Which Stranger Things character are you?

Which character of the Netflix phenomenon Stranger Things are you? Take this exciting quiz to find out!

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Stranger Things personality quiz!

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? We too! The series has a lot to offer. A cool 80s setting, a vast amount of interesting characters, and a threatening tone! Take this quiz to find out which character of the main cast is most like you! Are you more like the optimistic and compassionate Mike Wheeler, the protective but timid Eleven, or like a predatory Demogorgon! Take this thrilling quiz to find out!

Stranger Things cast

Besides the well-known Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, Stranger Things introduced us to many young actors, hardly known to most people. There is Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair, and Millie Bobby as Eleven. Thanks to the show, they had a big breakthrough.

Stranger Things season 4

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the production of season 4 halted in March 2020. For that reason, the release date is to be determined, and no one really knows (at the moment of creating this quiz in November 2020) when. But that it will air eventually is cut in stone. With season 4 on its way, it’s a good idea to refresh things. Rewatch the series on Netflix as soon as possible!

Which book genre do you like most?

  1. Crime & Thriller
  2. Fantasy & Sci-Fi
  3. Comics
  4. Classics
  5. Horror
  6. Romance


  1. Save the person you love most and let a hundred people die.
  2. Save a hundred people and let the person you love most die.

What do you believe in?

  1. Luck
  2. Fate
  3. Conspiracy theories!
  4. Hard work

How would you prefer to fight?

  1. Alone!
  2. With my friends!

What is your meaning of life?

  1. To always eat good stuff!
  2. To fulfill my dreams!
  3. To make the world a better place.
  4. I have no idea!

How would friends describe you?

  1. Laid-back
  2. Naive
  3. Kind
  4. Smart
  5. Creative
  6. Athletic

Do you think aliens really exist?

  1. Of course!
  2. Nah!

What would be your super power?

  1. Telekinesis
  2. Extreme strength
  3. Ultra-intelligence
  4. Super-speed

What’s your goal?

  1. To save the world, even if no one believes me.
  2. To rule over everything and everyone!
  3. To take vengeance!
  4. Dont’ know.

What’s the best place to hang out?

  1. Mall
  2. Arcade
  3. Pool
  4. Basement
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  1. Mike Wheeler

    The empath!

    You're an optimist going to great lengths to help your friends. You're emotionally very open and perceive even small changes in the mood of those around you.

  2. Dustin Henderson

    The flirt machine!

    You may be the most intelligent of your group of friends and scientifically inclined. You're very level-headed and try to resolve conflicts.

  3. Lucas Sinclair

    The realist!

    You're very grounded in the plausible and pragmatic and have hesitations towards the abnormal. Even though you've got a hard shell, you're lovely and good at heart.

  4. Will Byers

    The soft-spoken!

    You're creative, having a passion for art and writing stories. You're very amicable and honest. However, you often get bullied because of who you are.

  5. Eleven

    The psychic!

    You're a little bit timid and cautious of other people, but a fierce protector of your friends. Somewhere deep down, slumbers a special talent in you!

  6. Jim Hopper

    The cynic!

    You like to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes because of a significant loss in your past. You're emotionally reserved, laid-back, but deep down, you're a good guy.

  7. Demogorgon

    The monster!

    You're a phenomenon, but not of the good kind. You're a predator doing everything in your might to get what you want.

  8. Mind Flayer

    Ruler of the Upside Down!

    You're brilliant and hostile towards anyone. You rule over your realm and try to make it larger. Everything else is a mystery about you.

  9. Steve Harrington

    The popular!

    You're very popular and pretty, but your personality is a little bit ... meh. Deep down, you got your insecurities, as everybody does, but still are brave and care about your friends.

  10. Nancy Wheeler

    The hyper-intelligent!

    You've got a brilliant mind and study vigorously for tests. Still, there's a rebellious side of you as well! You're brave and go to great lengths for those you care for!

  11. Jonathan Byers

    The introverted!

    You're smart, kind, brave, but introverted and asocial. You like photography and music and have a strong bond with your family.

  12. Billy Hargrove

    The bad boy!

    Deep down, you're sinister and violent, but you present yourself as charming and irresistible to others. Your past is very dark.

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