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First dates are crucial to get the person you like to like you back. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, the pressure to put your best foot forward is just the same! In order to achieve that great first date, you got to think of the best way to get to know your date and be interesting enough for them to want a second date! The “best way” is different for every one of us.

Some of you are just lucky enough to be gifted with the ability to smoothly talk their way into any date but it’s not the same for the rest of us. Love’s a battlefield and this first date will be the first blood you shed in this war. You need to give it your best shot!

To make sure that you are equipped to survive your first date, we prepared ideas, conversation starters and tips that are proven to wow your date, give you an amazing time and guarantee that second date!

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Best First Date Ideas

Here are the top 20 first date ideas that will surely make your first date a memorable one. You need to always have some idea of what are the things your date might like. These first date ideas are for various types of people. From food lovers to animal lovers to art lovers, we have something for each of you!

1. Dine Out

Be it fine dining or at a great local diner, good food on the first date is always a good idea. Take your date to your favorite restaurant. If you don’t have one, ask your family and friends about theirs. You would like somewhere which is not too crowded so that you two can have the chance to talk without distractions, and really get to know each other.

Most people have this belief that dinner dates mean that both are looking for a much more serious relationship. Lunch dates usually mean something more casual. This is because after lunch, you can just part ways to go back to work or carry on with your day. However, dinner dates usually mean that the guy should take the girl home and bid her good night.

Also, whereas dinner dates usually involve fine dining at posh five-star restaurants where both parties dress to the nines, lunch dates just involve visits to your favorite cafes to eat brunch. The point is, you need to get a feel of where your relationship is going before asking the girl out or if you’re a girl, before agreeing to go on that lunch or dinner date.

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2. Coffee Dates

Anytime is a good call for coffee! There is a reason why romance movies always use coffee dates for first dates. The simplicity and understatement of coffee dates will give you enough time to talk casually and see if you have that spark. Aside from that, the aroma of coffee shops and pastries just give you that good vibe and will energize you on your date.

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You’ll want to find a quiet coffee shop, surely not one of the main coffee shop chains that supply caffeine to the working class! Small, quaint and cutesy shops with a really homey setting will do for your getting-to-know conversation.

3. Pub Dates

This type of date can either be the start of a very great relationship or could ruin it before it has even started. Well, alcohol on the first date can be a very good idea to calm your jittery nerves and give you that liquid confidence to be yourself!

For starters, you need to make sure that you pick a great pub. Somewhere that has a great ambience, meaning people come not to get drunk but just to have a nice, chill drink with friends or probably a night cap. Make sure you also get a good spot in the pub just for the two of you, but don’t act too familiar with the place or the people. You won’t want your date to think you drink too often.

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4. Beach Dates

Going to a pristine beach with your date will really give you that picture-perfect date you’ve always dreamed of! You can plan a picnic by the beach with your date. Bring your favorite snacks, bathing suits and some sunblock lotion.

This will give you a chance not only to talk with your date but also have some serious fun under the sun with him or her! If you’re both feeling sexy, you can go for a swim and chat even more while you’re enjoying the waves. Not only will this type of date leave you contented, happy, suntanned and refreshed, it will also give you a chance to massage some sunblock on your date!

5. Run Dates

For sports or fitness enthusiasts, you can initiate a date to the gym or go for a run around town. You need to adjust to each other’s pacing while you exercise or run. You don’t want to leave your date behind, after all. Make sure that you chat a bit while you run so don’t run too fast.

This date will definitely end with both of you sweaty and tired but cheery (if everything else goes well!). Remember that when you exercise, your body produces more endorphins and endorphins are hormones that make you happy!

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6. Poetry Reading Dates

For people who love poetry, you can always go to poetry readings on your first date. Maybe plan it on a romance-themed one! People bare their souls during poetry readings. It would be very fun for the both of you to share which ones you loved and share comments on the others you didn’t really like.

Maybe if you’re feeling inspired and lucky, you could even volunteer during an open mic and express your feelings through poetry. Your date will be in awe of your bravery and talent. That would mean huge plus points for you!

7. Cooking Dates

If you are both really good at the kitchen or you just love to cook, this would be an amazing first date for you and your tummies! Instead of spending money to dine out, you’d enjoy it more if you were the ones who prepared your own candle-lit dinner at either of your houses or apartments.

This date is not only focused on the dining part but also on the cooking part. If you think about it, you’d have much more time to bond with your date while you cook. This will be fun and informational for you. You can get to know each other as well as trade recipes! Of course, both of you will have an amazing time devouring what you prepared for yourselves, too.

