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In 2009, James Cameron’s “Avatar” took the world by storm, following the story of a paraplegic ex-Marine—Jake. Jake is sent down to an alien planet in a mind-controlled suit—all in order to steal resources.

However, after meeting the Na’vi people, his perspective is altered as he prepares a rebellion.

To this day, Avatar remains the highest-grossing film of all time at the global box office with $2.84 billion, right ahead of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, which grossed $2.79 billion.

The Na’vi inhabit the lush alien world of Pandora, depicted as 10-foot beings that appear primitive but are highly intelligent. The atmosphere of the alien planet is highly toxic to humans, and so human/Na’vi hybrids are artificially created by top scientists, called Avatars.

These so-called Avatars must link with human minds to allow for free movement across Pandora. A paralyzed former marine—Jake Sully (played by Sam Worthington)—is given the opportunity to move again through the use of an Avatar. However, he strays away from the initial plan and ends up falling in love with Neytiri (played by Zoe Saldana), a Na’vi woman.

As the two grow closer and closer, the truth is revealed, and Jake is stuck between the crossroads of helping the humans or the Na’vi.

Since Avatar is such a great movie, many fans want to know which character they are! Nothing’s easier than that:

Take this quiz to find out which Avatar character you are!

Avatar cast

Avatar has unique and well-written characters, ranging from humans like Jake to Mo’at, the tribe leader of the Omaticaya clan of the Na’vi people.

Here are some of the most important characters in the film!

Jake Sully

Jake Sully (portrayed by Sam Worthington) is a highly determined ex-Marine. After losing his ability to walk, he is given the opportunity to get them back. In return, he must aid the RDA in gathering intel on the planet and its inhabitants.

Trudy Chacon

Trudy Chacon (portrayed by Michelle Rodriguez) is an extremely rebellious ex-Marine pilot, she serves the RDA on Pandora, and once she realizes what they’re doing is wrong—she doesn’t hesitate to take a step back, standing up for what’s right and going against the wrong-doers.

Grace Augustine

Grace Augustine (portrayed by Sigourney Weaver) is a highly adept scientist who is in charge of the Avatar program; she sticks closely to the Na’vi and grows very fond of them. She is also extremely hard-working and will do anything to ensure the Avatar program goes in the right direction.


Neytiri (portrayed by Zoe Saldaña) is a Na’vi woman who grows close to Jake and introduces him to the Omaticaya clan. She is extremely loyal to those she loves and is seen constantly helping those around her.


Tsu’tey (portrayed by Laz Alonso) is a fierce Na’vi man, one of the finest warriors of the Omaticaya clan. He is first shown as arrogant and aggressive but grows softer as the movie progresses.


Mo’at (portrayed by CCH Pounder) is the spiritual leader of the Omaticaya clan. She takes all matters into her own hands and ensures her people stay protected.

Avatar: Which character are you?

Now that you know more about the characters of Avatar, it’s time for you to take this quiz and find out which one you are!

Are you more of a leader like Mo’at? Or do you consider yourself more a rebellious type like Trudy?

Take this quiz now and find out which Avatar character you are!

Avatar 2

People have been anticipating the release of Avatar 2 for over a decade. Avatar: The Way of the Water is an upcoming American science-fiction film directed by James Cameron and is the sequel to Avatar.

After years of patiently waiting, fans have finally been rewarded for their patience. An Avatar 2 trailer was released in May of 2022, depicting the story of the Sully family and the troubles that follow them. The film hopes for a release in December of 2022.

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