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Funny Chicken Puns

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! This is the ultimate chicken joke that never gets old, no matter how cheesy it is. Aside from this kind of question-and-answer jokes, chicken puns about eggs, wings, and even hens will always make people crack up!

The next time you meet up with friends for lunch or dinner, make them laugh with some of our funny chicken puns. With this list of chicken puns, you will surely be the winner, as in the chicken dinner winner!

1. What’s a chicken’s favorite subject in university? Egg-onomics.

Who ever said chickens are bird brained? Egg-onomics is a difficult subject!

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2. Where does a rooster put his letters? In hen-velopes.

Still a better lovestory than Twilight.

3. How do chickens wake up early in the morning? With an alarm cluck.

No wonder they’re always up so early! Hearing clucking noises will definitely wake anyone!

4. What kind of tree bears chickens? Poul-tree.

I should have seen this coming! Do chickens just fall from it?

5. What happened to the naughty chick? He was egg-spelled.

Stay in school chicks! You don’t want to be kicked out of school!

6. Why was the chicken given a red card? The referee called fowl.

That must have been a hard tackle!

7. What is a chicken’s least favorite day? Fry-day.

Humans can’t wait for it, but I understand if chickens don’t want to get fried!

8. How do chickens enter a barn? Through the hen-trance.

Makes a lot of sense.

9. How do chickens exit a barn? Through the egg-xit.

I should have known. You should always know where the emergency exits are!

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10. What do young chicks hate the most? Egg-xams.

It’s okay, buddy. Everyone hates exams!

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11. What do you call a crazy chicken? Cuckoo.

Maybe they’re just overly enthusiastic?

12. What do you call a young chicken? Spring chicken.

Can they do high jumps? Must be nice to have all that energy!

13. What is a chicken’s favorite type of movie? Chick flicks!

Nothing beats chick flicks! You know they always have a happy ending!

14. What do chickens say during halloween? Chick or treat!

Would you like some corn?

15. What do chickens do to relax during the weekend? They have peck-nics.

Peck-nics by the farm sounds like the perfect afternoon.

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Chicken Wing Puns

While there are many chicken lovers, chicken wing fans are a whole new group unto themselves! And that’s why chicken wing puns are quite popular. These puns are a great spin on the classic chicken joke. Even though chickens don’t fly, chicken wing puns will surely lift people’s spirits!

Catch everyone’s interest with these fun chicken wing puns!

1. I have no idea how to raise chickens, so I think I’ll just wing it!

We have to start somewhere!

2. What do you call a bird without wings? A flap.

Just a single flap.

3. Why do chickens always have your back? They make good wingmans!

Always bring your chicken friend to the bar.

4. You are the wind beneath my chicken wings.

Let’s fly high into the sky.

5. There are only two ways you can live life: chicken out, or wing it!

I always prefer the latter! Wing it ‘til you make it, bro!

6. Which hospital do chickens go to when they need a checkup? The Chicken Wing.

Have to make sure they live happy and healthy lives.

7. Why did the rooster’s wife get a lottery ticket? So chicken wing some money!

Chicken. Chi. Cken. She. Can. Get it?

8. What do you call cowards that can fly? Chicken wings.

They fly away so fast whenever there’s danger.

9. I fed my chicken some chicken wings so they enjoyed themselves.

It brings a whole new meaning to “I enjoyed myself.” Did they just become cannibals?!

10. I love eating chicken wings while I watch Lord of the Wings.

My precious… chicken!!! Smeagol loves chicken!

11. I like my women like my chicken wings. Hot and spicy!

Leaves a burn in your mouth!

12. What did the chicken say to the buffalo? This town only has room for one wing.

May the best wing wins!

13. What sound does a chicken’s phone make? Wing-wing.

I think someone’s calling you.

14. What did the right wing say to the left wing? Let’s fly!

Flap-flap away!

15. These chicken wing puns are saucy!

I hope they left a good taste!

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Chicken Names Puns

There are so many punchlines we can enjoy with chicken jokes and puns, but have you ever seen chicken name puns? Don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of the best chicken name puns that will tickle anyone’s funny bone!

Whose chicken hips don’t lie? Why Chickira of course! See what we mean? This list of silly chicken names puns will leave people clucking, I mean chuckling all the way!

1. Yolko Ono

That’s what chickens call John Lennon’s wife.

2. Hennifer Aniston

Chickens love the hen from the TV show ‘Friends’. They always liked her different feather styles.

3. Abrahen Lincoln

My favorite chicken president!

4. Cluck Norris

He’s one of the best chicken martial artists around. He’s the only chicken who can hit 11 out of 10 targets!

5. Meryl Cheep

She was really good in the movies, Chicken Wears Prada and Chicken vs Chicken.

6. Chris and Liam Hensworth

These chicken brothers have that start quality!

7. Albert Eggstein

Where would chickens be today without his scientific discoveries?

8. Obi Wan Henobi

He’s an actor who’s famous for the quote, “The force will be with you always.”

9. Hen Solo

Many chickens love this character from the movie, Chicken Wars!

10. Princess Lay-a

This hen character will always be iconic.

11. Roo-paul

This hen is the queen. I love her in Roo-paul’s Drag Race!

12. Audrey Henburn

Chickens will never forget her characters in My Fair Chicken and Chicken Holiday movies.

13. Clucky Cheese

Chicks love going to this restaurant!

14. Heidi Plume

She was really good in the reality show, Chicken Runway. She can chicken walk over everybody.

15. Kernel Sanders

If you need an expert on chicken, you should talk to this colonel who lives in Kentucky!

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Bonus: More Chicken Puns

Do you like fried chicken? Almost everyone loves fried chicken, and the many ways we can eat chicken or eggs. Just like the endless number of chicken dishes that will satisfy people’s taste buds, we also have many chicken puns that will fulfill people’s need to laugh!

Treat yourself with these egg-cellent chicken puns!

1. What plant do chickens grow from? Eggplants.

So chicks come from eggplants, and babies come from storks?

2. A chicken’s favorite Chinese food is an eggroll!

What a coincidence, they’re mine too!

3. Why do chickens avoid humans? Because humans beat eggs.

Run as fast as you can, chicken little.

4. What do you call a tough chicken? A hardboiled egg.

They must have been under immense pressure.

5. What kind of egg do confused chickens lay? Scrambled.

They’re just out of it sometimes.

6. Why did the rooster go to KFC? He wanted to see a chicken strip.

I hope he wasn’t disappointed!

7. Why couldn’t the rooster enter KFC? He wasn’t on the bucket list.

Are you sure you want to be in the bucket?

8. Where did cavemen get their chicken from? Cave-FC.

Classic fried chicken.

9. How did the legless chicken cross the road? In a KFC bucket.

In a KFC bucket and into the dinner table.

10. Why do chickens hate Kentucky? Because Kentucky Fried Chicken.

They should rebrand to Kentucky Friend Chicken.

11. What do KFC chickens like the most? Kernel.

Corn Sanders?

12. Chicken soup is good for you unless you’re a chicken.

It’s just a hot tub for chickens.

13. Whenever it’s a chicken’s birthday, don’t forget to get them coop-cakes!

I hope they’re made from corn bread!

14. The rooster wanted to play the drums, since he already had drumsticks!

He must be a natural!

15. You’re so cracked. You exceeded my eggs-pectations.

You just crack me up!

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