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You deserve to chill out with your friends and family once in a while! We created this list of icebreaker games perfect for you and your loved ones to try. Check it out, free up some time from your busy schedule and just have some well-deserved fun!

Top 8 Best Icebreaker Games For Small Groups

1. Icebreaker Game - Word Chain

This old school favorite can be played anywhere, anytime since it’s so simple! You just start by saying a word and your friends can say the next word which should start with the last letter of the previous word.

The catch is that all the next words should be in the same category as the previous word. If your friends try to argue your next word, defend why it belongs to the same category as the previous one! Remember, no repetition of words.

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You will be in for much more fun with this game than you ever thought!

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2. Icebreaker Game - Two Truths, One Lie

This juicy game will surely make you spill some secrets. You just have to take turns telling three statements each. Of the three statements about yourself, one must be a lie. Your family and friends will enjoy guessing which among the three is false!

You will also be able to know who among them really knows you! Make sure to reveal the lie only after everyone has said their guesses.

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3. Icebreaker Game - The Hot Seat

This is the game version of grilling your friends to spill their secrets. The only rule for this game is to be bold enough to ask the right questions that will make the interrogated person blush and squirm!

Here are some intriguing questions you can ask:

  • Are you still a virgin?
  • Are you jealous of your ex and his/her new beau?
  • Who would you date among the people in this group?
  • How do you see yourself a year from now?
  • Do you believe in a higher power?
  • What is your idea of a perfect date?
  • When do you think will you get married?
  • Who was your first kiss?
  • Who is your hatest person in the world?
  • Who is your favorite friend?

You should be ready to answer any questions at all. There is no guessing what your crazy friends might ask. Don’t worry, you’ll each have your turn!

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4. Icebreaker Game - Never Have I Ever

The rule for this is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is share something that you have never done before. Everyone else who has already done it should raise their hands. (No judgments please!)

Here are some great examples you can use:

  • Never have I ever gone skinny-dipping.
  • Never have I ever lied to my partner.
  • Never have I ever shoplifted.
  • Never have I ever pooped in my pants.
  • Never have I ever cheated on an exam.
  • Never have I ever stolen money from my parents.
  • Never have I ever kissed someone of the same gender.
  • Never have I ever had sex.
  • Never have I ever been in a fight.
  • Never have I ever been high.

Be bold enough to think of really fun statements that you know will make this game hilariously memorable. Undeniably, this is one of the classic favorites! It can easily turn into a drinking game, too!

Wanna know more about “Never Have I Ever”? Follow this link for more ideas on how to make the most out of this game. Never Have I Ever

5. Icebreaker Game - Whose Story is it?

Everyone has their own story to tell. This game starts with all of you writing your own story on a piece of paper and roll or fold it. After everyone’s done and the papers are collected, you should each randomly pick a paper and read the story out loud.

Try to guess whose story it is! After everyone gives their guesses, the owner of the paper should reveal himself/herself.

This game may shock you! You’ll realize that you still have a lot to know about your friends!

6. Icebreaker Game - Scavenger Hunt

One of the most fun and interactive games of all time, Scavenger hunts are famous for uniting people to work towards a common goal and win the game. You should work as a team to decipher clues, complete tasks, and find what you’re all looking for!

This is perfect for after-event activities and is usually best for small groups of 2-4 people per team. It can encourage teamwork, camaraderie, and some healthy competition!

7. Icebreaker Game - Sudden Stories

This weirdly fun icebreaker game will require you to record the audio of the entire game while it lasts. You should start by telling a story that will end with the word “SUDDENLY”. The next person should add to the story and end again with “SUDDENLY”…

Once everyone is done, stop the recording and play it back. You’ll all be amused at how crazy the story has gotten!

8. Icebreaker Game - Zoom White Board Drawing

To comply with social distancing rules for COVID 19, online meetups with friends are a must. Meeting online can be quite awkward when you run out of ideas to entertain each other!

One really great icebreaker game you can do online is the drawing game. A game master should list words and send them to each player. You should each take turns drawing something and let everyone guess what it is.

This game will surely test your creativity and drawing skills (if you have any!).

Now more than ever, you need to make it to a point where you always have time to take a break. You also need to breathe in the good vibes that spending time with family and friends brings. Playing icebreaker games is a great way to relax your mind and just bond with them!

Can’t wait to start playing? Follow this link and have some fun! Icebreaker games

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