thrilling quiz!

Personality quiz

This personality quiz takes to account which “Would you rather” statement you choose to find out which kind of person slumbers inside of you. Trust me, this will be no simple task. You’ll have to choose very wisely!

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With this quiz you will definitely find out something new about you, because we chose some rather tricky “Would you rather” questions. Make yourself ready and take the Would you rather? The ultimate personality quiz now!

But as with all personality quizzes, take the result with a grain of salt.

“Would you rather” questions

There are a lot of “Would you rather” questions to choose from, and you can always come up with your own! This quiz features some of the hardest, funniest, and weirdest “Would you rather” questions you have ever seen.

If you want even more amazing “Would you rather” questions or acquired a taste for it, check out our unbelievable Would you rather article! There are even some questions that will pull the rug out from under your feet!

“Would you rather” quiz

Want to play “Would you rather” with yourself? Then this quiz is what you have always dreamed about! Or do you want something even more interactive? Then check out our …

“Would you rather” game

You heard right! We have made an app called Dilemmaly in which you can play “Would you rather” alone or with friends. You can even see what people around the world chose! Available for Android and iOS!

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