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Truth or Dare: The personality test

Everybody knows and loves Truth or Dare. But did you know that it can tell a lot about you what you answer questions about sensitive topics and how you react to crazy dares? Find out now who you are with this test!

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Truth or Dare

Everybody knows and loves Truth or Dare, right? It’s one of the most played games all around the world and is played by everyone every now and then. But did you know that Truth or Dare isn’t only a great drinking game at parties that reveals embarrassing secrets or forces you to do daring tasks? No, it also tells you a lot about yourself!

Don’t believe us? Just take this quiz and we’ll prove you wrong!

Truth or Dare personality test

This is a one-of-a-kind personality test like you’ve never seen before. You have to an equal amount of Truth or Dare questions that will determine almost exactly what kind of person you are.

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There is no right or wrong in this quiz. Just answer every question truthfully and you’ll discover who you truly are!

What are you waiting for? Take the Truth or Dare: The personality test now!

Truth or Dare app

If you acquired a taste for it and want to play Truth or Dare your own, just download and play our app for iOS and Android! You won’t ever have to think of questions and tasks anymore with this great app!

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Play Truth or Dare online

If you don’t want to download anything, we’ve got great news for you! You can also play our online version of Truth or Dare right here!

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How to play Truth or Dare

In Truth or Dare, players have to choose between two options: Truth or Dare.

When a player chooses truth they have to answer a question, which can be anything: very personal, philosophical, or totally embarrassing!

When a player chooses dare they have to perform a certain task. These tasks can be cringy, dangerous, or even very sexy!

If you want to find out more about how to play Truth or Dare, just follow this link: 🤓How to play Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare questions

The great thing about Truth or Dare is that the possibilities are endless. You can ask almost anything and come up with every weird task you want. But sometimes your creative juices are depleted. Then it’s time to look up some questions.

The good thing is that you’ll find great inspiration in this quiz! But if you need more, just follow this link: 600+ Truth or Dare Questions

More Truth or Dare

It’s just normal that you can’t get enough of Truth or Dare after taking this quiz. But you’re in luck! We wouldn’t be PsyCat Games if didn’t have more up our sleeves. Check out these great articles and find out more about Truth or Dare!

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