What D&D race are you?

Designing a new DnD character and can't decide on a race? Then this quiz is for you!

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Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons, mostly abbreviated as D&D or DnD, is probably the most influential and popular fantasy tabletop role-playing game of all time since its initial release in 1974. D&D’s publication is recognized by most as the beginning of RPGs in general.

In DnD, players slip into the role of inhabitants of a fantasy world, more often than not fantastical creatures like elves, goblins, and orcs, but also regular humans. One player takes on the role of the Dungeon Master, or DM for short, who will be the organizer of the game and creates challenges and details while also telling the overall story.

Before playing, every player has to create their very own character. Not only their class and race are important, but also their backstory, their moral alignment, and much, much more!

The actions of each player have a significant impact on the storyline and must be thought through! Otherwise, a round of DnD can end quicker than thought.

Since the game is structured but fundamentally open-ended, it can be the best choice for your board game night with friends! Especially if you’re open-minded and like fantasy, DnD is for you!

DnD races

As already mentioned, DnD features a broad range of different races. Besides humans, there are some pretty well-known races almost every fantasy fan knows, like orcs, elves, goblins, etc. But there are some really bizarre and interesting ones as well! Or have you, as a DnD newcomer, ever heard of Warforged, Kenkus, or Loxodons?

So, if you’re designing your DnD character and want a race that suits you perfectly, just take this quiz and find out! Take the What D&D race are you? quiz now!


D&D Beyond, often just referred to as DDB, is the official digital toolset for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It is also a game companion, which hosts online versions of the official rulebooks, adventures, and more.

There is also a character builder, a digital character sheet, and a list of monsters, spells, etc.

D&D alignment

Your DnD-character can’t be complete without a moral alignment. Take the D&D Alignment Test now and find out if your character is neutral chaotic, lawful evil, or chaotic good!

What's your worst trait?

  1. My greediness.
  2. I'm really gluttonous.
  3. My wrath knows no bounds.
  4. I'm the laziest person I know.
  5. I'm the most jealous person I know.
  6. I'm a true narcissist.

What sounds more exciting to you?

  1. Fighting dragons
  2. Entering dungeons
  3. Exploring vast lands
  4. Participating in illegal activities
  5. Creating
  6. Reading books

An old lady passes by and insists on giving you flower. Which do you pick?

  1. Roses
  2. Daffodils
  3. Lillies
  4. Pansies
  5. Gardenias
  6. Orchids

How much body fat do you have?

  1. Above average
  2. About average
  3. Below average

Do the majority of other people consider you good-looking?

  1. Yes, definitely.
  2. They consider me about average.
  3. No, they don't.

Your mortal enemy is in front of you and is sound asleep. You could do anything to them, and they'll never know who it was. What do you do?

  1. I poison my enemy.
  2. I kill my enemy.
  3. I do nothing.
  4. I pull a prank on my enemy.
  5. I put a spell on my enemy to make them my ally.
  6. I rob my enemy.

How muscular are you?

  1. Above average
  2. About average
  3. Below average

You're in a tavern, and there is a variety of dishes you could order. What do you decide for?

  1. A salad
  2. Meat
  3. Bread
  4. A dish from far away called pizza
  5. Bugs
  6. Grilled veggies

How much do you eat on an average day?

  1. More than the average person.
  2. About as much as the average person.
  3. Less than the average person.

How hairy are you compared to the majority of other people of the same sex?

  1. I'm really hairy.
  2. I'm normally hairy.
  3. I am not hairy at all.

Some big creature is blocking your path. What do you do?

  1. Try to negotiate.
  2. Ask it politely if it would let me pass since it's of my kin.
  3. Run away.
  4. Try to kill it.
  5. Try to trick it.
  6. Try to bribe it.

Are your looks considered traditionally feminine, masculine, or androgynous?

  1. Feminine
  2. Masculine
  3. Androgynous

How tall are you compared to other people of the same sex?

  1. Taller
  2. Averagely
  3. Shorter

Which of these do you hate the most?

  1. Arguments
  2. Prejudice
  3. Oppression
  4. Hate
  5. Conflicts
  6. Everything
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  1. Dragonborn

    You should be a Dragonborn!

    Dragonborns are basically wingless dragons standing erect like humans. They are strong and charismatic. They combine the best attributes of dragons and humanoids. Some serve true dragons as faithful servants, some fight as soldiers in great wars, while some can't find meaning in their lives and wander the lands.

  2. Satyr

    You should be a Satyr!

    Satyrs are nature spirits with some animalistic traits like horns, a stubby tail, and pointy ears. They combine humanoid civilization with the freedom of the wilderness. A satyr loves to celebrate without reason, likes music, good wine, and doing nothing all the time.

  3. Kenku

    You should be a Kenku!

    Kenkus are humanoid birds, being robbed of their wings through an ancient crime they've committed. They are wanderers and burglars who live on the edge of society. While suffering from a reputation that is not unearned, they can be valuable allies.

  4. Warforged

    You should be a Warforged!

    Even though they're made from wood and metal, warforged can feel pain and emotion. Once created as weapons, they now have to find their purpose in life beyond war. They have a good work ethic and hate to fail.

  5. Loxodon

    You should be a Loxodon!

    Loxodons are humanoid elephants. They're not only physically strong but also mentally. They are calm companions with a lot of wisdom that rarely talk. But if they are provoked, they can be true terrors.

  6. Tortle

    You should be a Tortle!

    Tortles are humanoid turtles. But don't let yourself be fooled by their looks: tortles are adventurers and nomads that explore the wilderness. They put their skills to a constant test and are true survivalists.

  7. Elf

    You should be an Elf!

    Elves live in a world they're not entirely a part of. They are magical creatures of otherworldly grace. They prefer to live in ancient forests, where soft music is played. They love nature, magic, art, music, and poetry.

  8. Dwarf

    You should be a Dwarf!

    Dwarfs are small humanoids that like to live in the mountains and rob them of their riches. They are bold and hardy and make formidable warriors.

  9. Halfling

    You should be a Halfling!

    Small halflings have to survive in a world filled with tall creatures by not stepping on the wrong foot. That's one of the main reasons why halflings prefer to stay at home altogether.

  10. Human

    You should be a Human!

    Humans are the youngest of all common races and inhabit almost every world. Because they are so short-lived, most of them strive to achieve greatness. That's probably the main reason why they form big empires and always seek challenges.

  11. Goblin

    You should be a Goblin!

    Goblins have it hard in this world: because of their small stature, they have to prove to everybody that they're no one to be bullied. Because of that, they lash out at any creature that comes in their way. Even though they are cruel and aggressive creatures, they make exceptional servants.

  12. Orc

    You should be an Orc!

    Orcs are fearless and savage humanoids living in tribes. They are at war with other races like elves, dwarves, and humans most of the time. Because of their hatred of civilized races, they destroy everything others consider beautiful and good.

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