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Mastering the art of conversations is no small feat. You need to maintain a list of stuff that would be interesting enough to keep the conversation going for as long as you please. You need to have humor, common sense and you also need to be cultured and engaging in order to have the complete attention of your family and friends.

There’s no shortcut to becoming someone who’s “great company”, unless you’re naturally gifted to smoothly talk your way into everybody’s hearts. For us mere humans, it would be very much helpful to practice yourself and maybe prepare a dozen or two sets of topics and questions that will have everyone craving for your presence and company!

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Here is a comprehensive and fun list of various icebreaker topics and questions that will surely give you the chance to have a great conversation with your family and friends!

Icebreaker Topics

You can never go wrong with preparing a bunch of things to talk about in your mind. Here are some of the usual and most interest topics you can bring up:

1. Family Background

This is best for people who are just getting to know each other for the first time. You’ll want to know all about how your new friend grew up.

2. Childhood

Childhood memories are just the best to talk about anytime you’re with your family and friends. It will make you think about the good old times!

3. Hobbies and Interests

When you’re with your friends and colleagues, it’s always a great idea to find common denominators that will make you think of things you can do together.

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4. Favorites

Talking about things you like with others is purely fun no matter when and where you talk about it. Go crazy! Talk about your favorite food, favorite color, and more!

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5. Movies

What’s better than watching your favorite movies? Talking about them with your friends and family and then watching them together!

6. Songs, Artists and Bands

Music does wonders to people, it ignites feelings and passions. Fans of artists and bands would be over the moon to talk about the songs that you love!

7. Jokes

Humor and wit should go hand in hand with awesome conversation skills. Add some kickass jokes and your small chat could turn into an epic anecdote someday!

8. Firsts

If you want to have a good time chatting with your best friends, this is certainly one of the best and most intriguing topics you can talk about, secrets will be revealed!

9. Dreams

What better icebreaker topic is there other than talking about your hopes and dreams, and the things that keep you hustling each day?!

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10. Love

Everyone is in love with the idea of love. Others might find it awkward to talk about it but to most hopeless romantics, talking about love is a breath of fresh air!

Random Icebreaker Questions

With the appropriate and right timing, you might want to ask random questions to keep everyone’s attention. You can choose from these lighthearted list of questions that your friends will be comfortable yet also fascinated to answer:

1. Tell me something you hate.

Everyone usually asks about things you love. Time to think more about things you hate!

2. What would you tell your mom right now?

Spill it out! It would be nice to say what first comes to mind.

3. Are you a superstitious person?

This is going to be a very fascinating conversation about beliefs and traditions. Be open-minded about it!

4. Do you believe in love?

A cliche question that will knock you out time and time again.

5. Have you ever done something you instantly regretted afterwards?

It’s time to share your heart out!

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6. What’s the best thing that happened to you lately?

It’s nice to think about the good stuff every once in a while.

7. Do you think about your ex sometimes?

We all do! So don’t you dare lie about it, darling.

8. How often do you have wet dreams?

This is going to be a shocking one so assure your friend that you won’t judge him/her.

9. Are you happy?

A short yet thought-provoking question out of the blue is just what the doctor ordered.

10. Which bad habit of yours do you want to change first and foremost?

Nobody’s perfect. At least you’re trying to be better!

Silly Icebreaker Questions

There’s nothing wrong with showing your fun side to others. Life’s too short to be super uptight when it comes to your family and friends! Here is a list of funny yet good-natured questions that will crack everyone up!

1. Can you think of the worst thing that could happen while you’re brushing your teeth?

This is just too silly and you can all make up the weirdest answers to it!

2. When was the last time you forgot something and it turned out to be an embarrassing senior moment for you?

We all age and nobody’s perfect!

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3. Have you ever laughed at the wrong time?

We all did once, twice, or thrice in our life. Four times or more and you should seriously get a hold of yourself, bish!

4. How innocent are you?

Don’t elaborate. Just let your friend answer as he/she wants to. No judgments!

5. Do you think I’m fat?

Answer politely or ridiculously…at your own risk!

6. Are you a good kisser?

This question might earn you a kiss or two!

7. How many bras do you own?

This is silly because imagine how embarrassed you’d be if you only own one or two at the moment? Time to invest on some undies, baby.

8. What’s the worst joke ever?

Jokes on their own are already silly, duh, but bad jokes? They’re a whole different level of crazy!

9. What disgusts you the most?

It’s going to be a long and engrossing conversation about saliva, shit, slime, worms, and more!

10. What’s your teddy bear’s name?

Shame on you if you never named yours!

