The vegetables you choose in this quiz reveal your hidden desire!

Veggies come in many shapes and colors. And your favorite ones are able to tell you what kind of person you are and what you truly desire!

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What’s your hidden desire?

Everybody has at least one hidden desire. This quiz manages to find out which one you have by analyzing your favorite vegetables.

How does it work, you ask? It’s easily explained: Vegetables come in many shapes and colors and human beings are prone to linking certain characteristics with personality traits – and are drawn to characteristics they find in themself. This usually happens quite unconsciously!

Veggie quiz

Vegetables are part of every healthy diet. Let’s find out what your favorite veggies can tell about you! Don’t hesitate and take this quiz now!

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  1. You want to be loved

    Deep down, you seek love.

    Almost everybody wants to be loved, and so do you! Many people want unconditional love in their life. Having a partner is what many seek and feel is the ultimate goal.

    Don't let that drag you down if you don't have a loving partner yet! Have an open mind and an open heart so that love can find its way to you!

  2. You want to be wealthy

    Deep down, you seek wealth.

    The wish for being wealthy often goes hand in hand with the want for prestige. You want people to see you in a different light. Or maybe, you just want the freedom lots of money can provide.

    Be that as it may: If you're not already working toward your goals, you should do so right now. Don't postpone things until tomorrow.

  3. You want to be popular

    Deep down, you seek popularity.

    Being popular comes with many advantages. Maybe you're a bit shy and don't have that many friends. Or maybe you're already popular but fear losing your reputation.

    But let's be clear about one thing: It's better to have a few very close friends than many who barely know you. Be true to yourself and work on your self-esteem. Nobody is born shy.

    We got some great articles about Self-Esteem & Confidence that you should check out right now!

  4. You want to be safe

    Deep down, you seek safety.

    Everybody wants to be safe in a way, but it seems like you have a bigger need for it than others. The world and all the things it demands of you scare you somehow. You've been hurt a lot.

    But don't be scared. The world can be a wonderful place. Work on your goals and self-esteem, and you can overcome any obstacle.

  5. You want to be free

    Deep down, you seek freedom.

    You feel trapped somehow and feel like running away from time to time. If you could, you would constantly travel the world.

    But you know what? Freedom can mean many more things than being a globe trotter. It's up to you to find out what freedom really means for you.

  6. You want to be healthy

    Deep down, you seek lifelong health.

    Being sick is one of the worst experiences life has to offer. And you seek to be healthy all the time. It's possible that you're a bit too hard on yourself and force yourself to eat healthily and be active all the time.

    But treat yourself from time to time too. Being too harsh to yourself can make you sick as well, you know?

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