Quiz: Rate 10 things to reveal your fantasy alter ego!

Rate these 10 statements and we'll reveal who you'd be in a fantasy world!

There are a lot of different people and creatures in fantasy worlds. By rating these ten statements, we're able to accurately determine who or what you'd be in a fantasy world!

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Fantasy World

There are so incredibly many fantasy worlds out there, and yet they all have the same thing in common: the fabulous characters and beings that inhabit them.

In almost every fantasy world, there are warriors and savages, dragons and monstrosities, monks and kings, peasants and bards. But like so many fantasy fans, you’ve probably already asked yourself the question, “Who would I be in a fantasy world?

And it’s an excellent question! This quiz manages to calculate exactly who your fantasy alter ego would be using just 10 different questions! All you have to do is to rate a statement each time by saying how much it applies to you.

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What are you waiting for? Find out who you would be in a fantasy world today!

Your fantasy alter ego

We all play our parts in this play called life. But what role would you hold in a fantasy world? Would you be a king or queen? Or maybe you’d be a fearsome dragon hoarding gold? Or perhaps you would be a warlock trying to subjugate the world?

This quiz will tell you!

What is an alter ego?

If you’re unfamiliar with this term, you’ve probably wondered what it means.

Alter Ego means other me in Latin. It’s your second personality or second identity, so to speak. Superheroes like Superman, for example, often have an alter ego to protect their identity. Superman’s alter ego is Clark Kent.

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But that is not what this quiz is about. This quiz is about who you would be in a fantasy world! So what is your fantasy alter ego?

Who would you be in a fantasy world?

After just ten short questions, this quiz will tell you who you would be impersonated by in a fantasy world. As in any fantasy story, there are a variety of possibilities here. Some of them are glorious - like knights and wizards - others rather less so - peasants and slimes.

So who are you really? Find out with this quiz!

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