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Although bears can be dangerous, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t laugh at their expense! Whether you’re looking for bear puns that are short and funny, or long ones that bring out the laughter, this list has it all. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these jokes about bears!

Cute Bear Puns

If you love cute stuffed teddy bears, animated bears in movies and TV shows, or other bear merchandise, you’re going to love cute bear puns too! It’s a great way to show that jokes and puns about bears can be pretty amusing too!

Take a look at some of these puns that are beary, beary cute and hilarious!

1. Why don’t bears wear socks? Because they have bear feet!

Socks are the bear minimum! I’m glad they don’t like to be bear foot.

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2. Why do polar bears wear fur coats? Because they would look weird in ski jackets.

It’s fur o clock! But I’ve got some bad news for them: Fur coats are made out of animals :(

3. What do you call a naked bear? A bare.

I love We Bare Bears! I don’t care if they’re naked!

4. What do you call a brown bear with no ear? B!

Get it? You’re only left with the letter ‘b’ when you take out ‘ear’!

5. The teacher refused to teach the class of bears. She said they were bar-bear-ic.

These bears are from the wild! Of course, they’re going to be barbaric!

6. The hunter shot down the bear. We felt bad for the bear-eaved family.

I’m afraid the hunter will go after the rest of the bears too.

7. The bears were excited to meet their cousins. They had to travel to Bear-lin.

I’ve never been to Berlin myself, but it’s always fun to travel and meet family!

8. How does a bear catch fish? They use their bear hands!

Mhhm, fish are their favorite food! I bet if bears had their own fast food joint, they’d serve only fish.

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9. Which bear is the most condescending? A pan-duh!

Even if pandas look cute, they can get annoying when they keep saying “duh”!

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10. What did the panda say to its friend koala? “You are a koala-ty friend!”

Panda Bears are so cute! I love panda bear puns!

11. Why did God create Yogi bear? Because on his first try he made a Boo-Boo.

Now, Boo-Boo won’t be too happy to hear that!

12. What is a bear’s favorite soda? Coca Koala!

Too much soda is not good for people and bears too!

13. How do you call a bear that stood in the rain for too long? A drizzly bear!

Lol, drizzly bear instead of a grizzly bear!

14. How does Winnie Pooh Bear call his partner? Hunny.

Better than a yoga bear!

15. Why can’t you watch a movie with a bear? They always hit the paws button.

They really have a bad attitude!

16. How do panda bears stay cool in the summer? With lots of bear conditioning.

And there’s another one of the panda puns! There’s no freezing bear here anymore!

👉 Did these funny bear puns cheer you up? Don’t worry! There’s more where that came from! Brighten up your day with more funny animal jokes!

Bear Name Puns

You know celebrities have made it once people make puns out of their names! For people who like bears, we’ve put together a list of bear name puns that will surely tickle your fancy! While some names here are witty, don’t be surprised if there are some corny names thrown in too!

One thing’s for sure, everyone will get a kick out of these bear name puns!

1. Teddy Mercury

He’s my favorite famous bear!

2. Beary Styles

Beary Styles was originally in One Direction, but now he’s a solo artist. He’s one of the most fashionable bears!

3. Buddy

Buddy is a great name for a teddy bear! He’s a daring bear!

4. Snugglebear

Where would I be without my snuggle bear to keep me warm at night?

5. Cuddlebug

Come here, my little cuddlebug!

6. Buttons

Stuffed bears are cute as buttons!

7. Bearnie Sanders

Do some bears wonder what if Bearnie Sanders became president?

8. Pooh

I love Pooh, Christopher Robin and all their friends in the Hundred Acre Woods!

9. Mr. Bean

I grew up watching Mr. Bean and his lovable teddy bear!

10. Paddington

Who knew a stuffed bear wearing a raincoat would be so adorable and iconic?

11. Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is the absolute man in the wild!

12. Koala Deen

Bears like watching the cooking show hosted by Koala Deen!

13. Peter Panda

The bear who doesn’t want to grow up!

14. William Shakesbeare

One of the most amazing bear puns!

