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A first date can be a nerve-wracking experience. There’s the anticipation of what to wear, whether you’ll have anything in common with your date, and if they’ll have any expectations that might not align with yours. It’s hard to know where to go or what to do without feeling like you’re going for something too generic or outdated.

What are some fun first date ideas?

A first date can be fun and even a little bit romantic, as long as both parties are willing. You may be wondering why should a first date be fun? Laughter is important! Laughter releases endorphins. And what could be better than being happy on a date?

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With these 10 ideas for fun dates - some old classics and some new twists on the tried-and-true - there will be no more awkward silence on your next first date.

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Fun first date ideas at night

Some first dates take place at night. Don’t worry, that’s perfectly fine! Here we have 2 fun first date ideas at night:

1. Watch an outdoor movie together

The warmer months hit, calendars explode with opportunities to take your favorite activities outside and turn them into a fun first date. It’s hard to find a city these days that doesn’t have outdoor movies going on all summer, and they make for great first-date activities. Most of these events are free, so get there early to make sure you have time to talk to each other before the film starts.

When it gets warmer, one of the best ways to spend time with someone is outside. Here are some ideas on how you can make this happen for your next date. If you’ve never been to an outdoor movie, they’re basically films projected on a giant screen in parks or parking lots.

They typically start in the early evening and often there is a concession stand nearby. Often, you can bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks if you like.

2. Going to a board game bar as a fun first date

If you are looking for fun date ideas, board games are easy ways to have some quality time with your date. Additionally, there are bars that provide board game rentals for customers. Get creative and ask your date to play a nostalgic game of monopoly or risk!

Boardgame bars have a fun, laid-back vibe so going on a first date doesn’t have to be stressful. The low-pressure environment allows you to get to know your partner better and also laugh together!

Walking into a board game bar can be overwhelming. If you are not familiar with the games, it may be best to check out what they have before going so that you don’t waste time playing a game you don’t know how to play.

There are also small trivia games that can be used for first dates. Trivia players must work together to answer questions and compete against other teams in the bar. Trivia games allow people of different knowledge levels to interact and have fun while getting to know each other.

Going to a board game bar is great for getting the conversation going since you can always talk about the game at hand to avoid awkward silences.

Fun cheap first date ideas

Your account is empty, but still, need to plan a first date? Don’t worry, a good date doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Here are our suggestions for a cheap date!

1. Visit the local animal shelter

If you’re looking for a way to pamper yourself and go on an unforgettable date at the same time, then head over to your local animal shelter!

It’s so easy to get lost in conversation with your date because all you will be looking at is each other’s eyes if they’re not fixated on the adorable cat or dog that has come up and started sniffing at their hand.

Often it’s possible to take one of the dogs for a walk. It really is a great way to get out and about without having to stress. A great first date at the animal shelter is sure to lead to an even better second date so be sure you leave enough time after your first date for it to happen!

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Make sure you bring some dog treats with you, as most dogs will be able to smell the meat you’ve got in your pockets before even they can. Let them know you mean well by giving their new friends a little treat. Make sure to check with the animal shelter, before giving them the treats!

If your date is an animal person, then this is absolutely perfect for them! They will adore it and be so excited for you to have brought them here. Just make sure to find out before, if your date is allergic to animal hair or afraid of animals, otherwise, this going to the animal shelter for a first date might backfire.

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2. Take a bike ride together

If you’re looking to make your first date really fun, how about taking a bike ride together? The only thing you need is access to either a good bike or a good bike rental.

Here are some tips for a successful bike ride on your first date:

Tip #1: Pick the right time of day

It’s best to go for a morning or afternoon bike ride if you want to get started. Don’t try and do some serious cycling after work at 8 PM when everyone is exhausted and hungry!

Tip #2: Dress appropriately

If you’re going on a bike ride, it’s best to dress light and airy. This means you shouldn’t wear shorts or jeans so that your clothes can breathe. T-shirts are ideal if the weather is hot!

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Tip #3: Bring some water and snacks

Because cycling consumes energy, bring some snacks and maybe even beverages with you. Without enough electrolytes in your body, you could become dehydrated and disoriented while biking for a long time. The last thing you want is to pass out due to dehydration on your first date!

Tip #4: Watch the road and traffic

Look for other bikes and cars while you’re riding. You don’t want any accidents or collisions, as this might ruin your first date. Enjoying the outdoors is always a good idea when you’re on your first date. If you want to take it one step further, try biking together while exploring nature and seeing new sights! It’s important that both of your are comfortable with biking before doing this activity.

3. Explore a botanical garden on your first date

There is no better place to see beautiful and interesting flowers and plants, than your local botanical garden.

