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History has proven that girls need more affirmation from others to make you feel beautiful and better about ourselves than boys. Girls tend to care more about what others think than boys. Maybe it’s because of the long history of patriarchy that has been a social norm in traditional societies but right now, the world has definitely changed…

Even boys need compliments in order to thrive in this world full of pressures and demands. Men can toughen up all they want but you girls can see beyond their cold and brooding exteriors. From time to time, they also need some flowery words and genuine compliments to affirm that they are appreciated.

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Gone is the era of patriarchy, behold the modern times of equality where your boyfriends also need to hear your lovey-dovey words of endearment to brighten up their days!

Before you go attempting your boyfriend, make sure you know how to give proper and appropriate compliments.

Wanna know more about the 101 on giving compliments? Follow this link: Compliments!

How to Compliment your Boyfriend

Are you ready to start making your boyfriend feel great about themselves? Fluff his ego by following these easy steps on how to compliment your boyfriend:

1. Find a redeeming quality that you genuinely like or love about the guy.

There is a huge difference between a compliment and a flattery. Compliments need to be genuine and for it to be true, you should actually focus on what you love about your boyfriend.

You said yes, girl, so there must be tons of reasons why he’s the lucky guy. Maybe you can say something about his bravery, his gentlemanliness, or his hard work. He’d be over the moon if you make him realize you notice the little things he does for you.

Your compliments don’t have to be too deep for them to be genuine. It can be about how dazzling his eyes are, or how buff his shoulders look and feel everytime you hug. Boys like those kinds of compliments.

2. Think of the proper way and articulation on how to deliver your compliment.

You can choose between telling him on the phone or via text or in person (if it can wait). Most compliments that deliver the desired effect and elicit the desired reaction are given in person, face to face. Also make sure to use adjectives and words that perfectly describe what you’re trying to mean and tell them.

3. If you give it in person, look him in the eye.

Another totally big factor that will convince your boyfriend that you’re not toying with him is the sincerity in your eyes while you’re talking to him so don’t avoid eye contact. You’ll be giving him those butterflies in his stomach!

4. Make sure to dwell on it a bit longer.

Another thing to remember is since you’re going to bring it up out of nowhere or in connection to something you’re talking about, make sure to make a big deal out of it. Extend the topic about him once in a while. Your guy deserves to be the center of your attention!

5. Flirt a little more.

If you’re successful in making your guy feel good with your compliment, you’ll both be laughing and smiling about it a lot. Cherish and embrace the moment. You might even be rewarded with hugs and kisses. Atta girl!

Cute Compliments for Boyfriends

Now that you already know how to give the compliment, you’ll need some examples of compliments that are actually effective to fluff your boyfriend’s ego. Here are some cute compliments for your boyfriend that’ll surely make him feel like a girl inside:

1. Babe, you have such tantalizing eyes.

The word “dazzling” is overused when it comes to describing the eyes. Try using this one. He’s going to be over the moon.

2. I hope you know how much I look up to you when it comes to hard work and perseverance.

Your guy might be busting his ass off to make both of your dreams come true so let him know that you know it and that you’re grateful for having him.

3. You look so hot in those shorts.

Up for some sexy time? Compliment how good his body looks in what he’s currently wearing.

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4. I love that you love your family.

He’s going to be very thankful about how mature you are.

5. Oh boy, your rock-hard abs are killing me, baby!

If your guy works out and you know he’s in it 100%, let him know that he’s making so much progress and that you’re all for it, too!

6. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Guys love to be needed. It won’t hurt to tell them you need them. You don’t have to be so strong all of the time.

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7. Babe, you are so good at _____!

Babe’s got talent? Support him on it!

8. You are the most handsome man I’ve set my eyes on.

Being called handsome by one’s girlfriend is any guy’s dream!

9. I love how your mind works.

It’s not all superficial and physical hard work. If your guy is smart, acknowledge that about him!

10. You are so hot in your new haircut!

Don’t you agree that your boyfriend looks 10x hotter after a haircut?!

