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Depression Test

Are you feeling depressed? Take this quiz to find out about your mental state!

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Depression Test

Are you feeling down, anxious, or even depressed but aren’t sure how serious your condition is? This test will help you find out if you’re suffering from depression and, if so, how severe it is.


First of all, we should clarify the following: What is depression?

Depression is also known as major depressive disorder. It is a common and severe mental illness. Depression affects your everyday life, your relationships, how you feel, think, and act. It can affect any person; it doesn’t matter the age or gender.

The good thing about depression is, though, that it is treatable. You don’t have to suffer from it. If you or someone close to you is experiencing symptoms of depression, seek help. There is no shame in doing so.

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A trained professional can even clarify if you’re really suffering from depression or something else. Many other mental conditions may cause symptoms that are related to those of depression.

But what are these symptoms?

Depression symptoms

Depression can be very versatile. Some common symptoms are:

So, if you fear that you may be suffering from depression, please seek help.

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This quiz will by no means give you a professional opinion or diagnosis. Keep in mind this is just an online test.

Please talk to a trained professional for clarity. A trained professional can help you find the proper support you need so that you can be you again.

Especially if you have suicidal thoughts, seek help immediately! There is no shame in seeking help! Your life is valuable and contributes positively to this world.

We wish you all the best.

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