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The glory of the classic TV shows of the 90’s lives on to this day. Even in 2024, the TV show, Martin, is still remembered by the many TV show lovers who still prefer the classics over any modern show today.

In order to relive your “Mar-iiiiin!” fandom, try fun “Trivia” Questions with your fellow fans that will refresh your memory and test how much you still remember about your beloved characters and their lives built in the Martin show!

Check out the Martin TV Show “Trivia” game that the whole world will be playing for a century or more!

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How to Play Martin “Trivia”

Want to challenge your knowledge about the show, Martin? The rules are simple. Just gather your fellow fans and follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose a trivia master to facilitate the game. They’ll handle reading out questions, keeping score and mediating any disputes.

Step 2: Divide into teams. You can play in pairs or larger groups if there’s enough people. Choose your team wisely! You want people with a good handle of the show.

Step 3: Get playing! The trivia master reads out questions and the first team to answer correctly gets a point.

The team with the most points wins!

Play “Trivia” Online

Can’t get enough of “Trivia”? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Now you can play “Trivia” anywhere, anytime on your phone or laptop with our online “Trivia” game!

Just download our free app and access over 1,000 questions about your favorite TV shows, including Martin. Challenge yourself or play with friends and see who comes out on top!

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Best Martin “Trivia” Game Questions

Need some inspiration for your next Martin “Trivia” game? Look no further! Here are a few of the best Martin “Trivia” questions to test your knowledge:

1. In the show, who was the character of Carl Anthony Payne II?

  • Martin
  • Cole
  • Stan
  • Shawn
Show answer


Carl Anthony Payne II played Cole Brown, one of Martin’s two best friends!

2. Which character was a martial arts “expert”, a supposed “Kung Fu master” who apparently can’t fight?

  • Dragonfly Jones
  • Martin Lawrence
  • Tommy Strawn
  • Nipsey
Show answer

Dragonfly Jones

Dragonfly Jones is probably the only “Kung Fu” master who gets beaten up in nearly every appearance.

3. Who is Martin’s antagonist in the show, who was played by Tichina Arnold?

  • Pam
  • Gina
  • Tammy
  • Cole
Show answer


Pamela James is Martin’s antagonist and Gina’s best friend.

4. Which singer businessman and actor was a part of the band The Jackson 5 and had a fight with Martin Payne?

  • Michelle Jackson
  • Michael Jackson
  • Elvis Presley
  • Freddie Mercury
Show answer

Michael Jackson

In the show, Michael Jackson had a fight with Martin.

5. What is the real first name of Mama Payne?

  • Erna
  • Edna
  • Emma
  • Ella
Show answer


Martin’s mom aka Mama Payne is actually named Edna.

6. Who played Tommy Strawn in the show?

  • Garret Morris
  • Carl Anthony Payne II
  • Thomas Mikal Ford
  • John Gries
Show answer

Thomas Mikal Ford

Tommy in the show plays Martin’s best friend whose job has always been a mystery.

7. Who was Martin’s girlfriend?

  • Pam James
  • Gina Waters
  • Tammy James
  • Tina Waters
Show answer

Gina Waters

Gina Waters played by Tisha Campbell is Martin’s girlfriend.

8. Who was the mechanic who always suddenly sings a song?

  • Elvis Presley
  • Willie Nelson
  • Elroy Presley
  • Elvis Nelson
Show answer

Elroy Presley

While fixing Gina’s car, he broke out singing “Don’t You Know No Good”.

9. What does Pam call Martin that always annoys him?

  • ugly
  • dumb
  • fat
  • short
Show answer


This always makes Martin furious so he then calls Pam an animal.

10. What’s the name of Martin’s apartment security guard, who never moves from his chair?

  • Roscoe
  • Bruh-Man
  • Otis
  • Jerome
Show answer


Otis is the notorious security guard who might be the most immobile dude on the planet but sees everything.

11. Which character consistently wears outrageous, colorful suits and is a self-proclaimed “pimp”?

  • Stan
  • Jerome
  • Roscoe
  • Bruh-Man
Show answer


Jerome, the gold-toothed, slick-talking player, is always decked out in suits that are louder than his mouth, and that’s saying something! Follow this link for more TV “Trivia” Questions for more facts about fun characters!

12. What does Bruh-Man always say he’s doing when he pops up in Martin’s apartment?

  • Fixing the TV
  • Just chillin'
  • Looking for food
  • Borrowing something
Show answer

Just chillin'

Bruh-Man is just chillin’, usually after climbing through the window. His nonchalant attitude is everything!

13. What job did Tommy Strawn FINALLY reveal he had?

  • Youth counselor
  • Astronaut
  • Pilot
  • No job
Show answer

Youth counselor

Tommy had us all scratching our heads for years! Turns out, he’s been shaping the youth of America. Who knew?

