Which Harry Potter character are you?

If you were a Harry Potter character, which one would you be?

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Ever wondered which Harry Potter character you are?

What makes Harry Potter and the Hogwarts castle so unique and loveable? Exactly, the people and characters! The world of Hogwarts is full of unique and inspiring characters, and admit it, you also have a favorite character.

Find out which Harry Potter character you are!

In this “Which Harry Potter character are you?” quiz, you’ll find out which character suits you best by answering a couple of questions. When taking the Harry Potter quiz, don’t think too long for your answer.

Which Harry Potter character am I?

There are a couple of different outcomes, depending on your answers. Try to answer every question as truthfully as possible for a more accurate result. And always remember: This quiz is just for fun. Don’t be mad if you get an unwanted result. And if you get an undesirable character, just retake the quiz!

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