8. Sundaetes

Ice cream sundaes are just the best comfort food and it’s even better when you can share it with someone you really like to spend time with! You can go to your favorite ice cream store together with your date. Introduce the flavors and the other treats you can add to your ice cream, and make it a competition on who makes the yummier dessert!

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The fun you’ll have while you try to craft your sundaes will be indescribable! Afterwards, you can each try what you’ve come up with and decide who wins. You will have that fun time, sweet time you’re all looking for with this date!

9. Secret Spot Dates

Everyone has a secret spot where you like to go! First dates are all about getting to know another person and at the same time, let the other person get to know you. Sharing your secret spot to your date will make them feel special. He or she will know that you’re not just fooling around.

Make sure, of course, that your secret spot has an amazing view. Maybe it’s on a gorgeous cliff overlooking the city or on top of a lighthouse or even just on a spot by the beach where the sun hits you on a perfect angle. Also make sure that you get some privacy during your date so that you can really talk.

You’ll be amazed with your date’s perspective and you’ll find out how your spot looks to a new set of eyes!

10. Biking Dates

You can go bike around your neighborhood or to cool new places with great views during your first date! Just like on running dates, try to adjust to the speed of your date. You’ll want to ride at a speed that can still give you time to talk and appreciate where you are.

It would also be great if you already have a destination in mind wherein you can lay out a simple yet heart picnic for the both of you. You will be tired after biking so food and drinks will be perfect! You can continue getting to know each other then.

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11. Restaurant Hopping

For foodies out there or people who are very confused on what to eat during dates, this might be the perfect solution for you! The plan is to go restaurant hopping together on your first date so that you can do the food trip of your life. This will enable you to get to know each other, which food you like and don’t like.

Hopping from one restaurant to another will really give you both much time to bond so this is a great idea for a first date! If you’re both food lovers, are up to it and have the budget for it, then why not?!

12. Go to a Game

If both of you are great fans of a certain sport like baseball or basketball, don’t hesitate to buy tickets. Go to that game together and support your team! Cheering together will create a whole new experience for you. You can share about each other’s previous favorite games and other things, also!

Who knows? You might be lucky enough to get caught in the kiss cam and get that first kiss on your first date for everyone to see!

13. Bookstore Dates

Bookworms and lovers will have the time of their lives during a first date at the bookstore! You can spend hours going through every shelf and sharing each of your favorites. You’ll get lost in the stories and each other’s wonder. You’ll both be carried away by your mutual love for books!

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After perusing through all the books, you can even surprise your date by buying the book she or he obviously liked. This will be a huge plus points for you and the book that you bought will forever have that sentimental value of your first date.

14. Horseback Riding

If you’re a big fan of fairytale romances, then you would be excited to go on a date with actual horses. If none of you have any experience riding horses, you can try it out together. If one of you does, then, it would be totally romantic if he/she teaches the other person how. After a few rounds, you can both go on the most romantic horse trail you’ve ever been to.

Take time to enjoy each other’s company during your ride. Talk and bond. Cherish the magical feeling of riding together through the woods like a modern day prince and princess!

15. Dog Dates

Dog lovers would never hesitate to go on a first date with their dogs (if they each have their own). Both of you would look cute walking your dogs down the street while laughing and having the best conversation with each other. You can share pet stories, preferences, and even trade tips on how you train your doggos.

Make sure to be ready in case your pets don’t behave too well. You don’t want your date to involve you chasing your dogs. Alternatively, you could just go to a dog shelter together to bond over your love for dogs. This way, you won’t have to worry that your dogs might ruin your first date!

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16. Date at the Arcade

Did you enjoy the scenes at the arcade in the movie, The Kissing Booth? If yes, then, this is the first date idea for you! With lots of video games, pinball machines, claw cranes, coin-operated billiards or air hockey tables, being in an arcade gives you that youthful, retro vibe that will put a casual touch on your date. Playing, chatting and laughing together will remove some of the tension between the two of you!

You can enjoy the food at the arcade snack booths like popcorn, fries, milkshakes and more, too! Just try to imagine the cool pictures of each other and together you will be taking during your date.

17. Mini Golf Date

For people who know how to play golf, you can spend an afternoon together at a mini-golf course. What’s so great about golf courses is that it tends to be very quiet and spacious so you’ll have all the privacy to get to know each other and maybe be sweet to one another.

If your date is not very proficient at golf, take time to teach him or her. This will give you an excuse to hold hands! While playing, don’t forget to really share how you feel and who you are. This golf date would be one for the books!

