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We all become tense before the first date, we try our very best to be the best versions of ourselves. We try our best to be as close to perfection as we could ever be. We obsess about how we look, how to talk, how to move and another thing that we obsess about is… what to wear.

During any other day or date, we’d be satisfied to wear the first clothes we set our eyes upon in our closet but for the first date, we become so obsessed to the most minute of details and that is totally normal! How else are you going to get a great first impression if you are not at your best?

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Of course, there are a lot of things to consider when you’re trying to find the perfect outfit for your first date. You need to consider the time and place but at the same time make sure that your outfit is a good representation of your personality!

But of course, you also need to know the modern style and the basics in picking the perfect first date outfit. Read on and become an expert on the modern first date outfit styles!

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What to wear on a first date guys

Guys should wear something that hugs their physique but does not restrict their movement in any way. Depending on what color works for your skin and hair color, you can choose among these masculine colors that are perceived to be fashionable for men; black, gray, and blue. These are the fashion must-haves for guys on the first date:

1. Button-down Long-sleeved Shirts

These are first date must-haves that every guy should try. You can actually choose either to wear a plain and simple one or a checkered one but plain shirts beat the printed ones anytime! Pair this with your jeans and some simple sneakers.

2. Short-sleeved Polo Shirts

If the weather is a bit hot, it’s okay to wear this and still look presentable. You can wear this during lunch dates or afternoon dates since they’re more for casual dates.

3. Dark Straight-leg Jeans

These are also first date basics for guys, they’re casual and could easily be paired with any style.

4. Shorts

These can also be worn as long as they’re not that short and if you’re going to the beach, too! You can pair them with sneakers or boat shoes.

5. Sneakers

You can never go wrong with a pair of trustworthy sneakers, either white or black are the preferred colors. Black ones you can for dinner when you want a more sophisticated vibe and white ones are more for casual dates.

6. Brown Leather Shoes

This type of footwear for guys makes them look more matured and sexier. They’re usually for more formal dates.

What to wear on a first date female

Ladies are much more obsessed with their outfits compared to the guys. You have more to choose from, too! As long as you are comfortable with what you’re wearing and it fits the setting and mood, you’re good to go. Guys usually love to see their date in outfits that show off their figure but at the same time still mysteriously attractive. Here are some favorite outfits that you usually see women wear in movies:

1. Dresses

Going for a more feminine look? There are a lot of types of dresses to choose from; midi-dresses, maxi-dresses, and more. What’s so great about them is that you only have to choose one piece of clothing and you don’t need to think about the bottom.

2. Dressy Blouses paired with Jeans

You can go for a sexier vibe by showing off your legs with form-hugging jeans that emphasize your curves but at the same time doesn’t show that much. The dressy blouses can either be lacey stuff or silk. The elegance of the blouse balances the casual vibe the jeans bring.

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3. Skirt and Camisole Combination

If you are aiming for a more youthful vibe, this is the best outfit for you! It’s simple yet cute. Also the perfect outfit to show off your gorgeous legs!

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4. Flats or Heels?

It’s really up to you if you’re more comfortable with one or the other. All outfits can usually go well with either, depending on the material the footwear is made of and of course, the color. Want a little bit of both? Low heels can add an elegant vibe to your outfit.

What to wear on a casual first date

Not all first dates really need much dressing up and preparation in the fashion department. Casual dates are usually set in the outdoors like at the beach, carnivals, malls and more! The outfit you should wear should match the setting and make you ready for the activities you’ll do with your date.

Casual First Date Outfits For Girls

Girls tend to get all dressy for first dates. Admit it, you spend countless hours in front of the mirror trying out one outfit after another. For casual dates, try to dress down a bit and not think too much about the outfit. It’s all about having fun. You should wear the dress, the dress shouldn’t be wearing you.

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1. Mini-Dress with Sneakers

The traditional footwear for dresses are either heels or flats. In the modern world of conventional fashion, girls are braver with their choices. Pairing mini-dresses with sneakers adds a tough and fun side to the otherwise feminine look.

2. Big Shirts and Short Shorts

A tomboyish look actually makes a girl more attractive. It’s effortless and understated. It brings out girls’ natural beauty.

3. Casual First Date Outfits For Guys

Guys don’t have as many outfit choices compared to girls but casual dates usually don’t encourage guys to wear collared shirts, jackets and formal pants like slacks. Just be straightforward with your fashion sense. A clean look is usually a hot look that attracts the ladies.

