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Funny Dog Puns

Stories about pet dogs are always cute and funny. That’s why people can come up with lots of funny puns and jokes about dogs!

Tickle people’s funny bones with hilarious dog puns!

1. What do you say to someone who doesn’t like dogs? How re-pug-nant.

Pug dogs are the opposite of re-pug-nant!

2. Please quit hounding me!

You ain’t nothing but a hound dog!

3. What is a dog’s favorite shoe brand? Jimmy Chews.

Mine is Hush Puppies!

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4. If you’re feeling down, then don’t worry! Anything is pawsible.

This is just the right dose of paw-sitivity that I need.

5. My dog really digs playing with bones.

I, on the other hand, dig my dog a whole lot!

6. Every month our building’s administration asks us for our monthly fleas.

I’ll willingly give my fleas to anyone who asks for them!

7. Happy Paw-Ther’s Day!

There are not lots of puns suitable for Father’s Day! But this one is!

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Cute Dog Puns

Everything about dogs is cute and adorable. Even dog jokes and puns are cute! Take a look at these cute dog puns that will make you giggle and say “awww…”!

1. My dog is so smart it went to university and got a pe-degree!

Sometimes I think my dog is smarter than me!

2. My dog helps me get out of any ruff day.

It’s a ruff world out there. It’s always good to have your best buddy around to brighten it up!

3. I like dogs and being out in the sun so much I’m considering moving to collie-fornia.

Collie-fornia girls we’re unforgettable. Daisy dukes. Bikinis on top! West coast represent, now put your paws up! Woof!

4. I’m feeling a little bit run down, I think I should go see a dog-tor.

I wonder if it’s okay to start calling our veterinarian the dog-tor?

5. Howl you doing, you cute sick puppy?

Aww, one of the cutest puppy puns!

6. The crowd loved her performance so much they gave her a round of ap-paws.

I hope there was a standing ovation too.

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Dog Birthday Puns

Is it someone’s birthday soon? Are they also dog lovers? Well, why not combine both of those things by sending them a cute birthday greeting? Here we have a list of cute dog birthday puns you can choose from.

These paw-some dog jokes puns will give them something to smile about on their special day!

1. It’s your birthday, that means it’s time to paw-tea!

It’s paw-tea time, dogs!

2. Ha-paw Birthday to you!

Can I get a hi-paw over here?

3. Happy birthday to my paw-some buddy.

Totally adorable!

4. May you have a paw-sitively excellent birthday today!

I hope all your birthdays are excellent!

5. It may be your birthday, but you will always be fur-ever young!

I will always be fur-ever 21.

6. Happy birthday to a bone-ified long-time friend.

Cheers to all long-time friends.

Dog Food Puns

If there’s something in common between humans and dogs, it’s our love for food! These dog food puns may not satisfy your hunger, but these will satisfy your need to laugh instead!

1. What snack do dogs like to eat at the movies? Pup-corn!

White cheddar pup-corn is my favorite flavor!

2. My puppy’s favorite cold sweet treat is a pup-sicle.

I always keep pup-sicles in my fridge when summer starts.

3. My dog likes to eat woof-les for breakfast.

With some maple syrup on the side!

4. What is a dog’s favorite type of pizza? Pup-peroni!

Thin crust or thick?

5. Take care of your pet dog, or you’ll get a bad Yelp review!

No one wants a bad Yelp review. I only want 5 stars out of 5!

6. You’ll gain a lot of calories if you always eat pure bred.

My favorite type of bred is a croissant!

Hot Dog Puns

Hot diggity dog, who doesn’t love hot dogs? Here on our list of dog puns we also have silly hot dog puns for you to enjoy! You can use these for any social gathering or bbq and get those silly giggles from your friends!

1. Hot dogs are so barbe-cute.

This is super barbe-cute!

2. What’s up, dog?

The woof is on fire!

3. Whoever doesn’t like hot dogs is the absolute wurst.

You must be German!

4. What do you use to slice hot dogs? A sawsage!

This gives me a whole new take on Saw the movie!

5. What do you call someone who finishes a race first? The wiener!

Let the wiener take it all!