14. What was Sheneneh’s catchphrase?

  • “Oh my goodness!”
  • “You go, girl!”
  • “Ain’t that the truth!”
  • “I’m done!”
Show answer

“Oh my goodness!”

Sheneneh had sass for days with her catchphrase “Oh my goodness!” Talk about attitude!

15. Which character was always “Not Havin’ It” according to a sign in their workplace?

  • Stan
  • Sheneneh
  • Nipsey
  • Jerome
Show answer


Sheneneh Jenkins, the sassy neighbor with the booming home business, was certainly “Not Havin’ It,” and you better not forget it!

16. Who is first to be accused of snitching to Ms. Geri in the episode “Suspicious Minds”?

  • Pam
  • Cole
  • Tommy
  • Sheneneh
Show answer


Our man Cole gets the stink-eye for supposedly blabbing to Ms. Geri. Remember how Martin went all detective on him?

17. What does Martin nickname his out-of-shape, childhood bully in “Guard Your Grill”?

  • Knockout King
  • Man Fists
  • Tommy Hearns
  • Mad Dog No Good
Show answer

Mad Dog No Good

Mad Dog No Good comes back round’ and Martin shows him who’s boss of the playground now!

18. Where do Martin and the crew find themselves stranded in the infamous “Chilligan’s Island” episode?

  • An office party
  • A desert island
  • Gina’s work event
  • A ski lodge
Show answer

A desert island

Turns out island life isn’t all coconut cocktails and beach naps for Martin and the gang. Yep, it’s the sitcom castaway episode writ large!

19. Who said, “I’m a man, Gina. I’m a BI-man!” in the epic episode “Forever Sheneneh”?

  • Martin
  • Tommy
  • Cole
  • Sheneneh
Show answer


Oh-My-Goodness! Martin’s misspeak had us all cracking up. Speech slips can happen to the best of us!

20. In which season finale do Martin and Gina tie the knot?

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
Show answer

Season 2

Talk about wedding bells and cliffhangers! Martin and Gina’s big day had us all feeling the love.

21. Who forever enshrined the phrase “Cole, you stupid” into sitcom history?

  • Martin
  • Gina
  • Pamela James
  • Tommy Strawn
Show answer


Martin kept it real simple with this catchphrase. A little harsh, but Cole just sets himself up for it!

22. What dish does Gina famously mess up, prompting Martin to say “Damn, Gina!”?

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Pot roast
  • Stuffing
  • Pancakes
Show answer


Gina’s pancake “pucks” could double as hockey equipment – an assist for comedic gold, though!

23. Who is notorious for throwing the best parties, earning them the title “The Man” on campus?

  • Martin Payne
  • Tommy Strawn
  • Stan Winters
  • Bruh-Man
Show answer

Martin Payne

Back in the day, Martin was “The Man” when it came to college house parties. Those were the days!

24. What’s the name of the fictional radio station where Martin works?

  • WZUP
  • KQID
  • POWER 106
  • HOT 97
Show answer


WZUP is the home of Martin Payne’s smooth talking and broadcasting antics. Can you hear me now?

25. What does Bruh-Man usually have in his hand when leaving Martin’s apartment?

  • A sandwich
  • Martin’s CD player
  • Gina’s jewelry
  • A TV
Show answer

A sandwich

Bruh-Man, the king of chill, always leaves with a snack in hand. Because… why not help yourself?

Martin “Trivia” Card Game

Other than the straightforward yet fun quizzes about the Martin TV Show, there are lots of other ways to enjoy the show all over again and test how much you can remember. One great way is for you to play the Martin Trivia Card Game!

Everyone’s favorite 90’s show is available as a card game and that is simply more fun than just playing quizzes, right? Let’s get to know the game and have some awesome fun!

This card game is a 4 games-in-1 that composes of the following games:


The first game is called WZUP and is composed of 200 Classic Trivia style questions about Martin and the whole gang.


The second game contains 100 Debate & Discussion Questions you can use to amp up your trivia night.


The third game will give you 600+ Guessing Game Prompts that’s a lot like a Martin version of charades.


The fourth game contains 200+ Quotes and Impersonations to test how much you truly know the characters and their lines in the show.

Bonus: Martin Lawrence “Trivia” Game Questions

Can’t get enough of Mar-iiiiin? Here are some trivia questions about Martin Lawrence that’ll let you know more about him!

1. What is Martin’s family name in the real world?

  • Lawrence
  • Payne
  • Jackson
  • Anderson
Show answer


Martin Payne is played by comedian-actor Martin Lawrence.

2. Who were Martin’s best friends in the show?

  • Cole and Tommy
  • Gina and Cole
  • Tammy and Tommy
  • Pam and Gina
Show answer

Cole and Tommy

Tommy, Cole, and Martin are childhood best friends.

