The animals you choose in this quiz reveal your toxic trait!

Everybody has got at least one toxic trait. The animals you choose in this quiz can reveal yours!

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Toxic people

We’ve probably all heard of toxic people before. And they’re everywhere, literally! In school, in work, at home – you’re nowhere safe from toxicity.

But everybody has at least one toxic trait to some extend. That’s completely normal. The best is to find out which toxic trait is most dominant in oneself in order to work on it. That’s where this quiz comes into play!

Toxic traits

There are probably more toxic traits out there than there a Pokémon, so it’s useless to list them all. But most of them are mixtures of different key toxic traits.

Most common toxic traits include manipulativeness, narcissism, negativity, lack of empathy, passive-aggressiveness, and victimizing oneself.

So, what’s your toxic trait? Can’t wait to find out? Then take this quiz immediately, because it has a special twist!

Your favorite animals can reveal your toxic trait!

You’re probably wondering how the animals you choose in this quiz can determine which toxic trait you have. We often link animals with certain personality traits and adjectives. And the animals you’re drawn to most can reveal a lot about you! It’s a bit hard to explain, but you’ll see for yourself.

Attention! You probably won’t like your result – I mean, who wants to be called toxic? But this quiz will be an eye-opening experience for everyone. It’s best to share your result with your friends, so they can begin to change for the better as well!