Interesting Icebreaker Questions

Asking the same mundane questions and topics over and over again might bore the people you’re with so try to be creative and express yourself in a unique way that will fascinate them and encourage them to keep on talking! Here are some unique and interesting icebreaker questions:

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1. What’s the last thing you ate?

It might be a bit weird but it’s always fun to know what someone ate. You can add a follow-up question about how it tasted!

2. Where did you spend your last vacation?

Talking about destinations and what it’s like to be there and have the best time is pure heaven.

3. What’s the last movie you cried to?

The Notebook? Pearl Harbour? Hachiko? You must have cried to at least one!

4. Who’s the first person to come to your mind when you think about love?

Spill the beans! Your friends will be dying to know!

5. Which food can you eat everyday for a week straight?

Can you stomach the boredom of eating the same thing seven times a week?

6. What would you do for a million dollars?

I’d bend over backwards for it! Would you?

7. What’s something you’re certain you’ll never do in this lifetime or the next?

Think really hard about it and make sure you can vow to never do what you say you won’t.

8. Which degree would you have chosen if you did not choose your first option?

You’d be excited to think about all the possibilities and options life has to offer. It’s actually never too late to start over!

9. Which book have you read more than thrice?

Book lovers will be engrossed with this type of question.

10. Which TV show first made you a fanatic?

GoT? Gossip Girl? Grey’s Anatomy? Peaky Blinders? Name it!

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Deep Icebreaker Questions

There should also be a right time to be serious about some things. It’s okay to also talk about the deep stuff and aspects of life like your hopes, dreams and fears. You should feel free to share your feelings to your family and friends to ease the burden of life.

1. Can money really buy happiness?

Gossip Girl once said, “Those who say that money can’t buy happiness just don’t know where to shop!”

2. Have you ever prayed for world peace? When?

It would be nice to know that some people really do care about things other than themselves.

3. Is education really the key to success in life?

Let the other person explain his/her opinion thoroughly on this one. Be inspired and inspiring at the same time!

4. What’s the key to genuine happiness?

A lot of people have spent their life looking for this. Answers vary from one person to another. Find your own happiness.

5. When was the last time you contributed something to society?

If you have then good for you. If you haven’t, now is the time!

6. Do you have a life-long dream?

Don’t believe that telling other people would jinx a dream. You might be able to inspire others!

7. Who inspires you the most in life?

Role models are worth emulating and bragging about to your family, friends and loved ones.

8. How many kids would like you like to have someday and why?

This is an important question that you must think about if you’re trying to start a family of your own. Ain’t nothing wrong with planning ahead!

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9. What’s something you know could hurt you?

Human as we are, we need to accept that our hearts might be broken a few times in this lifetime.

10. What’s your purpose in this life?

Knowing one’s purpose will surely make things in perspective for you.

Bonus: Multiple Choice Icebreaker Questions

Some people just don’t know how to express themselves that well. Still, should you be in the company of the shy type of people or even with your family and friends, you can just choose to use multiple choice questions to keep everyone entertained and help them open up!

1. On a scale of 1 to 5, how are you feeling today?

This is a great way to ask and know if your friend is in a bad mood or not.

2. Are you a night owl, an early bird or both?

This will be a fascinating story about being late, time, and morning or night habits.

3. Mind-reading, super flight, super strength, or telepathy? Which superpower would you want to have?

Everyone has dreamt of becoming a superhero even just once in life, confess your childhood dreams!

4. Apple, banana, orange or mango? If you were a fruit, what would you be?

This question will bring you back to your kindergarten years.

5. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done while in a virtual meeting/class? Eat a whole meal, pretend to be awake even when you’re not, or wear pajamas?

Don’t you just loooove the perks of having everything online?

6. Which female role model inspires you the most? Emma Watson, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, or Angelina Jolie?

It’s definitely hard to choose between these strong, powerful women!

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7. Which is your favorite Taylor Swift album? Fearless, 1989, Red, Reputation, Lover, or Folklore?

Hm, that’s a hard one!

8. What’s the most useful social media app in the world? Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

Millennials can’t easily choose among these.

9. What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, or Halloween?

The most beautiful time of the year might not be the same to every person out there!

10. What’s your biggest insecurity? Your big thighs, your crooked teeth, your unruly hair, or your bulging eyes?

Everyone is beautiful no matter the imperfections. Accept that you are and you’ll be a thousand times more attractive than you already are!

What are you waiting for? Get creative, talk about anything under the sun…Go forth and start that awesome conversation with your family and friends!

Hungry for more? Follow this link for more icebreaker questions that will give you a blast: Icebreaker Questions!

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