Potato quiz: What percentage of the time are you a potato?

Potato quiz: What percentage of the time are you a potato?

Have you ever asked yourself if you're actually more potato than human? Well, this quiz will finally give you the answer!

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The potato quiz: What percentage of the time are you a potato?

Time and time again, humans feel like they’re actually just potatoes. We sit on the couch, we eat potato chips, fries, and mashed potatoes – and let’s be real, sometimes our brains feel like mashed potatoes too.

So, it’s no wonder that people ask themself: “Am I actually a potato?”, or “How much of a potato am I?”

Well, we decided to create an accurate test to determine just that. Are you ready to find out your potato percentage? Take this quiz to find out!

How to determine what percentage of the time you’re a potato?

Of course, our method of determining how often you’re actually a potato must stay a secret. But trust us, it is a proven way to find out.

We can reveal this much, though – we will ask you questions about your potato-like habits and behaviors, as well as quiz you on your knowledge of all things potato. So grab some chips and a bit of vodka (because that’s made of potato as well), and let’s get started!

You don’t think you’re a potato? Which plant are you then?

The results

After taking the quiz, you’ll be given a percentage of how much of the time you’re actually a potato. Are you only 20% potato? Congratulations that means 80% of the time you are not a potato! Or maybe you’re 90% potato – don’t worry, we won’t judge. Embrace your inner potato and go forth and conquer the world with your potato mind!

But even if you’re a potato, you should be able to beat some five-year-olds in a potential fight.

How to stop being a potato

Well, that’s a great question! And stopping to be a potato is easier said than done, but it can be accomplished!

Here are some tips:

Remember, it’s all about balance – it’s okay to indulge in some potato-y goodness every now and then, but don’t let it take over your life!

Good luck on your journey to not being a potato. You got this!

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