Gorilla quiz: How many punches from a gorilla could you take?

How many punches from a gorilla could you take?

Are you strong enough to take on a punch from a gorilla? Take this quiz and discover how many punches you could take from a gorilla!

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How many punches from a gorilla could you take?

Gorillas are huge, absolutely massive! Not only that, but they also harbor immense strength and can cause quite a bit of damage.

Have you ever wondered if you could win a fight against a gorilla? Well, spoiler alert: you’d never win. Maybe against a baby gorilla, but never against a fully grown male.

So, let’s be slightly more reasonable: how many punches do you think you could take from a gorilla?

How strong is a gorilla?

An average male gorilla weighs around 165 kg – that’s 363.76 lbs! These beasts are said to be 4-9 times stronger than the average human!

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One punch from an adult male gorilla could possibly break bones and knock you out, and they are capable of delivering multiple punches in quick succession. In fact, some experts estimate that a gorilla could deliver about 1,300 pounds of force with one punch – enough to shatter concrete!

And you won’t believe how much a gorilla can bench-press!

How much can a gorilla bench press?

A fully grown silverback gorilla can lift up to 1810 kg (4000 lbs) on the bench press. Meanwhile, a fully trained man can only bench up to a measly 400 kg (885 lbs). The strength difference is insane, so much so that it’d be a waste to try and find out if a human could fight off a gorilla.

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Factors that come into play when fighting a gorilla

If you can’t fight off a gorilla, let’s do the next best thing! Firstly, we have to consider a few factors. What exactly will determine how many punches you can take?

Your body type

Your body type will heavily influence your result.

There are three main body types:

Your weight

Not much different from body type, your weight will significantly influence how many punches you can take. The bigger you are, the more likely you are to withstand a single punch from a gorilla, which by the way, is strong enough to shatter the average person’s skull.

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Your intelligence

Believe it or not, intelligence plays a major role in deciding how many punches you can take. You see, a person with (slightly) higher than average intelligence would be able to deduce that taking punches from gorillas isn’t the brightest of ideas. In that situation, they’d typically take the smarter route, which, if you couldn’t tell by now, is running away.

But hey, at least you’re not trying to fight off a gorilla, right?

Take the quiz now!

If you’re still adamant about finding out how many punches you could take from a gorilla, I recommend you take this quiz instead of testing this out in real life. That way, you’ll get some enjoyment out of it, and you’ll be alive to tell your friends about it all!

So, what are you waiting for? Take this quiz now and discover how many punches you could take from a gorilla!

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