Color Quiz: Can we guess if you're an optimist or pessimist?

Can we guess if you're an optimist or pessimist with this color quiz?

People are very sensitive to colors. Especially our emotions can be perfectly reflected by colors. Answer the questions truthfully and be surprised if we are right!

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Color quiz

People are very sensitive to colors. Our emotions can be perfectly reflected by colors. Also, the choice of our favorite colors is affected by how we feel in general.

The psychological impacts of color have been studied extensively in relation to personality. According to these researches, colors can affect our mood, behavior, and how others see us.

Take the quiz and answer all the questions truthfully. Be surprised if we are right about you being an optimist or a pessimist! Don’t forget to share your result!

Optimism vs. Pessimism

Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? This adage is often used to represent two different mindsets: optimism and pessimism.

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Before you take this quiz, you should first know what optimism and pessimism are! But don’t worry, it’s very easy!

What does optimistic mean?

If someone is optimistic, it means that this person assumes the good rather than the bad. They tend to focus on the positive aspects of life and have a strong belief in their own abilities to overcome challenges.

Optimists are often viewed as happy and friendly individuals with a natural ability to see the silver lining in any situation.

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What does pessimistic mean?

If someone is pessimistic, that person always sees the negative side of things. They tend to have a gloomy outlook on life and are quick to point out all the potential problems rather than focusing on solutions.

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Pessimists also lack self-confidence. They may blame themselves for failures and refuse to acknowledge their successes.

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Balance of both

Both pessimism and optimism have their strengths and weaknesses, and finding a balance between the two can lead to a more well-rounded perspective.

It can be hard to find a good mix between these two mindsets, but it’s important for a healthy, happy life. It means noticing and dealing with negative thoughts while also choosing to think about the good things in any scenario.

We can find this balance by taking a realistic attitude and being open to both good and bad outcomes.

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Optimism in real life

The life of J.K. Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter books, is an uplifting tale of optimism. She was rejected by multiple publishers and even lived in poverty as a single mother before she became one of the most successful novelists ever.

Her unwavering optimism and determination paid off, and she ended up creating one of the most cherished fictional universes of all time.

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