Fantasy Name Generator: What's your fantasy name?

This quiz will help you find your true fantasy name!

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Fantasy Name Generator

What would fantasy worlds feel like if everyone had normal names? Quite bland and boring, right? So, every fantasy world needs inhabitants with exciting names that fit into their mysterious world. If you’re looking for great names, be it for DnD, World of Warcraft, or whatever, this quiz got you covered!

What is my fantasy name?

Did you ever ask yourself what you would be called in a fantasy world? You don’t have to ask yourself any longer, because this quiz will tell you the answer! This generator will ask you questions such as which side you root for, if you’re a human, an elf, an orc, or even something else, and much, much more! The perfect quiz to have a lot of fun.

Name Generator

Don’t we all love name generators? They are always great fun. Even if you’re not a huge fantasy fan or in desperate need of a fantasy name, this quiz will give you a great time for sure.