Which My Hero Academia character are you?

Find out now which character of My Hero Academia you are!

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My Hero Academia Quiz

Without any doubt, My Hero Academia is one of the best animes of the last years. With a plethora of fascinating characters, heroes and villains alike, a lot of charm, and an awe-inspiring plot, it is no wonder people all around the globe can’t get enough of Deku, All Might, and all their friends and foes!

My Hero Academia characters

My Hero Academia has a large roster of different characters. From the young Deku, a boy born without a quirk but inheriting it from the greatest hero of all time to Todoroki, a guy with an ice and fire quirk, which was only born because his father wanted to create the perfect hero. But which one are you?

Which MHA character are you?

MHA is probably one of the greatest animes of all time, which is not only due to its plot but also its amazing characters. Which character will you be? Deku, Bakugo, or Himiko Toga? Find out now with this fantastic quiz!

MHA characters

There are so many characters in My Hero Academia that it can get quite tricky to find out which one is most like you. But fear no more: This quiz was made for you. Find out now which My Hero Academia character you are! You’ll be surprised for sure!

What are you waiting for? Take the Which My Hero Academia character are you? Quiz now!

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