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Alignment test: What's your moral alignment?

This alignment test reveals your true character! Are you lawful good, chaotic evil, or somewhere in between? Find out!

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Moral alignment test

Human morality is a very complicated thing. Together with a person’s attitude, this results in the respective alignment. While many use the alignment test as a tool to create characters, with this quiz, you will find out how you fit into the alignment chart yourself!

Alignment chart

There are nine different alignments, consisting of five separate pieces. Good vs. Evil, Law vs. Chaos, and in between, there is Neutrality. When combining these things, you get the following nine alignments:

Find out what your alignment is with this fun quiz! You’ll be surprised!

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Moral alignment test

When doing this quiz, you will likely find out a lot about yourself. But keep in mind that all these alignments are static things, while humans never are entirely consistent. Nothing is ever set in stone! You may show a lot of signs for being the one but also the other. Or you might be a Chaotic Neutral today but will be a Neutral Good in two years. No one truly knows. So if you want to make sure to be always up to date, redo this quiz every once in a while! And don’t forget to share your result with your friends!

D&D Alignment

This quiz is perfect if you want to find out how your D&D character should be. View it as an interview and answer the questions accordingly! This way, character creation goes faster than ever!

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