18. Date at the Brewery

If you’re looking for a sultry, classic ambience which is to die for during your first date, why not visit a local brewery together! This will give off a romantic and brooding vibe to your date. The booze will definitely help to calm your nerves and just relax. You’ll enjoy learning and taste testing craft beers and wines together.

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The topnotch ambience at a brewery makes your date feel synthetic and classy. Make sure you ask the right questions and talk freely about yourselves during your brewery tour and taste test.

19. Spa Date

For those who are in need of some deep relaxation, you can spend your first date at the spa! You can book a series of treatments, massages and facials that you can enjoy together. Not only will you be able to de-stress but during the duration of your massages, you can get to know each other. You can share about your likes and dislikes in between mani-pedis.

Aside from that, you can even have more time to talk during sauna sessions and be excited together during facials. Granted it might be a wee bit expensive but it will all be worth it in the end. You’ll end the day feeling pampered, relaxed and possibly… in love!

20. Bowling Date

If you enjoy bowling, an afternoon at the bowling alley will be the perfect first date for you! There’s something about bowling against the person you like. You would really want to show off your skills but at the same time, you also want them to win! Isn’t that sweet?

Get ready for an afternoon packed with action, meaningful conversations (while you’re bowling) and fun! When it’s your date’s turn, you’ll be able to admire their craftsmanship at bowling and quite honestly, their figure! Enjoy every bit of it. Also, nothing could get any better than bowling alley snacks of fries, burgers, milkshakes and more! This date might be laid back but it would be totally fun for you and your date!

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First Date Conversation Starters

In order to really impress your date on your first date together, you don’t have to be anyone but yourself. There’s no point starting a relationship based on pretense.

Some people might think that you need to be the smartest, the most attractive or the richest to get the other person to like you but actually, that’s not true! They agreed to date you because you’re you. Just show them more of it but also be interested to be interesting! What does this mean?

It means that you should not be shy, you should put your best foot forward. The best way to start is to talk your heart out and start an engaging and meaningful conversation with your date. He or she is guaranteed to go on that second date once he or she experiences how great and fun it is to talk to you!

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Here are some questions you can ask your date during your first date to show them that there’s more to you than what meets the eye!

20 Getting To Know You Questions

Obviously, the first date will be more of getting to know your date. The whole point of the date is to know if there’s a chemistry between you and your date. Your mission is to have fun while you get to know the person.

If you had fun but feel like you did not get to know the person even a bit because you did not even talk much during the date, you haven’t fulfilled your mission. If you got to know the person but got really bored then you or your date must have not exert much effort to be interesting to each other.

It boils down to asking the right questions to your date. Here are some light-hearted and simple get-to-know-you questions for your first date!

1. Where are you originally from?

This is one of the most common questions to ask. You will always want to know where your date grew up and lived all his or her life!

2. What’s your favorite food?

This is a very appropriate question to ask especially if you’re dining. Just tell your date you want to know what food to buy or prepare next time for him or her.

3. Do you have a favorite drink?

If you’re at a brewery or at a pub, it would be great to ask this and share about delicious beers and wines you’ve tasted in your life.

4. What’s your favorite sport?

Maybe you have the same favorite sports to watch or play, then you can plan ahead to watch or play together next time!

5. Beach or Countryside?

If one of you hasn’t gone to either the beach or countryside lately, you also plan to visit together for your next date.

6. What’s the number one song on your playlist?

This will start a whole conversation about music and singers. You can listen to your favorite songs and maybe plan to watch a concert together next time.

7. What’s your favorite color?

Instead of letting your date answer, you can also try to guess his or her favorite color then add a compliment saying that she or he looks good in the color she or he is wearing during the date.

8. Do you have a pet?

For all you know, you could both be pet lovers. You can gush about dogs, cats and share pictures of your pets.

9. Do you have a hobby?

This question will start a conversation about your interests and hobbies. Be open and share interesting stuff about yourself.

10. What’s your family like?

This question will give you a sneak peek on the upbringing of your date. Don’t judge, just share how you were brought up, too.

11. What was the last movie you watched?

Expect an engaging chat about movies and your favorites. You can even plan to watch some of them next time.

12. Where is your favorite place in the world?

You can talk about the places you’ve been to and if you’re feeling really great about your date, you can even suggest you go there together!

13. What can cheer you up on a bad day?

Your date would be flattered to know that your happiness matters to him or her!

14. What’s the most interesting thing about you?

After they answer, you can also share what you think is the most interesting thing about them. Your date would be glad to know that you see him or her that way!

15. What do you care most about in your life?

You will really want to know what your date values in life and if you care about the same things or not. It is one of the factors you should see for your compatibility.

