Gintama quiz: Which Gintama character are you?

Which Gintama character are you?

Discover your Gintama alter ego with this quiz! Find out if you're like Kagura or other characters from this hilarious comedy anime series.

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Unleash your inner samurai: Which Gintama character are you?

Ready to discover your inner samurai? Take our personality quiz and find out which Gintama character resonates with you! When it comes to anime, there’s a series that has gained a cult following among fans for its unique blend of humor, action, and drama: Gintama. With its quirky cast of characters, this beloved anime and manga series transports you to an alternate universe during the Edo period in Japan.

As you explore this world with the protagonist Gintoki Sakata and his eclectic group of friends, you can’t help but wonder: which Gintama character am I most like? Well, what are you waiting for? Take the Gintama quiz now!

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Gintama anime

Gintama is a one-of-a-kind anime. It defies genre expectations and is known for its quirky humor, action-packed battles, and emotional depth. Set in an alternate reality where aliens have invaded and taken over feudal Japan, the series follows the lives of the members of Odd Jobs, a group of misfits who take on odd jobs to make ends meet.

Led by the silver-haired and laid-back samurai, Gintoki Sakata, the group navigates the dangers and absurdities of this new world, all while battling powerful enemies and confronting their own past traumas. Gintama’s unique mix of comedy, action, and drama makes it a must-watch for any anime fan looking for a thrilling and heartfelt experience.

As you dive into the world of Gintama, you’ll soon realize that it’s a roller coaster ride of emotions. On the one hand, you’ll laugh your heart out at the hilarious and ridiculous situations the characters find themselves in. On the other hand, you’ll feel your pulse racing as you witness the intense and thrilling battles that take place. And just when you thought you knew what to expect, the series will tug at your heartstrings with its emotional moments that leave you in tears. Gintama’s ability to blend different genres and emotions is one of the reasons why it has become a fan favorite.

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Which Gintama character are you?

If you’re ready to uncover which Gintama character resonates with you most, then our personality quiz is the perfect place to start. With a series of thought-provoking questions, you’ll peel back the layers of your personality and reveal the character that embodies your unique traits and quirks. Will you discover that you’re like the mayonnaise-loving Toushirou? Or will you find that you share the same fierce warrior spirit as Gintoki himself? The only way to find out is to take the quiz and reveal your true colors!

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Gintoki Sakata

Prepare to be blown away by the one and only Gintoki Sakata, owner of Odd Jobs and silver-haired heartthrob. Though he may appear laid-back and nonchalant, he’s actually a skilled warrior with a tragic backstory that would make even Romeo and Juliet look like a romantic comedy.


If you’re looking for a girl with superhuman strength and a big appetite, look no further than Kagura! This young alien is a member of the Odd Jobs team and quickly becomes one of Gintoki’s closest allies. Just don’t get between her and her food.

Shinpachi Shimura

He may wear glasses, but Shinpachi Shimura is far from a nerdy weakling. In fact, he’s joined the Odd Jobs team to find purpose in his life. Shinpachi is always there to serve as the voice of reason and to keep his friends in check. He’s fiercely loyal to Gintoki and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in a fight.


Yato tribe member and Kagura’s older brother, Kamui, is a powerhouse you wouldn’t want to mess with. He has a reputation for his brutal and savage combat skills, and his insatiable thirst for power is downright scary. Kamui is not one to be underestimated, and he always makes sure to remind everyone of his fearsome presence. If he’s in your way, you better think twice before crossing him.

Takasugi Shinsuke

Former ally turned antagonist Takasugi Shinsuke is on a mission to overthrow the government. Don’t be fooled by his charming demeanor, for he is a skilled fighter and master strategist who can outsmart anyone. But what’s even more intriguing is the mysterious bond he shares with Gintoki, which runs deeper than what meets the eye. Get ready to be surprised by the secrets that lie in Takasugi’s past.

Katsura Kotarou

Get ready to meet rebel leader and Gintoki’s longtime friend, Katsura Kotarou! He’s known for his oddball personality and tendency to get caught up in absurd situations, but don’t let that fool you – he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Hijikata Toushirou

Meet the vice commander of the Shinsengumi, a police force that protects the streets of Edo – Hijikata Toushirou! He’s a skilled swordsman and has a love for mayonnaise that borders on obsession. Don’t mess with him or his condiment of choice.


The leader of Yoshiwara’s elite courtesans, Tsukuyo, is a master of the art of assassination. She’s a complex character with a tragic past and a strong sense of loyalty to those she cares about. You don’t want to mess with her!

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Gintama manga

The Gintama manga is the backbone of the anime series, and for a good reason. Hideaki Sorachi’s expert writing and captivating illustrations make this manga series a fan favorite. With a whopping 77 volumes, there’s no shortage of Gintama goodness to explore. Dive deeper into the wacky world of samurais and aliens and explore more of the story than what the anime has to offer. Get to know your favorite characters on a whole new level as you unravel their backstories, quirks, and personalities. From the comedic banter to the epic fight scenes, the Gintama manga has it all, and it’s a must-read for any true Gintama fan. Whether you’re new to manga or a seasoned veteran, the Gintama manga is sure to capture your heart and leave you wanting more.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy of Gintama and explore the world like nothing before!

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Explore the world of Gintama – A journey worth taking for anime fans. Gintama is a journey worth taking. With its lovable characters, witty dialogue, and engaging storylines, it’s a series that captures your heart from start to finish. Our personality quiz is just one way to explore this world and connect with it on a deeper level. Who knows, you might even discover a new favorite character along the way. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, the world of Gintama is waiting for you to explore it.

Gintama: The Very Final

“Gintama: The Very Final” is an epic conclusion to the beloved comedy anime that has captured the hearts of fans for over a decade. This highly anticipated movie promises to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with our favorite characters facing their greatest challenges yet. Get ready for epic battles, tear-jerking moments, and plenty of laughs in this unforgettable finale to the “Gintama” saga.

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