Animal quiz: Which animal could you beat in a fistfight?

Which animal could you beat in a fistfight?

Which animal could you beat in a fistfight? If they had fists of course! Do you think you could beat a lion? Take this quiz and find out!

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Which animal could you beat in a fistfight?

The world is full of many diverse creatures, from weird and wacky ones like the blobfish to elegant ones like a peacock. Some are killers; some are not. Some are strong, and some are smart. Which animal do you think you could beat in a fistfight?

Now, this is more complex than you think; there are quite a few factors that come into play when considering this.

What factors decide which animal you can beat?

Body type

There are three main body types:


Now, speed plays a significant role in a fistfight. Even if you’re stronger than your opponent, if they’re too fast for you to punch, there’s no chance of you even hitting them!


You might be wondering why intelligence is a factor in a fistfight. Well, if your opponent is stronger, bigger, and faster than you, the only advantage you would have over these primitive animals is your larger brain! How are you going to beat a lion without using your head?! Think quickly and devise a plan to help you conquer your opponent.

What you should know

Let’s get straight to the point! Here’s what you should know:

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