Alignment test: What's your moral alignment?

This alignment test reveals your true character! Are you lawful good, chaotic evil, or somewhere in between? Find out!

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Moral alignment test

Human morality is a very complicated thing. Together with a person’s attitude, this results in the respective alignment. While many use the alignment test as a tool to create characters, with this quiz, you will find out how you fit into the alignment chart yourself!

Alignment chart

There are nine different alignments, consisting of five separate pieces. Good vs. Evil, Law vs. Chaos, and in between, there is Neutrality. When combining these things, you get the following nine alignments:

Find out what your alignment is with this fun quiz! You’ll be surprised!

Moral alignment test

When doing this quiz, you will likely find out a lot about yourself. But keep in mind that all these alignments are static things, while humans never are entirely consistent. Nothing is ever set in stone! You may show a lot of signs for being the one but also the other. Or you might be a Chaotic Neutral today but will be a Neutral Good in two years. No one truly knows. So if you want to make sure to be always up to date, redo this quiz every once in a while! And don’t forget to share your result with your friends!

D&D Alignment

This quiz is perfect if you want to find out how your D&D character should be. View it as an interview and answer the questions accordingly! This way, character creation goes faster than ever!

Someone offers you 10 Million Dollars to shoot your best friend in the foot. What do you do?

  1. Accept the offer
  2. Ask my friend about it and offer him half the money
  3. Refuse the offer

You're back home and realize you've accidentally forgotten to pay for a cheap object at the grocery. What do you do?

  1. It was cheap, so they probably won't mind
  2. Go back and pay for the object
  3. Nice, free stuff!

Your partner made an enormous effort to cook a special dish for you. But it tastes disgusting. What do you do?

  1. Be nasty about it
  2. Be honest about it
  3. Act as if I like it

Your clumsy friend is about to spill coffee over their expensive dress. What do you do?

  1. Grab the drink before anything can happen
  2. Try to give a fair warning
  3. Watch the show

Be honest: How would you rather become rich?

  1. Work hard and earn it fair and square – that would make me feel proud.
  2. On an illegal but not traceable way that wouldn't harm anybody – that would make me feel smart.
  3. Inherit it or win it – that would make me feel lucky.

Somehow a magic love potion fell into your hands, and there's a person you unrequitedly love very much. What do you do with the brew?

  1. I'd use it on them, of course!
  2. I'd throw it away! Such stuff is devil's work!
  3. I'd sell it or keep it but wouldn't use it immediately.

You went for a walk and found your ex sitting on the sidewalk crying their eyes out.

You loved this person very much, but they cheated on you and left you for someone else. That someone else has done the exact same thing to your ex now. What do you do?

  1. Go to them and rub it in their face
  2. Go to them and console them
  3. Keep on walking and act if I didn't see it

How often do you find yourself rooting for the bad guys in movies and video games?

  1. Sometimes. They often got a good point.
  2. Never! They're the bad guys, after all.
  3. Often! Bad guys rule!

An estranged family member is on his deathbed and seeks reconciliation. What do you do?

  1. Speak to them, but stand my ground
  2. Refuse to speak to them; good thing death got its hands on them
  3. Seek reconciliation

You've accidentally committed a murder. What do you do?

  1. Cast the blame on someone else
  2. Turn me in and hope for mercy
  3. Cover my traces

You're playing poker with friends for a lot of money.

You're about to lose. But suddenly, there's the chance to cheat yourself to victory because you've got an additional card dealt. What do you do?

  1. Tell them about the additional card, so we have to deal cards again; maybe my next hand will bring me good luck
  2. Cheat!
  3. Accept my loss and don't cheat

Do you sacrifice your own well-being for the comfort of others?

  1. Never
  2. Sometimes
  3. Often

Do you like to pull pranks on others or scare them?

  1. Yes, I love doing so!
  2. Sometimes
  3. No, that's mean

How much do you enjoy so-called "fail videos" of kids hurting themselves?

  1. I find them horrible!
  2. They're okay, I guess.
  3. I love them!
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  1. Lawful Good

    The crusader

    You oppose evil, are very disciplined, and fight for what is considered right. You stick to the rules, are honest, and help those that need you. You're allergic to injustice. But you often look down on others that aren't as hard-edged as you are because you feel like your way of living is the only right one.

  2. Neutral Good

    The benefactor

    You like to help others and tend to do what is considered right. But sometimes, you bend the rules to achieve the best results for everyone. You're questioning law and tradition often.

  3. Chaotic Good

    The rebel

    You do as your gut tells you to and don't really care what others think of you. Even though you don't adhere to the rules, you are helpful and nice. Laws and regulations are something you despise, and society often sees you as troublesome because you are an agitator. But you are good, nonetheless, and the world needs people like you.

  4. Lawful Neutral

    The judge

    You stick to the rules and uphold the law and tradition without being zealotic about it. You're neither good nor bad; you are you and follow a neutral moral compass. You give everyone a chance, so you do not even demonize evildoers.

  5. True Neutral

    The undecided

    You do as your gut tells you to. You're neither bad nor good and are committed to nobody. But that doesn't mean you're a blank canvas. Some true neutrals may further evolve in one direction or the other. At the same time, some prefer this pure neutrality because of conviction and stay that way.

  6. Chaotic Neutral

    The free spirit

    You follow your own ideals and are a creative individual that likes their freedom. You don't like authorities and are quite unpredictable. Law and tradition is something you don't really get. You help the good and the bad whenever you feel like it.

  7. Lawful Evil

    The dominator

    You follow some sort of twisted code and do whatever you want. So, there are rules you follow, even though many don't agree with them. You care about loyalty, tradition and play by the rules. You judge others not by their actions but according to their origin, religion, or social rank. But still, you're an evildoer, be it a leader or a henchman.

  8. Neutral Evil

    The malefactor

    You do whatever you can get away with. You fancy neither law nor chaos and are very stable but annoyed fast. Everything you do is only done to help you achieve your goals, which are, in fact, ones the general public would consider evil.

  9. Chaotic Evil

    The destroyer

    You do whatever you feel like doing. You're more animal than human, violent, hot-headed, and unpredictable. You love to spread chaos and evil. Thankfully, your kind is seldom very smart because being chaotic evil often results in self-destruction sooner or later.

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