Quiz: Which mythical creature would be your ideal pet?

Rate these statements, and we'll reveal which mythical creature would be your ideal pet!

There are so many legendary creatures out there that you just have to wonder: Which one would be my ideal pet?

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What mythical creature would your pet be?

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Since time immemorial, various pets have been romping around humans. Dogs, cats, cows, horses - all wonderful examples of great animals without which mankind could not be who it is today.

But likewise, since ancient times, there are already various legends and sagas about mythical creatures like dragons, cyclops, hydras, tengus, etc!

We have now had the fun of reversing the roles a little. What if mythical creatures were actually pets?

Then, of course, the question immediately arises, which mythical creature would be your pet!

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To find out, all you have to do is answer this quiz!

Mythical creatures

Mythical creatures have been part of human imagination for centuries, appearing in ancient tales, literature and art.

They are often described as powerful, magical and mysterious beings, possessing abilities far beyond human comprehension.

Are you wondering what mythical creature you might be? Hop on to this quiz!

Some are portrayed as friendly and gentle, while others are feared for their strength and destructive powers.

One of the most fascinating things about mythical creatures is the way they reflect our hopes, fears, and dreams.

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Dragons may represent power and strength, while mermaids symbolize freedom and the unknown depths of the sea. And let’s not forget about unicorns who embody magic, purity, and innocence.

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Now, imagine having one of these remarkable creatures as your pet! Can you picture it? A majestic unicorn trotting around your backyard or a ferocious dragon perched on your shoulder!

We’ve gathered a great selection of possible pet mythical creatures in this quiz! Take it now and discover what your mythical pet is!

You won’t be able to stop marveling at your new pet!


If you’re a fan of mythical creatures, you should definitely look into cryptozoology. This is a pseudoscience and subculture that tries to find and/or prove the existence of mythical creatures.

From legendary creatures such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, to lesser-known beings like the Chupacabra and the Mongolian Death Worm, cryptozoology covers a broad range of mysterious creatures that have yet to be officially recognized by science.

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But wait, you might say, aren’t these just myths and legends? Well, that’s where things get interesting!

While many cryptids may seem far-fetched or even impossible, there have been numerous documented sightings and pieces of evidence that suggest these creatures may actually exist!

Unlock the magic within: Which mythical creature resonates with you?

Fantasy world

Mythical creatures are known to reside in the mysterious and enchanting realm of fantasy worlds.

These wondrous beings are often depicted as living in hidden forests, deep under the sea, or high up in the clouds.

Their homes are said to be filled with magic and wonder, making them a fascinating topic for both children and adults alike.

Discover your fantastical alter ego and embrace your inner magic with this quiz!

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