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Funny Coffee Puns

With all the kinds of coffee available, you can make all sorts of coffee jokes and puns to make friends and even acquaintances laugh out loud! Who wouldn’t be able to relate to jokes and puns and coffee? Sharing laughs with good friends while having great coffee is one of life’s best pleasures!

Bond with your friends with these funny coffee puns!

1. I don’t give a frappe!

You don’t give a crap, or you don’t share your mocha frappe? Sounds like a heated debate!

2. How is divorce like espresso? It’s bitter and expensive.

Sometimes, it can hit like a punch too! Let’s take a coffee break!

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3. Sip happens.

It is what it is, my sad coffee lover.

4. That large truck is bean-ormous!

Wow! It’s huge! Is it a coffee maker?

5. What do you call when you feel as if you’ve had the same cup of coffee before? Deja Brew!

I get a sense of deja u whenever I drink coffee that you brewed. It’s always so good!

6. Watch me sip, watch me nae nae.

Watch me dance while I sip iced coffee!

7. What did the barista say to the chatty mugs? Alright, that’s beanough you two.

Coffee makes some people hyper which is why they talk a lot!

8. What do gossiping pots do? Spill the beans!

C’mon! Tell me your secret!

9. What is the best Beatles song? Latte Be.

Just let it be. That’s the secret to a peaceful mind!

10. What’s coffee’s favorite karaoke song? Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

This is my hype song! That’s one of my favorite coffee puns.

11. What’s coffee’s favorite spell? Espresso Patronum!

Yummy, espresso puns!

N e w !
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12. Why are men are like a cup of joe? The best ones are rich, hot, and can keep you up all night!

You need to find the right cup of joe for you!

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13. Who is the coffee’s favorite actor? Al Cappuccino.

I thought it would be Paul Brewman, Shawn Blend-Es, or David Coffeefield!

14. Who’s the best character in Les Miserables? Inspector Java!

He really likes coffee, you know! And I heard he loves his shots of espresso.

15. Alright everyone, kettle down. It’s coffee time!

It’s everyone’s favorite time! Bring me my cups of coffee!

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Cute Coffee Puns

Cute coffee puns deserve to be in an entire list by itself because there are just so many puns you can make about it. These funny coffee jokes can make people smile or laugh a latte no matter how bad or cheesy they get because they’re just so darn cute and adorable!

Cue the laughs when you check out these list of coffee puns!

1. You and I are meant to bean.

That’s what two coffee lovers said to each other.

2. You mocha me crazy.

You make me feel I’m crazy too!

3. I have to get my daily cup of coffee in by whatever beans necessary.

Get those beans in the coffeemaker!

4. IT workers have to install Java before they can have their morning coffee.

Does that mean they need to work first before they can drink coffee?

5. The first level of the coffee factory is called the ground floor.

It has all the coffee grounds!

6. You don’t choose the mug life, the mug life chooses you.

Our favorite coffee joke.

7. I met my soulmate at my local café, now we are a happy cup-le.

We gave each other personalized coffee cups during our last anniversary!

8. I’m so sorry. Affogato your name!

It’s ok. I didn’t forget yours though. You’re unforgettable!

9. I drink so much coffee that it’s a part of my daily grind now.

I need coffee to make it through the day too!

10. What did the coffee lover name his son? Joe.

That is totally expected. Nice coffee pun.

11. Italians are so good at making coffee because they naturally like to espresso themselves.

They’re good at opening up and expressing their feelings!

12. How do cups greet each other? With mugs and kisses.

Mwah mwah! Mwah mwah! That’s their scream for coffee!

13. How do you make beef jerky? Give it a cup of joe.

That’s one way to get energy!

14. I’m so sad. Can you mug me?

Hug me then give me a mug of coffee please!

15. Need friends? Join the frappe-turnity.

They all love drinking coffee frappes!

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Coffee Puns Love

Make your special someone feel special with coffee puns about love! You know how people can get passionate with their coffee, right?

That’s how you should be with your girlfriend or boyfriend too! Espresso how much they mean to you by making them smile with coffee puns love!

Melt your partner’s heart with these coffee puns about love!

1. I am depresso when you’re gone.

Don’t be depressed. I’ll be back soon.

2. I bean so weak whenever you smile.

You make my knees weak!

3. I like you a latte.

I would even give a sip of coffee. Of my coffee.

4. I want to espresso my love for you.

Express it through actions not words.

5. I want to share my coffee-lings with you.

Thanks for sharing your feelings and coffee.

6. I want to cream to the world how much I love brew.

Go ahead and scream! I love you too!

7. I’ve bean thinking of you a latte.

You’re on my mind a lot too!

8. I wish it was easy to affogato the pain.

It’s not that easy to forget the pain, but going through it will make you wiser.

9. We are cool beans.

That’s how our relationship is. We’re not clingy to each other at all.

10. Your face shines whenever you are frappé.

I want to see you happy always!

11. My heart beats faster because of brew.

Freshly brewed coffee makes me feel this way.

12. You’re always brew-tiful.

Thank you! I feel beautiful once you bring me my morning brew.

13. Words are not enough to espresso my feelings for you.

We should communicate and express our feelings to each other!

14. You’re steaming hot!

You look really hot wearing that dress!

15. Everything I brew, I brew it for you!

I want to be your personal barista!

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Positive Coffee Puns

Drinking coffee gives people so much energy for the day that it’s only normal to have various positive coffee puns too!

Whether you want to encourage your friends and send some positive vibes their way, enjoying coffee together with some jokes and puns will mocha their day brighter!

Cheer people up with these positive coffee puns!

1. Don’t worry, be frappe!

Be happy!

2. Java nice day!

Have a brew-tiful day! Having a steaming cup of java is a nice start to any day!

3. Livin’ La Vida Mochaaaaaa!

This is my motto in life!

4. What’s a barista’s favorite morning mantra? Rise and grind!

Those coffee beans are not gonna get grinded by themselves!

5. Don’t throw away your espresso shot!

Take a chance!

6. If your morning is not going according to plan, you’ve got to learn to just latte be.

You still have the afternoon to turn things around.

7. It is better to be latte than sorry.

Hey, at least you tried. That matters.

8. My coffee took 30 minutes to arrive but hey, better latte than never I guess!

Good things come to those who wait. It was delicious!

9. Thank you for bean my great friend.

Being your friend is great for me too!

10. It’s going to be a brewtiful day.

Having good coffee with friends makes it a beautiful day.

11. You warm my heart.

Just like how a cup of coffee warms me!

12. Stay grounded.

Stay humble! Don’t be like those coffee amateurs!

13. I believe in brew.

I believe in you and in my daily coffee!

14. Give it your best shot.

That’s the best way to live life. You never know what can happen!

15. Take life one cup at a time.

Don’t feel pressured! Everything happens at the right time.

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