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Pick-up lines have helped men win the affection and attract the interest of women ever since the history of dating started. Pick-up lines aren’t only for those looking to find partners but even those who want to make new friends… even the geeks and nerds!

For those of you who don’t know this, girls actually have a soft spot for geeky and nerdy guys with their eyeglasses and corny jokes and pick-up lines that can absolutely make you giggle at its adorable geekiness.

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Best Chemistry Pick-Up Lines

These chemistry pick-up lines simply bring out the laughter and giggles you’re trying to elicit from the person you’re talking to. Try them out and make new friends in no time!

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1. Unlike the periodic table, hydrogen ain’t my number one element… you are!

Just the right amount of flattery and dorky-ness!

2. Let’s do Bae’s test to find out if there is a double bond between us!

Figure it out, smarty-pants!

3. You and I are meant to be together like sodium and chloride.

Ain’t that witty?

4. You must be in my class because I think we have chemistry together.

Now that’s smooth, babe!

5. We should definitely do it on the table periodically!

What exactly? wink, wink!

6. I got my ion you, baby!

Say that one more time!

7. Do you think a little more alcohol would catalyze this reaction?

Can you take more, darling?

8. Are you a compound of barium and beryllium? Because you’re a total BaBe!

Need I say more?

9. I don’t know how you do it but you really know how to make my atomic number rise.

Up and up it grows for you, baby.

10. You must be nitrate salt because you’re soluble in my heart.

You’ll always have my heart no matter how salty you are!

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Cheesy Chemistry Pick-Up Lines

Feeling lucky today? You might get off the hook with these corny yet cute pick-up lines that are guaranteed to sweep the girls off their feet whether they admit it or not!

1. I think you’re made of Carbon because it feels like my world revolves around you.

You’re in every bit of me, babe.

2. You’re my Lithium, baby.

Another way of saying that you give me life. There’s a reason why lithium is in batteries, darling.

3. You must be an anion because I’m positive we’re meant to be together.

Forever and ever, babe.

4. I think my heart is made of Gallium because it melts when you’re around.

Awwe! Definitely going to melt your heart.

5. You must be Fluorine because I can’t seem to get away from you.

Can’t resist you no matter what I do.

6. Like a mole of suns, my heart burns for you.

Only the real geeks can get this one!

7. All in the name of love, I’d put U and I together on the periodic table.

Ain’t that simply the sweetest?

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8. F*ck the periodic table, who needs Hydrogen if you’re always going to be my #1?

Talk about being a tough softie, right?

9. Can you feel a bond forming between us?

Can you feel the love tonight?

10. You are beryllium, gold, and titanium all rolled into one. Simply BeAuTi-ful.

You gotta read up on your element shortcuts to get this one.

Funny Chemistry Pick-Up Lines

If you think that chemists, scientists and nerds are all serious and no fun, think again! Here are some of the funniest chem pick-up lines that’ll make you go LOL.

1. Like acid to my litmus paper, I turn bright red when I meet you.

Now that is one heck of a pick-up line!

2. You must be a part of the periodic table but you are not because you are a rare element of my life.

A lot cheesy but tons of goofiness!

3. Freddie Mercury and Bruno Mars walked into a bar at the same time but they didn’t planet.

Funny enough for you?

4. Wanna hear my Potassium Joke? No?…K.

And that’s it. K.

5. Your jokes are sodium funny!

Sodium=So damn!

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6. What is a chemist’s favorite carnival ride? The Ferrous Wheel.

Now that deserves a round of applause!

7. I’m pretty sure I’m made of copper and tellurium because I always look so CuTe.

Self love much?

8. Protons have mass even though they’re not Catholic!

You need to be open minded enough to enjoy this one joke.

9. Oxygen and Magnesium got back together! OMg!

You’re in for quite a shock!

10. I wanted to tell you a joke about Chemistry but all the good ones Argon!

Laughing Out Loud!

Dirty Chemistry Pick-Up Lines

Even geeks and nerds aren’t afraid to break the rules and play dirty once in a while all in the name of some good-natured fun! Here are some of the best dirty pick-up lines you can use!

1. I have this strong attraction to you that scientists will have to name this as a new fundamental force.

All my geeky thoughts are towards you, babe.

2. You must have chlorine in you because you’re polarizing my bond.

Down, boy!

3. Wanna get to know my alpha-helix while we’re between my beta-pleated sheets?

What are you waiting for?

4. Just like a non-volatile particle, you are raising my boiling point.

You make me so hot, I can’t stop it.

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5. Are you a good benzene ring? I find you to be pleasantly aromatic.

No stopping this now, darling!

6. I plan on taking you back to my place so that we can bond covalently?

Say yes and I am all yours.

7. Let us stick together like glucose.

Can’t get any closer than this.

8. Like calcium bicarbonate, I explode when I get wet.

Oh my, my, my… you filthy little wench!

9. I already know that we have great chemistry so let’s get together and do some biology!

If you know what I’m saying, let’s get on with it!

10. I bet you got 11 protons because, darling, you’re sodium fine!

Another sodium(so damn) joke for the books!

The trick behind every great chemistry pick-up line is some nerdy wordplay and periodic table humor! Believe me, it’ll go a long way for you and your attempts to make friends with fellow geeks and nerds. There are a lot of people that enjoy these types of jokes and puns out there, they’re just too shy to come out.

What are you waiting for? Bring out the dorky yet sweet geek out of you with these pick-up lines that are sure to crack them up!

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