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Their cheese, sauce, and crust make for a delicious combination that is hard to resist. Pizzas are a favorite food of many people!

And because of this, there are many puns out there related to pizzas. These are funny jokes that all pizza lovers will appreciate.

Funny Pizza Puns

What’s more awesome than pizza night? A pizza party with friends! At a pizza party, you get to go crazy with various toppings, and you won’t have to decide between having thin or thick crust!

Just add some funny pizza puns, and you’re all set for a fun night! Check out these funny pizza puns that will make anyone’s belly full with giggles!

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1. Why does the mushroom get invited to all the pizza parties? Because he’s a fun-gi.

I love funny guys who pop out of nowhere!

2. Why didn’t the pizza want to tell his joke? It was a tad too cheesy.

I for one like cheese in my jokes and my pizzas.

3. Where do pizzas live? A pizza hut.

Is this place like a hut with a lot of pizzas inside?

4. Why was the chef disappointed in his student? His pizzas had mushroom for improvement.

This is giving me mushroom for thought.

5. What is a dog’s favorite pizza? Pup-peroni.

Not sure if I’ll enjoy having pups on my pizzas.

6. How do you end every good pizza party? By saying good pie everyone!

All pies are good pies.

7. Why doesn’t he like pizzas? Coz he’s a weirdough!

Am I a weirdough for liking too much pizza?

8. What is a pizza’s greeting to someone they just met? Slice to meet you.

It’s slice to meet you too.

9. What kind of cheese do hairdressers and barbers usually like on their pizzas? Perm-asan cheese.

Can I get a perm-asan hairstyle, please?

N e w !
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10. Why was the pizza having trouble asking the other pizza for a date? He was still working on his delivery.

You know what they say about deliveries, better late than never!

11. What perfume did the pizza wear for his date? Calzogne.

Sounds like it will smell amazingly delish.

12. How do pizzas greet each other during the holiday season? Merry Chrustmas!

I just love it during the pizza holiday season!

13. What sound does a pizza make when it’s asleep? PiZZZZZZZZZa.

If I slept like a pizza I would hit that snooze button every single time.

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14. What is an ants favorite type of topping for their pizza? Ant-chovies.

Ants are known for their eccentric taste buds.

15. How do pizzas fix their broken stuff? They use paste. Tomato paste.

Can tomato paste fix my broken teeth?

16. Why did the Hawaiian pizza come out burnt? Because it should have been baked on a-low-ha temperature.

Nothing is more sinful than a burnt pizza.

17. What is a pizza lover’s favorite movie? Pie hard.

If it’s a movie all about pizza pies, then sign me up.

18. Why did the hipster burn his mouth? He ate pizza before it was cool.

Some hipsters are just way ahead of us.

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Flirty Pizza Puns

While pizza is perfect to enjoy with a group of people, did you know that pizza puns are great for flirting with people you’re into? Want to catch your crush’s attention? Show off your sense of humor and your love for pizza, and they’ll realize how awesome you are!

Share a slice of the perfect pizza pun from our list below!

1. What does a pizza say when it wants to cuddle with you? Fold me close.

So baby fold me closer in the backseat of your rover.

2. Why was the pizza being so clingy? She was feeling kneady.

Pizza boys, remember to always knead your girlfriend.

3. What is a pizza’s opening line at the bar? Hi, do you come here oven?

Pizza’s meeting up in an oven bar! Sounds romantic and dangerous at the same time.

4. Why did the romantic pizza need to go to the doctor? He was so high in love he kneaded to get examined.

Love. Sometimes it’s a high enough drug you end up going to the doctor.

5. How do pizzas slide into DMs? They ask “hey, what are you doughing right now?”

Sliding smoothly into those DMs.

6. What do me and Little Ceasar’s pizza have in common? We are both Hot and Ready.

It’s like they can read my mind.

7. Wanna know why I’m the sauce? Because you’re the pizza and I’m all over you.

This is why pizza and sauce go so well together.

8. I love you and I don’t care if I bake a fool out of myself.

When it comes to love, just bake it or break it.

9. You are the only one who has my best interests at hut.

Home is where the hut is, and your hut is where my home is.

10. I don’t knead anyone else but you.

Sometimes we just knead to be loved back.

11. Dough you want to go out with me?

Dough I!

12. Olive you so much.

Olive you too.

13. I’m so in love with you it’s like you have a pizza in my heart.

You can have all the pizzas and fit them in your heart.

14. My favorite pizza is you, a cutie pie.

That’s also my favorite type of pizza.

15. Come to me and get a slice of the action.

You don’t have to tell me twice!

16. I never sausage a beautiful face in my whole life.

Thanks, I keep my skin smooth and well oiled.

17. I absolutely a-dough you.

This is a-dough-rable.

18. Wanna know what type of pizza you are? Supreme.

Nothing tops supreme pizza in my book.

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Pizza Puns One-Liners

One-liners are just some of the greatest ways you can deliver jokes. They’re short, sweet, and straight to the point. When you combine one-liners and pizza puns, you’ll have people laughing like crazy!

If you’re looking for something to laugh about during a party, we’ve put together hilarious pizza puns one-liners that are bad, good and of course, cheesy!

Check out these funny pizza pun one liners that you knead to know!

1. It’s okay to cry your hut out every once in a while.

Your hut will thank you for it.

2. Sometimes it’s crust not your day, but we still make the best of it.

Some days are crust worse than the others.

3. Cheese the day!

Carpe diem!

4. My favorite holiday in the year is Chrustmas.

I hope Father Chrustmas gives me a good gift this year.

5. The party just started! Why are you leaven so early?

Maybe off to eat more pizzas!

6. May the sauce be with you.

Tomato sauce me up!

7. This pun is so good it hut me in stitches!

All good puns leave me in stitches.

8. You’re so great just like a slice of pizza.

Nothing beats a slice of hot pizza.

9. I’ve never crusted anyone as much as I crust you.

Like a pizza, every foundation of a relationship starts on crust.

10. I know it sounds like I’m making excuses, but can you at yeast let me explain?

This better be a good one!

11. I’m so fit, I can fit this whole pizza in my mouth.

Fit in all the right reasons.

12. Crust me. I’m a doctor.

I crust you know what’s best for me.

13. You are the grate-st person alive!

This is cheesy but I love it!

14. Pizza puns are so good they can’t be topped!

Meanwhile, my pizza always needs toppings.

15. You look as dough you’ve seen a ghost!

Dough you believe me if I did?

16. I have a hot date tomato.

I bet you can’t sleep waiting for a tomato to come!

17. Making a homemade pizza is so easy, it’s a pizza cake.

Homeland pizzas deserve an award on their own.

18. Nothing tops a plain pizza.

Only vast amounts of cheese here.

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