Which Fire Force character are you?

Which Fire Force character are you?

Discover your inner hero with the Fire Force personality quiz! Are you a Third-Generation fire user like Shinmon and Obi? Find out right now!

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Fire Force: Discover your inner fire soldier

Unleash the burning fire within and discover which Third-Generation fire user you are from the popular anime and manga series Fire Force! By taking this personality quiz, you can quickly find which character you’re most akin to! Join the Fire Soldiers on their mission to save humanity, and take this quiz now!

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Find your true hero

Are you a proud and determined Fire Soldier, always ready to put your life on the line for others? Or perhaps a tough and uncompromising individual, never backing down from a challenge? Or maybe you’re a charismatic and confident person, always knowing exactly what to say in every situation. Whatever your personality traits may be, there’s a Fire Force character that resembles you! Take this quiz to find out which one.

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Discover the Fire Force characters

Fire Force is a melting pot of unforgettable characters. Ranging from the fiery passion of Shinra Kusakabe to the sly and dangerous Joker. Explore their unique personalities and abilities in this thrilling anime and manga series. Whether you’re a fan of Company 8’s Captain, Akitaru Obi, or the cool and collected flame controller, Haumea, this quiz will help you uncover which Fire Force character you most closely resemble. No matter how crazy and wacky your personality might be, there’s surely a character that reflects you in some way, shape, or form!

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Shinra Kusakabe

With a fiery spirit and unwavering determination, Shinra blazes through any obstacle in his path. As the face of the Fire Force, he’s always prepared to charge headfirst into danger and extend a helping hand to those in peril. The burning spirit of Shinra radiates with brilliant intensity, bringing a ray of light to even the darkest of moments and imbuing hope in the hearts of those in need.

Arthur Boyle

With unshakable determination and an unwavering sense of righteousness, Arthur Boyle stands tall as a proud and fearless Fire Soldier. Danger is no match for him, and when others are in peril, Arthur is always there to protect and serve with unwavering loyalty.

Maki Oze

Maki Oze is a fierce warrior with an unbreakable spirit, always charging into battle with her head held high. She never cowers in the face of danger, showing her true strength and tenacity as a member of Company 8. Her tough exterior and unrelenting will make her an indispensable asset to any mission.


Brimming with an air of intrigue and a commanding presence, Haumea is a master of the inferno with an unyielding grip on flames. Her icy composure and unmatchable pyrokinesis make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, a crucial ally of Company 8.

Tamaki Kotatsu

This cute and bubbly Fire Soldier brings a ray of sunshine to every situation. With her cheerful personality and infectious smile, Tamaki is a friend to all and always looks out for her comrades.

Akitaru Obi

As the captain of Company 8, Akitaru leads with wisdom, experience, and a warm and compassionate heart. He always prioritizes the safety of his team, making him the perfect mentor for the young Fire Soldiers under his command.

Rekka Hoshimiya

Rekka’s irresistible charm and smooth tongue set him apart from the rest. He oozes confidence and charisma, naturally drawing everyone’s gaze toward him. In Company 8, his gift of gab is a crucial asset to the team’s success.


A wild card with a thirst for chaos. Known by many as the “Clown” is none other than Joker. With his sharp mind and insatiable hunger for carnage, he’s always two steps ahead of his foes, ready to unleash unpredictable moves at a moment’s notice. A true master of deception.

Takehisa Hinawa

Hinawa’s selfless nature and gentle spirit are the glue that holds Company 8 together. He is always willing to lend an ear and offer guidance to those who need it, making him a trusted confidant to all.

Sho Kusakabe

Sho’s unwavering conviction is like a flame that cannot be extinguished. Whether he is facing a formidable foe or tackling a daunting task, his confidence burns bright. As a member of Company 8 and the younger brother of Shinra, he fearlessly charges ahead, never faltering in the face of adversity.

Experience the thrills of Fire Force anime

If you’re a fan of the shonen genre, then the Fire Force anime is a must-watch for you! With its heart-pumping action scenes, heartwarming moments, and multi-faceted characters, the Fire Force anime is sure to leave a lasting impact. If you haven’t yet indulged in the excitement, now is the perfect time to start and see which Fire Force character you are most like.

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Dig deeper into Fire Force with the manga

For a deeper understanding of the Fire Force universe and its characters, be sure to check out the source material, the Fire Force manga. With its intricate storytelling and intricate artwork, the Fire Force manga is a true work of art. If you’re already a fan of the anime, diving into the manga will only enhance your appreciation of the characters and their motivations.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out if you have what it takes to be a true hero like Atsushi Okubo and Benimaru Shinmon, and take this quiz now to discover which Fire Force character you are most like. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the series, this personality quiz is sure to be a fun and enlightening experience for all Fire Force enthusiasts and Living Infernos alike!

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