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16. Are you more of an indoors or outdoors type of person?

It would be great if you like the same stuff but it would be even better if you can persuade each other to try things they’ve never tried before. You can base your next dates on your answers to this question!

17. Who do you look up to in life?

It’s a great question to easily get to know a person. Their aspirations reflect their personality!

18. Which quote inspires you in life?

It’s great to share inspiring stuff with each other. You’ll start your relationship on the completely right foot!

19. What is your nickname?

You’re going to be gushing and laughing over each other’s nicknames and maybe you’ll start calling each other using those nicknames, too!

20. Do you have a favorite dessert?

When you’re dining out and talking about food, it’s really fun to talk about lots of sweets and delicious desserts that you can try afterwards.

20 Funny Questions To Ask Your Date

Did you know that laughter and humor is very attractive when you know how and when to use it? Most people want a date who’s funny more than they want a date who just looks good! Jokes and funny gestures are important ingredients to avoid a boring and awkward first date.

Here are some of the best funny questions to ask on your first date that can start a meaningful conversation that will really lighten both of your moods and create a light vibe in the air. You’d enjoy each other’s company more if the tension is all gone!

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1. What’s your most epic fail moment?

You will be glad to know that both of you are just as human as any human being gets. You have clumsy moments and you’ll be laughing at each other while reminiscing those moments.

2. Have you ever tried “people-watching” and coming up with stories about them?

It is actually very funny and entertaining to people-watch. You can try wherever you are and see how creative you are with the made-up conversations you narrate.

3. If an apocalypse conquers the Earth and you survived it, what would be your job afterwards?

This is a weird question but someone with a sense of humor would find this fascinating and engaging!

4. What is the current soundtrack of your life?

Be it a heartbreaking song from Taylor Swift or a Christmas song from Beyonce, your date would be entertained by your explanation to the soundtrack you choose.

5. Would you rather be in the Harry Potter universe or the Game of Thrones universe?

Maybe you’ll find out you’re both fans of those series and you’ll be bonding over your love for HP and GoT!

6. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

It’s okay to be embarrassed together about stupid things you’ve done. You can be crazy but happy together on your first date.

7. What’s the most embarrassing text you’ve sent to your parents?

This question will surely crack you both up once you start sharing those text messages.

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8. Share a great joke.

The lamer the joke, the more adorable you’ll be to your date so don’t be pressured! You’ll do just fine.

9. Do you secretly enjoy grocery shopping?

Some people really do groceries as part of a de-stressing therapy. Maybe you can go grocery shopping on your next date?!

10. Which random food combination do you secretly like?

Food trips together can really make you closer than ever. You can plan to try weird food combinations for your next date.

11. Which Taylor Swift song do you secretly sing in the shower?

You’ll be shocked to even know that your date sings in the shower like you do!

12. What’s a mannerism of yours that you don’t want me to know about?

It’s sometimes better to be upfront about your weird habits. This will save you from a lot of stress and awkwardness in the future.

13. How many times do you wear a certain pair of jeans or pants before you decide it’s dirty laundry?

You can share your clothing care routine during your conversation about this!

14. How quickly would you leave me for Ryan Gosling? (for guys: How quickly would you leave me for Kendall Jenner?)

Your date might be dumbfounded by this question but this will surely make you laugh like crazy! Don’t leave it unanswered!

15. Will you marry me?

Try to be smooth in asking this like towards the very end of the date. This will make your date laugh since it’s going to be very, very weird to ask this on the first date!

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16. When was the last time you shit so hard that you got exhausted after?

If you already think it’s okay to bring up these kinds of jokes then joke away and have a blast!

17. Would you rather be happy or smart?

This is tough since no one wants to be sad nor wants to be dumb. Choose the answer that you know you can defend until the end!

18. Do you dance like crazy when no one’s watching?

Maybe once you’re already comfortable with each other in the future, you can recall this moment and then dance crazy together!

19. When was the last time you peed while laughing?

You can go confess ahead if it was just a few seconds ago, your date would be happy to know that you enjoy his/her humor!

20. Do you think I’m weird?

Your date would be amused by the honesty and innocence of this question. He/she would admire your bravery to ask this!

20 Serious Questions To Ask Your Date

Of course, aside from being funny, a person should be deep also, in order to be much appealing. There should always be a balance between the amount of jokes and the serious part of the date wherein you could both talk about life, your dreams and your family.

The key is to be open to your date. Your date is keen on understanding what makes you, you. Give him or her a chance to do so. Don’t overthink and end up clamming up or changing the topic every time your date asks about serious stuff.

