Quiz: Which literary genre matches your personality?

Which literary genre matches your personality?

Ever wondered what literary genre you would be if you were a book? Embark on a literary journey and find out with this fun and entertaining quiz!

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Which literary genre matches your personality?

Ever seen the world through the rose-tinted glasses of a romance novel or felt the thrill of a mystery thriller lurking inside you? Literature possesses the power to transport us into realms unknown, providing an escape from reality while expanding our understanding of the human experience.

Now, imagine you are the protagonist, the core of the greatest story ever told. What would your narrative style be like? Grab a comfy seat and find out!

What are the different literary genres?

Let’s embark on this literary journey by understanding the magic behind the major genres. Each genre, in its own unique way, illuminates a different facet of life and explores various paths of our emotional journey.

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Mystery Thriller

The genre that keeps you on edge! Mystery thrillers engage readers with suspense, tension, and curiosity that send shivers down the spine. Remember Sherlock Holmes’ mind-bending detective work or Hannibal’s sinister charm? They epitomize this nail-biting genre.

Do you love an adrenaline-fueled plot and finding clues among tangled webs of secrets? You may just be a character that belongs in a mystery thriller.

Romance Fiction

Romance Fiction warms the heart and fills the soul. It’s about love, passion, and relationships filled with emotional highs and lows. From Pride and Prejudice’s timeless allure to the intoxicating love in Twilight, this genre sets hearts racing.

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If your life has a flair for sweeping gestures and heartwarming connections, a Romance Fiction could be your story.

Fantasy Epic

Fantasy Epic takes us to worlds filled with magic and mythical creatures. Remember Harry Potter’s wizarding world or The Game of Thrones’ kingdoms of Westeros? They embody this genre that blurs the line between reality and fantasy.

If your dreams often slip into lands where dragons fly and magic reigns, you might be the protagonist of a Fantasy Epic.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction blends the realms of science and imagination. From the mind-bending Matrix to the galactic adventures of Star Trek, this genre takes us on thrilling journeys beyond the known universe.

If your curiosity often extends to the cosmos or artificial intelligence, consider yourself a leading character of a Sci-Fi thriller!

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Classic Literature

Classic Literature speaks truths of the human condition. These timeless tales often serve as a mirror to society, examining our virtues and vices. Think of To Kill a Mockingbird’s wellspring of wisdom or 1984’s dystopian portrayal of tyranny.

If your life is marked by depth, reflection, and wisdom, you might be living a narrative worthy of Classic Literature.

Horror Fiction

Horror Fiction explores the darker side of life. With spine-chilling moments and frightening creatures, it puts your fears on paper. Who could forget Pennywise from IT or the eerie Overlook Hotel from The Shining?

If your story is tinged with the sinister and supernatural, you could be the protagonist of a Horror tale.

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction brings the past vibrantly alive. The genre blends fiction with historical events, breathing life into the pages of our collective past. Just consider Gone with the Wind’s portrayal of the Civil War or The Book Thief’s heartfelt rememberance of WWII.

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If your persona is tied to bygone eras and you’re defined by your respect for history, Historical Fiction could be your literary genre.


Comedy, the genre that guarantees laughter. A comedic plot is filled with humor, joy, and often, hilarious misunderstandings. The witty dialogues of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or Bridget Jones’s Diary are excellent examples.

If your life is a collection of humorous episodes and infectious laughter, you’re living a Comedy, my friend!

Take the leap into your literary world!

Just like the vast variety of characters in literature, we’re all unique, each of us colored by our own stories and experiences. What type of character are you, and where would your literary journey lead you?

Take this entertaining quiz and be transported into the extraordinary world of literature. You are the protagonist of your own story, let’s unveil which genre it fits into.

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The charm of literary characters

Just like books themselves, literary characters serve as a window into countless different worlds. They remind us of ourselves or the people we know, and in some cases, they show us what we aspire to be. Remember the sweet innocence of Anne of Green Gables? Or the unyielding resilience of Katniss Everdeen?

Every character has their own powerful narrative. Now it’s time for you to step into their shoes… or should we say, their words!

What’s your literary fate?

Are you ready to dive into the world of narratives and discover your literary alter ego? With this captivating quiz, you’ll step into the shoes of a protagonist and explore the reasons why a particular genre resonates with your identity.

So grab your favorite drink, get comfy, and get started on this literary adventure! Who knows? By the end of this quiz, you might find that the perfect literary genre has been inked into your soul the entire time!

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