Odd Compliments for Boyfriends

It’s sometimes cute for some girls to give out weird compliments to their boyfriends. Here are some odd compliments to give your boyfriend:

1. You might be such an angel but you’re definitely the devil in the bedroom!

Naughty comments like this are very healthy for your relationship.

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2. I love your smell more than I love the smell of a new book.

If you’re a bookworm then this would mean that you love your guy more than you love books.

3. Thank you for not judging my lame jokes, babe.

Let’s face it, our jokes won’t always sell so if your boyfriend laughs anyway, he’s your hero!

4. You’re weird but you’re MY weird and I love that about you.

Your common weirdness might just be what made you click!

5. Awwe,penguins walk cute but not as cute as you!

This will make him laugh a bit. A compliment he won’t be expecting.

6. You’re like a volcano. You’re so hot.

Another funny and weird compliment to tell him how sexy you think he is.

7. Aside from food, you’re my favorite!

Everyone loves food so this is actually a big thing!

8. Heaven must be missing an angel the whole time we’re together.

An indirect way of telling your guy that you think he’s an angel.

9. I used to think I was normal, until I met you.

Yeah, this is a compliment. It means you’re crazy…about him.

10. I sometimes wake up smiling and I think it’s your fault.

He must be doing something right, then. This will let him know that.

Best Compliments for Boyfriend’s Picture

With the emergence of social media, your boyfriend will be posting his images on his accounts… giving you the perfect chance to give him compliments by posting comments on his pictures. They don’t have to be long, they just need to be witty enough to catch everyone’s attention and his! Here are the best compliments you can post on your boyfriend’s picture on social media:

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1. I can’t stop looking at you.

He’s going to blush with this one.

2. I just fell in love all over again.

A lot of people will like this comment!

3. My king has posted again!

Yaaasss Queen!

4. How did I get so lucky?!

Another crowd favorite over here, folks!

5. My jaw just dropped to the floor.

It means you’re starstrucked by his gorgeousness.

6. Proud girlfriend here!

Need I say more?

7. Beautiful inside and out, babe.

This is just too sweet not to post!

8. I was bored scrolling but then this appeared in my feed. Stunning, darling!

Let everyone know how crazy in love you are!

9. Face, body, heart, mind and soul. You’re the total package!

He’s going to be on cloud nine!

10. F L A W L E S S

Your boyfriend just melted.

Bonus: My Boyfriend Doesn’t Compliment Me 🥺

Have you ever wondered why your boyfriend doesn’t compliment you? Don’t fret, darling, maybe there’s a valid reason why! Although, that’s not always the case. Here are the possible reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t compliment you, both positive and negative reasons why.

1. Positive: Boys are not as expressive as girls.

Most of the time,girlfriends are more chatty than boyfriends. They’re sometimes shy about how they feel but it doesn’t mean they love any less. They just have other ways to show you.

2. Positive: Boys expect you to know it already.

They don’t want to tell you what you already know. That’s just how it works for serious men, they only say what they want you to know that they think you don’t know.

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3. Positive: He’s complimenting you but you can’t see it!

Maybe you just aren’t listening to him enough. There are a lot of ways to compliment someone, afterall.

4. Negative: He sees your flaws.

Sometimes, all he can focus on is what you lack, rather than what you have.

5. Negative: He might be seeing someone else.

It’s the sad truth and that’s life.

6. Negative: He’s taking you for granted.

When you’ve been together long enough and it’s starting to get too comfortable and boring.

7. Negative: He’s really hard to please.

Maybe you’re dating someone who has too high standards.

8. Negative: He’s a narcissist.

He can only see himself and he prefers to be in the spotlight. Complimenting you would mean he’s accepting you’re better than him and he can’t have that.

Words can either make or break a person’s day. Complimenting your boyfriend after a hard day’s work can relieve him of some stress and pressure!

Your compliments can give him that boost of confidence he needs to get up and try again tomorrow. As his girlfriend, you need to support him and let him know how much he means to you and how much you appreciate him. Be his source of happiness, strength and solace.

Thinking of more ways on how to compliment your boyfriend? Show some love with these Compliments for Men!

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