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Here are some great serious questions to ask your date so that you might be closer to each other!

1. Do you believe in soulmates?

You can start with this line and ultimately end up saying that you feel something for your date. Carpe diem!

2. How would you spend your last year on Earth?

This question will make you ponder about life and if you’re living it to the fullest.

3. What is the meaning of love to you?

This might be a clichè question for you but you will be surprised to know that a lot of people find this hard to answer.

4. What would you do if you won a million dollars right now?

You’ll both really enjoy thinking about all the possibilities and you’ll talk nonstop until you’ve had enough!

5. What’s the biggest life lesson you’ve ever learned?

You can share life lessons that are really worth pondering on. Your date will realize and admire you for your maturity and principles.

6. What is the measurement of success?

Sharing each other’s dreams can really help you understand each other.

7. Can money really buy happiness?

It’s going to be different for every person so no judgments here!

8. Have you ever been in love?

This is another way of asking about your date’s dating history and past loves if there are any!

9. Do you believe in a higher power?

This might be one of the tough questions because it concerns people’s beliefs but being mature enough to tackle this says a lot about your personality.

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10. Do you think that the world has more goodness than evil?

It’s a great question that will say a lot about your date’s perspective.

11. What’s your biggest fear in life?

Asking this question will let your date know that you are going to be there for him or her no matter what. This is going to be a major plus point if you successfully comfort him or her after.

12. Define beauty.

After asking this question, make sure to compliment your date. Honest flattery will really earn you some points!

13. What’s your ideal partner?

You should mentally list down what your date says. Remember to always put your best foot forward!

14. If given the chance to make a do-over in life, what would you change?

Listening to your date goes a long way for your youthful relationship. He or she would really appreciate you lending an ear.

15. Do you still keep a diary?

This will open a whole new conversation on when you started the diary and maybe you’d be forced to read an entry from your diary, too!

16. Where in the world would you feel the safest?

Asking this is particularly sweet. Your date would be touched by you!

17. What does your perfect day look like?

Your date might just be planning something ahead to surprise you so be sure to be very detailed about what you want!

18. What’s the one word that perfectly describes you?

After your date gives his or her answer, also give yours and make sure to highlight how much you like your date because of it.

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19. What was the last book you’ve ever read?

If you’re both book lovers, you’d be very consumed by this question. You’ll end up talking about books you love for hours!

20. What’s one thing you wish you could forget?

Talking about serious stuff like this can make you feel closer and understood by the person you’re talking to. You’ll be sharing more of these in no time. It feels great to have someone who understands.

First Date Tips

Aside from the location, activities and conversation, you’ll also need these great tips that would really help you on your first date:

1. Be interested to be interesting. In order to put your best foot forward, you have to stay motivated to be your best self!

2. Be warm and always genuinely smile to your date. You’ll feel right at home with each other if you’re really nice enough to one another.

3. Do your best to up your listening game! Direct all your attention to your date. It’s considered respectful to really listen to what they are saying. Be present! Put your phones on silent mode so that you won’t get distracted.

4. Trust your judgment and feel the vibe of your date before you decide to kiss/hug or not to kiss/hug during or at the end of the date. There’s really no rule set on stone for the kissing and hugging policy. When you know, you know!

5. Skip the small talk! You want your date to know you more. Your date would be much happier to talk to someone who’s funny yet also deep.

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6. Have fun! Dating might be a serious thing if you really want to start a relationship but don’t forget to have fun. If you feel too scared and pressured, you’ll just end up stuttering and messing everything up.

What To Wear On the First Date

You might think this is just a minor detail but your outfit on your first date will really say a lot about you. In the end, it would always be your winning personality that gets you the girl or the boy but a little fashionable won’t hurt, too!

Here are some fashion tips on what to wear on your first date that would totally increase your confidence and add to that great, first impression you’re aiming for!

1. For dressy dinner dates, girls can wear simple mid-knee length dresses or silk camisole, blazer and skinny jeans. Pair it with heels or flats. Boys can wear tailored dinner jackets paired with dark straight-leg jeans.

2. For casual dates, cute tees and comfortable jeans would be best for girls. Slim button-down shirts paired with denim jeans or khakis will look nice for boys.

3. No matter what you decide on wearing, just make sure you feel good about it. Once you feel good about your outfit, you’ll look even better in it. Confidence is everything!

So there you have it, you are now 💯 ready for the big day that is your first date. We hope you found all our tips, ideas and suggestions useful and fun. Don’t forget to be no one but yourself because you are great no matter what, you just gotta show that awesomeness to your date! Best of luck to you and may be odds be ever in your favor! 💕

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