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What flower am I?

Have you ever wondered what flower you are? Well, this quiz is made just for you!

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Language of the flowers

Flowers have an entire language of their own, just that it consists of symbolism and metaphors instead. At some point in your life, you would have come across a deal-breaking thought, “I wonder what kind of flower I would be?” Right? I’m sure you have; there’s no denying it!


Floriography is commonly referred to as the “Language of Flowers”. It is considered the art of communicating through flowers. This may stun you at first because flowers can’t speak! (Shocking, I know.)

But it’s not what you think; they may not be able to walk or talk but instead represent certain things. A typical example is the rose flower, commonly associated by us with love, beauty, and romance.

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This is due to an array of reasons, ranging from its deep shade of red to the shape of the petals and the number of petals.

Each characteristic of the flower is associated with the meaning and message behind the flower, the color red commonly having connotations of love and passion but also anger and hatred. These are all things that we humans frequently associate with the color red.

It doesn’t stop there; the number of petals can also influence the meaning behind a flower.

The Cosmo flower, for example, represents harmony and order. Order being derived from the orderly assortment of petals on the flower.

These deep-rooted meanings stem from thousands of years worth of culture, folklore, and ancient mythologies.

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There are hundreds upon thousands of flowers, and with so many different flowers to choose from, it can become challenging to decide which flower mirrors you most.

This quiz consists of 8 peculiar flowers, each with its own meaning:

Your personality, and the type of person you are, can all be associated with a flower. So what are you waiting for? Go live the dream you’ve always looked for and find out what kind of flower you are!

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