👉 Did you find our bear pun names clever and hilarious? If these bear pun names tripped you up, try asking your friends riddles to boggle their minds more!

Gummy Bear Puns

While stuffed teddy bears or wild grizzly bears easily come to mind when talking about bears, don’t forget gummy bears too! They’re colorful, sweet and a great source of joy for anyone who loves candy!

Here, we have some gummy bear puns that might give you a stomach ache from all the laughing! Enjoy this list of bear puns!

1. What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear!

There’s a good chance bears lose their teeth when they eat too many sweets!

2. My girlfriend asked why I prefer gummy bears to gummy worms. I said that gummy worms are beneath me.

Although gummy worms don’t necessarily come from the ground, I still find gummy bears to be the best! They’re cute too!

3. Why do people take fiber gummies? Because it helps them get their shit together!

It’s important to have a regular bowel movement!

4. What do you call a gummy bear missing a leg? Delicious!

That gummy bear must be tasty!

5.  Gummy a big bear hug!

I want a big hug too, papa bear!

6. Why did the gummy bear cross the road? It had no choice. He was stuffed in a pocket.

It was just carried along! One of the most delicious species of bears!

7. What do you call a Mexican gummy bear? Delicioso!

You know “oso” means bear in Mexican, right? You can say Mexican gummy bears are delicious!

8. What do you call a gummy bear that failed his exam? A dummy gummy!

He should do more than the bear necessities.

9. What bear doesn’t bite, but is afraid to be bitten? A gummy bear!

A gummy bear can’t hurt anyone, but it can cause people to have cavities!

10. Why was the gummy bear hiding? He was afraid to get eaten.

Makes sense! I would hide too if people want to eat me!

11. What do expired gummy bears taste like? They taste Haribo-l!

Even Haribo can taste horrible when they’re past their expiration date.

12.  Why was the gummy bear missing a leg? He got bitten!

Gummy bears getting eaten is a natural part of life.

👉 Gummy bear puns are sweet and hilarious! If you’re looking for more reasons to laugh, you can’t go wrong with food puns!

Polar Bear Puns

Snow white polar bears are majestic creatures! They look so cuddly and fluffy, but they’re still wild animals and can be dangerous too! Good thing we have stuffed polar bear toys and polar bear puns that are there to amuse us when we can’t get too close to the real one!

Try these polar bear puns that will help you break the ice in any conversation!

1. Why is it cheap to feed polar bears? Because they live on ice only.

I’m sure they eat fish too.

2. Why don’t polar bears ever get married? Because they all have cold feet.

Polar Brrrrr! That’s what I call bear pun material!

3. What are polar bears like during parties? They’re shy and never break the ice!

You have to approach them first for them to open up!

4. Why do polar bears only live at the north pole? Because if they also lived at the south pole, they would be bipolar bears.

Maybe, they just like being at the north pole!

5. What has four legs and a flipper? A happy polar bear!

Polar bears are so cute and fluffy from afar!

6. What’s a balanced diet for a polar bear? A seal in each paw!

I guess that’s what they call a seal-food diet!

7. What did the seal with the broken arm say to the polar bear? Do not consume if the seal is broken.

Sadly for the seal, the polar bear didn’t mind at all! And that’s how survival of the fittest works!

8. What did the polar bear say after a winter of feeding on seals? “I think I’d like a salad!”

That’s a change in diet!

9. Who is a polar bear’s favorite pop star? Seal.

I love Seal’s song, “Kiss from a Rose”!

10. What’s white, furry, has sunglasses, and lazes in the sun all summer long? A solar bear!

That’s what you also call a polar bear getting a suntan!

11.What did the polar bears call the sleeping campers? Burritos!

It’s a nice place for them to sleep in!

12. Why is the polar bear so friendly? Cause he’s an ice guy!

That’s really one of the bad bear puns.

13. What do you call a polar bear that has a degree in dentistry? A molar bear.

They sound like polar opposites!

14. What is a polar bear’s favorite food? Snow peas and Iceberg lettuce.

I bet you expected one of the fish puns!

15. And do you know, what type of cereal the polar bear always eats for breakfast? Ice Krispies.

Yes, that’s his favorite cereal!

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