Quiz: Are you a good friend? | Only 3 % are great friends!

Are you a good friend?

Only 3 % of people are really good friends. How about you?

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Are you a good friend? Quiz

Humans are social beings who need contact with their peers. Social contact is exceedingly important to one’s well-being. This is also why friends and friendships are so essential.

But a friendship is about give and take: Are you as good a friend as you think you are?

There’s only one way to find out! Take this quiz now and find out if you are a good friend, and more importantly, how you can improve as a friend!


Next to families, friendships are the basis of any society. Without them, we simply wouldn’t function as human beings. So never forget about your friends, because they are your support in hard times.

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A good friendship is worth its weight in gold. Without friends, life can seem very dull and gray. However, since a friendship can only blossom when those involved make an effort, it is essential to give your best.

For this reason, it’s important to find out how good of a friend you are and how you can improve. This quiz can open your eyes!

Good friend

What makes a good friend is that a good friend cares about you and is there for you on sunny and rainy days. Good friends cheer you up when you’re down and laugh with you when you’re well.

This quiz will determine what you’re made of as a friend with unassuming questions!

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How to be a good friend

In theory, being a good friend is very simple. The most important thing is probably selflessness: you help each other without expecting anything.

Loyalty and honesty also make a good friend. However, honesty comes in many faces; because it always depends on the choice of words. One can be just as hurtful with honest words as with lies. So the intention behind what is said is also important.

Also, never forget that everyone has their own will and motives. Do not oppress others with your ideas and accept them as they are. Don’t try to change someone who doesn’t want to change. Acceptance is equally critical in a good friendship. You want to feel welcome, after all.

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