4. Plain Shirt and Shorts with Sneakers

The simpler outfits really do work more for guys. If you can rock a basic day-to-day outfit such as this then great!

5. White Shirt and Denims

This is another clean and cool look that screams boy-next-door! Make sure to sport a denim jacket to complete your look.

What to wear on a first date in winter

If your first date just happens to be during the coldest time of the year, don’t worry! First date in the snow? What could be more magical than that? Well, it’ll be tough trying to find that many outfits that are fashionable and thick enough to protect you from the extreme cold.

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Stylish Trench Coats

Dark colored trench coats will make you look like you just stepped out of a Burberry Commercial. For girls, pair it with a full sleeved high-necked solid black top underneath and a great pair of jeans and boots. Perfection!

For guys, you can wear a dark sweater and dark jeans with a trench coat and boots. You’ll actually look hot in the cold!

What to wear on a first date for drinks

This date will probably be in a bar or club so girls should look sexy and hot. You’ll want your date’s eyes on you. A dark dress or a blouse paired with jeans, and heels will do the trick for you! Make sure to show enough skin. Stand out!

Guys can just wear button down shirts and straight leg jeans and sneakers. Don’t overthink your outfit, be true, be you!

What to wear on a first date for movies

Since it’ll be a bit cold inside the theater, wear comfortable clothes that look decent on you. Then again, it’ll be too dark so stop overthinking on what to wear. Although maybe it’s an unspoken rule for guys to always wear a jacket when going on a date for movies because then you’ll have something to offer your date when she gets too cold. Put the jacket around her shoulders and let one arm stay there!

What to wear on a first date to dinner

Dinner dates are usually a lot more formal than lunchdates. Well it still depends on the restaurant you’re going to. Here are some memorable outfits you can wear on this type of date:

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Dinner Date Outfits For Girls

Here are some elegant go-to outfits for girls to wear during a dinner date…

1. Classic Red Dress

The color red just adds a very sexy and unforgettable touch to the feminine vibe that is already present when you’re wearing a dress. Pair it with some strappy heels and red lipstick! Wear your hair down and you are the ultimate seductress!

2. Little Black Dress

Everyone says that every girl should have her own little black dress. It’s perfect almost for any occasion. You’ll never be overdressed or underdressed with a black dress. Black adds a sophisticated aura to anyone who’s wearing it. Pair it heels and gold accessories, you’ll look like a modern day Audrey Hepburn minus the white gloves and hat!

3. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits always create an illusion of height when a woman wears it with heels. Don’t choose a fitting one. Instead, pick a flowy material that makes you look effortless and classy.

Dinner Date Outfits For Guys

Here are some awesome outfit ideas for guys to wear to dinner dates…

1. Tux

If you’re going to a five-star restaurant then it’s okay to wear a black tux without the tie. You can even keep the first two buttons of your shirt open. Achieve that Christian Grey vibe you’re aiming for!

2. Long-Sleeved Shirt and Formal Dress Pants or Dark Jeans

Light colored ones for the shirt are preferred. Make sure to tuck your shirt in if you shoes this outfit, at least with a decent-looking belt. You can choose to either wear brown or black leather shoes if you’re wearing dress pants. If you’re wearing dark jeans then the dark colored sneakers will look great with your outfit!

Other Things To Remember when Choosing the Right Outfit

Here are some other factors you ought to take note of when you’re picking out the outfit that’ll work for your first date:

  • Color: Study shows that the best color to peg on during your first date is blue for both men and women. Of course, you know better than anyone what’s best for you.
  • Size: The size of the sweater, pants, dress, jeans and more really do matter. Wearing something too big can make you look lousy and wearing something too tight will restrict your movement. With the right size comes comfort and confidence that’ll do wonders for your first date!
  • Material: The material of the clothes you’ll pick can really add to the overall effect of the outfit. It’s a bit stupid to wear a dress made out of leather or something. A cotton dress does not have the elegant aura of a silk dress.
  • Weather: Another major factor to base your outfit preparation upon is how cold or hot it is during your date.

Now that you’re done reading all about it, you are the ultimate fashion guru who exudes confidence and charisma. You know that what you wear has a great impact on your date’s first impression of you! Fashion polices are everywhere so better familiarize yourself about the latest trends that work for you!

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