The toddler quiz: How many toddlers could you beat in a fight?

How many toddlers could you beat in a fight?

The age-old question, how many toddlers do you think you could beat in a fight? Take this quiz and find out if you're a worthy toddler fighter.

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How many toddlers could you fight?

This age-old question has been lurking around for centuries. Even scientists fail to answer this question: how many toddlers could you fight?

Now you see, it’s more complex than you’d think it’d be. Toddlers can be dangerous creatures; they’re unpredictable, feisty, loud, and have no fear whatsoever. They’ll bite, scratch, poke your eyes, and they’ll do anything if it means getting their iPads back.

This quiz has been specifically designed to figure out how many toddlers you could fight. It’s made to prepare you for the sudden and vicious attacks of a toddler. Think of it like a zombie apocalypse, except it’s with human toddlers.

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Imagine you’ve been thrown into kindergarten, an iPad in your hand; you’re like a flame to a moth. You stick out like a sore thumb, and your impending doom slowly bites away at you. There’s not much time left until the toddler’s attack!

What you should know.

At a young age, toddlers tend to group together when they have similar beliefs. Here, they all believe that you should be exterminated, and they’re all out for blood. This quiz will ensure you know how many toddlers you can handle in a fight before it’s too late.

How does this quiz work?

This quiz takes into consideration some key factors that play into deciding how many toddlers you can fight, such as your size, weight, strength, and fighting ability. It also considers your intelligence because you need to be strategic with this; you have a horde of tiny beings running at you with pure aggression!

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No toddlers were harmed in the making of this quiz!

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