You wont believe which Avatar The Last Airbender character you are!

Which Avatar The Last Airbender character am I?

Do you want to find out what character you are from Avatar The Last Airbender? Well look no further because this quiz is just for you!

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Avatar The Last Airbender

A young boy reawakens from his hundred-year slumber, the world around him torn apart by the disharmony of elements. Aang must fulfill his destiny as the Avatar, bringing together the four elements and taking down the tyrant Fire Lord Ozai.

Follow this beautifully crafted story, full of love, joy, hatred, and friendship. Avatar The Last Airbender begins when two siblings of the Water Tribe – Katara and Sokka – coincidentally stumble upon a young boy frozen in an iceberg, preserved for a hundred years.

After freeing him and his flying bison named Appa, they discover that he is the last living member of the long-thought-to-be extinct Air Nomads. Katara and Sokka soon explain the detrimental state of the world right now, harmony ripped apart by the ruthless Fire Nation.

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This marks the beginning of a long journey, meeting new friends and foes on the way in attempts to defeat the Fire Lord Ozai and restore peace in the war-torn world.

Avatar The Last Airbender characters

Follow Avatar The Last Airbender – or ATLA for short – and its large and loveable cast of characters! Do this quiz to find out if you are:

Aang: The goofy main character of the show, destined to be a master of the four elements and the restorer of peace and harmony.

Zuko: A bitter young man, cast away by his father and blinded by his goal of capturing the Avatar.

Katara: The last waterbender of the Water Tribe and one of Aang’s first friends.

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Azula: The daughter of the Fire Lord Ozai, determined to be the next Fire Lord, burning everything in her path.

Toph: The blind bandit, a resilient bender who cleverly learned to “see” while blind.

Sokka: The clown of the team and the brilliant strategist.

Iroh: The Dragon of the West, an extremely wise retired Fire Nation General and a firebending master.

Which Avatar The Last Airbender character are you?

Now, after reading all of that, there’s no way you don’t want to know which character you would be in Avatar The Last Airbender, right? Which one will you be? Are you like the goofy main character Aang, the bitter young man Zuko, or are you like the last waterbender Katara?

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Hurry up! Do this quiz and find out which character you are! Remember, pick the answer that relates with you most to get the most accurate result.

Legend Of Korra

The Legend of Korra is the sequel to Avatar The Last Airbender, following the successor and reincarnation of Avatar Aang from the previous series.

Follow this series as Korra faces many hardships as she moves to Republic City to master her final element – air.

This series is set 70 years after the events of ATLA, starring Avatar Korra, who is taught the airbending art by Aang’s youngest son – Tenzin.

These events take a twist as Korra is forced to face political warfare and anti-bending movements that threaten to tear apart the city.

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