The Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz for Kids | Take the test!

The Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz for Kids

No time to waste? This quick Pottermore sorting hat quiz will tell you your Hogwarts House in no time!

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Pottermore sorting hat quiz for kids

We all love Harry Potter, don’t we? Many people wish to be part of this fantastic world filled with wizards and witches, magical creatures, and so much more. But before you can be a real wizard or witch and attend Hogwarts, you have to be sorted into a house.

That’s where our Pottermore sorting hat quiz comes in! Our quiz is designed to be fun and engaging for children of all ages as they learn more about the world of Harry Potter. We’ll ask a series of questions that will help us determine which House they should be sorted into based on their answers.

If you were a Harry Potter character, which one would you be?

These questions are boiled down to the basics. With seemingly trivial questions, our quick sorting hat will tell you your Harry Potter House in no time! Like the real sorting hat, this quiz will get to know you and find out which House suits you best.

If you want a more sophisticated experience, though, check out our extended Pottermore House quiz here!

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What Harry Potter house am I?

That’s a tricky question, but often we do know deep down which House is most fitting for us. Sometimes, though, two or more houses could be our new home at Hogwarts. Then things get even harder. But this quiz will help you find out whether you’re a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff, a Ravenclaw, or a Slytherin.

Playing Hogwarts Legacy? Then take this quiz to find the perfect House for your playstyle!

Hogwarts’ houses

At Hogwarts, there are four different houses in which students are sorted. These are:

But which one of these is most suited for you? There’s only one way of finding out. And you know very well how: By asking our sorting hat and taking this quiz!

Expecto Patronum! Ever wondered which animal is your Patronus? Time to find your true Harry Potter Patronus animal!

Accurate sorting hat quiz

Just because this quiz is for kids doesn’t make it any less accurate! In fact, it is almost as accurate as our extended Pottermore House quiz! So think twice before continuing to the next question! Our sorting hat knows little to no mercy!

How to retake the Pottermore quiz?

This quiz can be retaken as often as you want! And you don’t even need an account for it! So if you aren’t satisfied with your result, just do the quiz again! Maybe our sorting hat will grant your wishes!

Good luck and have fun! And may the sorting hat be with you!

We all have one Harry Potter character that is our true soulmate. Which one is yours?

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