3. When Martin and Gina won the lottery, what did Martin give to Pam?

  • A car
  • A house
  • A bag
  • A $2000 wax job
Show answer

A $2000 wax job

It was actually a wax gift certificate worth $2000.00!

4. What was the name of the radio station that Martin worked at?

  • Say What?
  • Martin Live
  • WZUP
Show answer


WZUP was the name of the fictional radio station.

5. What was the name of Martin’s boss?

  • Stan Winters
  • Stan Summers
  • Steve Winters
  • Steve Summers
Show answer

Stan Winters

Stan was an eccentric and tacky-dressing man.

6. What was Martin’s job?

  • radio engineer
  • secretary
  • radio DJ
  • janitor
Show answer

radio DJ

He has his own show on WZUP-AM!

7. Who was Martin’s high school rival?

  • Pretty Rocky
  • Pretty Ricky
  • Pretty Lucky
  • Pretty Micky
Show answer

Pretty Ricky

Ricky Fontaine aka Pretty Ricky, Martin’s archenemy.

8. What was the name of Martin’s WZUP workmate and station engineer?

  • Stan
  • Shawn
  • Cole
  • Tommy
Show answer


Shawn McDermott was the one who told Martin to never give up on his dreams.

9. What was the name of the show’s pilot episode?

  • The First
  • Good morning, America!
  • Cinderella
  • Beauty and the Beast
Show answer

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast was the pilot episode where Martin’s dad was mentioned.

10. How many episodes does the show have?

  • 101
  • 102
  • 32
  • 132
Show answer


The show has a total of 132 episodes wherein Martin appeared in.

11. What was the name of Martin’s beloved stuffed animal he had since childhood?

  • Snoopy
  • Bucky
  • Nipsy
  • Jerome
Show answer


Yes, even our macho man Martin has a little soft spot for his childhood stuffed buddy, Nipsy. No judgment, Martin. No judgment.

12. To whom does Martin owe money after a poker game in the episode “High Noon”?

  • Hustler Kid
  • Brother Man
  • Elroy Preston
  • Slick Rick
Show answer

Elroy Preston

Elroy Preston, the self-proclaimed “Godfather of Black Surf Music,” wasn’t just good with a guitar but also a deck of cards!

13. What’s the name of the martial arts movie Martin and the gang decide to rent in “Boo’s in the House”?

  • Enter the Dragon
  • Fist of Fury
  • Black Belt Jones
  • The Last Dragon
Show answer

Black Belt Jones

Because nothing says “spooky night in” like some high-kicking, kung-fu action, am I right?

14. When Martin throws a rent party to help pay the bills, what does he call it?

  • Martin’s Mega Mixer
  • Pam’s Payday Party
  • Funk Fest Fundraiser
  • Pay the Rent Jam
Show answer

Pay the Rent Jam

You gotta admire a man who turns financial responsibility into a cause for celebration!

15. Which celebrity does Martin imitate in order to impress Gina’s friends in the episode “Variety Show”?

  • Michael Jackson
  • Prince
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Bob Marley
Show answer

Michael Jackson

Martin’s moonwalk may not have been out of this world, but his effort was truly a thriller!

16. Who does Martin have to defend his title against in the charity boxing match?

  • Hitman Hearns
  • Sugar Ray Leonard
  • Iron Mike Tyson
  • Darnell the Destructor
Show answer

Hitman Hearns

And let’s just say… it was a knockout performance by Martin, in more ways than one!

17. What did Gina lose that led to the infamous Not-so-Amazing Race across the city?

  • Her wedding ring
  • Martin’s basketball tickets
  • A winning lottery ticket
  • Her job promotion memo
Show answer

Her wedding ring

Ah, the episode where we learned that love (and a bit of frantic searching) conquers all!

18. What’s the name of Martin’s never-seen neighbor with the loud New York accent?

  • Mad Dog
  • Mrs. Bozack
  • Sheneneh Jenkins
  • Roscoe
Show answer

Mrs. Bozack

Always heard but never seen, she’s the mystery we all love to theorize about.

19. Which character frequently uses the catchphrase, “You go boy!”?

  • Martin
  • Gina
  • Tommy
  • Cole
Show answer


A phrase so iconic, it practically screams ’90s swagger.

20. What’s the name of the horror flick Martin stars in that sends Gina over the edge with fear?

  • The Chronicles of Doom
  • The Closer I Get to You
  • A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
  • Bloodbath at the House of Death
Show answer

Bloodbath at the House of Death

Spoiler Alert: It’s scary-funny, in that classic Martin Lawrence way!

So there you have it, folks! We hope you had fun reliving some of the most memorable moments and trivia from the hit TV show Martin. From Martin’s iconic catchphrases to his crazy antics, this show truly left its mark on pop culture.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering this hilarious sitcom, we hope these questions gave you a good laugh and a trip down memory lane. And who knows, maybe you’ll even be inspired to watch an episode or two (or more) of Martin!

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