Which Clash of Clans troop are you?

If you were a troop in Clash of Clans, which one would you be? A gold loving Goblin or a destructive P.E.K.K.A.?

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Which Clash of Clans troop are you?

So you want to know what troop of Clash of Clans is most like you? The roster of units to choose from gets bigger and bigger every year. But which one is the most like you? It’s hard to find the answer to that. But this quiz is here to help.

Which troop in Clash of Clans suits your playstyle best?

There are a ton of troops in Clash of Clans, so it can be quite hard to decide which one to choose for your army. Maybe this quiz will help you to find out, which troop would suit your playstyle best.

Can we guess your favorite troop?

If you want, you can answer the questions of this quiz accordingly to your favorite troop. Share this quiz if we were able to answer correctly! 😉

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