It’s a wonderful place to have a first date, you can find countless different flowers and plants and it provides a lot of topics to talk about.

Furthermore, it’s a perfect place to avoid any awkward silences because of the vast amount of things you can see. A green thumb is not needed in order to have a fun date at a botanical garden.

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It’s a perfect place to get to know each other, discover different flowers and plants up close and have fun and lighthearted conversations.

Go to the gift shop afterward and get your date and yourself the same plant. The plant will provide you with something in common that you can talk about in the future!

Fun first date ideas in winter

The temperatures are getting colder again, there is snow and we are all cuddled up in our jackets. What a magical time to have a first date! Check out the following ideas for a fun first date in winter! Enjoy!

1. Take a cooking class

You’ve heard of Netflix and chill, but have you ever thought about cooking and chilling? Cooking is always a great alternative to going out, but it can feel a bit awkward to go to a stranger’s home on the first date. Instead, get your hands dirty at a local cooking class.

Taking a cooking class on your first date is the perfect way to get to know someone. It’s not just about getting to know their skills in the kitchen, it also gives you an opportunity to talk in a relaxed setting that isn’t focused on conversation alone.

In order to cook well, you need to have an understanding of how different ingredients work together and why - so chatting about that over a simple pasta sauce will be perfect. You can tell if you have things in common or not, but don’t worry about being too serious.

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You can even throw in some friendly competition whose dish tastes better. Just make sure you aren’t a sore loser!

2. Going to the farmers market is a great idea for a first date

Every town has its own farmers’ market, but some are more popular than others. If you’re looking for somewhere to take your date, you might want to go to a farmers market. They’re generally bustling and full of life — which is just what we’re looking for in a good first date.

What’s also great about going to the farmers’ markets is that it’s not just about flowers and fruit: Many markets sell goods like cheese and bread so you can buy samples while you talk with your date. A farmers market is an amazing place to avoid awkward silences on your first date.

Plus, if you run out of things to say, there are plenty of topics around such as where the produce comes from or what’s in season at the moment.

Don’t forget your camera: The markets are generally quite photogenic and provide a great background for a memorable first-date picture.

On top of all that, if the day doesn’t go exactly how you pictured it, you can always get dinner at one of the food stalls!

Fun first date ideas for teenagers

If you’re a teenager and looking for great ideas for your first date, then keep reading. By the way, don’t worry: nervousness is normal! Your crush is sure to feel just as insecure as you do.

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1. Going to an amusement park

Going to an amusement park on the first date makes forming a bond with your date easy. Walking and talking in between rides is a great way to get to know each other and have conversations that feel natural.

Making memories is key in forming a relationship, and there is nothing that can replace the exhilaration of riding down an enormous roller coaster. However, amusement parks are already overcrowded, so avoid bringing your date on days with national holidays or during summer vacation when large gatherings will be around.

A perfect first date at the amusement park consists of riding the Ferris Wheel. You get to see each other’s smiles in close proximity and can even steal a kiss if you’re brave enough.

It’s important to have a good time, but it might also help if you have an idea what will happen after the amusement park - do you want to go back to their place or have something quick to eat?

2. Visiting a trampoline park

Attend a trampoline park for your first date! It’s an amazing experience, that provides you something you can talk about and enjoy together. It’s fun, will show your partner that you aren’t serious all the time, and allows having a good time together.

The first step is admitting that trampoline parks are not as bad as they seem and that having fun there doesn’t mean you are a child.

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Trampoline parks give you the experience and thrill of gymnastics and trampoline jumping. Regular trampolines are too easy to use and can be boring after a while, but at a trampoline park, new exciting things await around every corner.

Your date will never get tired or bored because there is always something new to try out, the risk of getting bored is reduced to zero.

The best thing about trampoline parks is that it’s not expensive. The average price for a good time at trampoline parks is only around 15$. For this, you can have fun for an hour or even longer if you want to.

3. Having a fun first date by going to a food truck festival

Food truck festivals are all the rage now. A food truck festival held in the open, where you are walking about, is less confining and scary than dining at a fine restaurant on your first date.

Being out in the open and having different types of food to talk about will reduce the chances of awkward silence on your first date.

Food truck festivals allow you to enjoy amazing food and share the experience of tasting different things.

If the food is great, you will have created an amazing memory to start your relationship. If the food is terrible, you still created a memory together. Either way, you win with this fun date idea!

Conversation starters to use on a fun first date

We’ve made sure that you are not running out of conversation starters with our fun ideas for your first date.

By picking the right date, starting a conversation will come easy, as there are many things to talk about.

If you still are having trouble starting the conversation, check out this article on How to Start a Conversation. It includes many tips and will guide you past any awkward silences on your date. For 80+ Questions For Your First Date, follow this link!

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