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Icebreaker games are secret ingredients to making the best out of boring classes, seminar workshops, school activities and even the normal hangouts. They might seem unimportant but they’re actually what you need in order to energize everyone!

Here is a list of the 10 best icebreaker games that you and your teenage friends will surely enjoy anytime, anywhere:

10 Best Icebreaker Games for Teens

1. Two Truths, One Lie

This classic icebreaker game is everyone’s favorite because it creates an air of mystery which will be revealed in a matter of seconds for each player!

All you need is to say three things about yourself. Make sure that these are unique stuff. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Of the three statements, one should be a lie so don’t be too obvious. Your friends will need to guess which of the three statements is false.

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After they guess, you should reveal which are the truths and which is the lie. They will be in for quite a shock if they guessed it wrong!

2. Jenga Question Game

This witty combination of Jenga and the classic Truth or Dare game can also be a great icebreaker game! The rules of Jenga still apply. All that has changed is that each block has a question for you to answer so that everyone will know you better!

Here are some great questions you can put on each block:

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  • What is your most treasured childhood memory?
  • Who is your most idolized person ever?
  • What movie has changed your life?
  • Where would you want to go on your next overseas vacation?
  • What is your favorite smell?

3. Who am I?

This simple game is everyone’s favorite icebreaker! All you need are some sticky notes and a pen and you’re good to go.

During your turn, everyone else will decide what or whose name to write on the paper before you stick it to your forehead. You will be given a few minutes to guess the name or thing by asking yes or no questions.

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Let’s see who gets the most correct answers!

4. Post It!

This icebreaker game will surely give everyone that positive vibe we have all been looking for all day.

You will each need a paper and a pen and some tape. Each player will have to go around to write a compliment on each person’s back. The game ends when each player finishes writing.

At the end of the game, you can get the note from your back and read all the great things your friends wrote. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves all the time. This game will definitely do that for you!

5. Ha, ha

This is a very, very funny game that you should try! It’s very simple, too. All you need to do is start by saying “Ha”, then the next person should say “Ha” twice and the third person should say it thrice… and so on.

The object of the game is for each person to only say “Hahaha” during his/her turn and with the correct number of “Hahaha”. Whoever laughs is out of the game. It sounds simple but don’t be fooled!

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6. Charades

A classic favorite that always makes everyone a bit competitive. You can play this at home, in school or anywhere!

You can play this game by team. Each round, each team should have a volunteer. As a volunteer, you should guess the word that the other team has chosen for you. The other team should act out without talking or using words/sounds in order for you to guess.

The team with the most correct guesses wins!

Follow this link to know more about the game we all love! Charades Game Rules

7. Just A Minute

This game will only take a minute…literally! For each round, the group will decide on a task that each should complete in only one minute.

Here are some great challenge ideas you can use:

  • Memorize everyone’s middle names in just a minute. If you remember the most names, you win!
  • Using some scrap paper, try to see who among you can make the most paper balls in just one minute!
  • Divide the group into two teams, the first team to fill a bucket with water, using the players’ hands only, wins!

The sky’s the limit for choosing quick and easy games that you can finish in under a minute!

8. Who’s The Killer?

This mystery game will need an assigned detective, civilians and killers. All you need to prepare is a deck of cards.

Everyone should sit in a circle and will each pick a card. The number of cards should be equal to the number of players. The group will decide on which cards will mean what. (For example, if you pick King, it can mean you’re the killer.)

All you need to do is stare at each other during the game. The Killer will try to kill the civilians by winking at them. It would be a disaster for him/her if he mistakenly winks at the detective, of course!

The game is over once all killers are dead or all civilians are dead!

9. Catch The Ball

This game is pretty easy and straightforward. You just need to sit in a circle and throw a ball around at a random order. Whoever catches the ball will say something about himself/herself. The player who accidentally drops the ball will need to do a dare.

This is just spin on a classic truth or dare game but everybody loves the action and fun it brings! Follow this link for more infos on the official Truth or Dare game. Truth or Dare Game Rules and Ideas

10. The Singing Bee

A lot of people love music and singing! This game brings both to the table. You just play a song using your phone and the others will either try to guess the singer or the title, depending on what the group has decided.

Others also do the opposite and you will need to sing a song your friends want you to sing!

Teenagers like you and me are up to almost anything fun, exciting and challenging! You only live once and you like to keep things interesting. These games will surely leave you begging for more!

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