6. Salami get this straight. You never had a good hot dog before?

Nothing beats eating a good grilled hot dog during summer.

8. Did you know the son of Darth Vader? It’s Luke Skybarker!

If you’re into Star Wars, give our Star Wars Trivia a try!

9. We’re friends fur-ever!

Lol! You should tell this joke to Santa Paws or Spaniel Craig!

10. Do you know what’s better than a spelling bee? Yes, a talking dog!

Aw, imagine cute corgi puppies that are talking!

11. What’s your dog’s favorite movie? Jurassic Bark!

Now I know what’s the meaning of life. These dog puns!

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Halloween Dog Puns

Have you seen those cute videos of dogs in scary spider costumes? Get yourself Halloween-ready like them! Put on your costume and socialize in Halloween parties with some Halloween dog puns!

Just keep in mind that you won’t be scaring anyone with Halloween dog puns because these are just too adorable!

Have a happy Howl-oween with these dog puns!

1. Dracula has a pet dog! It’s called a blood-hound.

This works so well it’s paw-some!

2. What do you call a dog magician? A labracadabrador.

My favorite magician right here!

3. I like decorating our house with carved pug-kins during Halloween season!

Meanwhile, I like eating the pug-kin pies.

4. It’s fun scaring people and watching their look of terrier!

You just like watching people in terrier? That’s just evil!

5. Happy Howl-o-ween!

This is so cute, I can’t!

6. Howl did that shoe get on a chandelier like that? Do you think there’s a poltergeist here!

The moment I see a shoe tied to a chandelier I’ll be terrier-fied!

Funny Dog Name Puns

Just like people’s names, dogs’ names can have a special meaning too. If you like clever puns, jokes, and dogs, you’ll love our list of funny dog name puns! They’re totally ridiculous and cute!

1. It’s the truth! I Shih Tzu not.

And if someone is annoying, I bet they’re talking Bull-Shih Tzu!

2. My dog’s favorite band is The Beagles.

One of their top hits is “I Want to Hold your Paw.”

3. Girl, you are such a mal-tease.

I’ll mal-tease you all I want!

4. There’s only one person who has the corg-key to my heart, you!

I’ll give you the corg-key to my heart too!

5. I had such a fun time, I’ll collie you later!

Make sure you collie me back, okay? I’ll be waiting for your collie!

6. My dog’s favorite Star Wars character is Chew-bark-a.

I like Chew-bark-a too because of how fluffy he is!

Dog Valentines Puns

I love dogs, and I also love you. Here we have a list of dog valentines puns that you can use! Tell your special someone how much you ruff them with these dog valentines puns!

1. Happy Anni-fur-sary!

AKA best day ever!

2. I’m absolutely mutts about you!

This is mutt-erly adorable.

3. I feel so fur-tunate to have you in my life.

I’m always fur-tunate!

4. Will you be my fur-ever Valentine?

I am fur-ever yours!

5. I just wanna tell you that I ruff you very much.

This is just ruff-ly.

6. I hope you didn’t fur-get about our anniversary this year!

And I hope you didn’t forget about my gift.

Dog Christmas Puns

When you hear Christmas music in the background and start seeing Christmas decorations all around, you know the Christmas season is in the air! What better to welcome the jolly season than with some friendly dog Christmas puns that will make everyone feel cozy and at ease.

Spread Christmas cheer with these adorable dog Christmas puns!

1. Dachshund through the snow in a one dog open sleigh.

I am now imagining Santa had a sleigh with dogs instead of reindeers!

2. This Christmas I made sure to hire a photogra-fur to take our photo.

Hope I get sent a Christmas card!

3. Happy howl-idays!

I’ll be celebrating the season like a filthy animal.

4. Fleas Navidad!

I’m just itching to know what presents I’ll get this year.

5. Someone came uninvited to our Christmas dinner, he was barking up the wrong tree!

I hate it when uninvited guests come to dinner, especially on Christmas!

6. Santa isn’t fat, he’s just a bit husky!

All that Christmas cookies and milk just makes him husky!

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