What book should I read?

Looking for new reading material, bookworm? Here's the perfect quiz for you to find your next book!

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What book should I read quiz

This quiz features results across the board. We decided to add books you’re probably not that familiar with, as well as classics you must read if you’re a real book nerd! So if you’re not happy with your result, just do the quiz another time!

Best books to read

It’s highly subjective to talk about “best books”, etc., but the books in the results are all great in their very own way. So give them a chance and start reading! There are plenty of different genres involved, so you’ll definitely find something to read!

What book should I read in 2020

A lot of book nerds had plenty of time to read during these challenging times. That’s probably one of the only benefits of 2020. And if you’re still hungry for even more books or are looking for Christmas presents, you’ll be amazed at what the results may hold ready for you!

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