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Love — it’s what makes life divine, a Disney princess once said. And while she was absolutely right, finding love can feel like an impossible quest sometimes. But there’s nothing a little bit of pixie dust can’t fix, right? Even if it comes in the form of pick-up lines.

So, if you’re ready to add some magic to your love life, sit back and let us transport you to a world of enchantment with our Disney-inspired pick-up lines. Whether you’re a fan of classic fairy tales or modern-day adventures, let’s sprinkle some Disney magic into your dating game.

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Clean Disney pick-up lines ✨

Fan of Disney and want to impress your crush? Pick-up lines are a great way to show off your wit and humor, while also making a connection with someone special.

And what better way to do that than with some of the most beloved Disney characters and stories? From Snow White to Moana, we’ve got you covered with these clean and charming pick-up lines.

1. I might be Beast but you’re definitely my Beauty.

This one is a tale as old as time.

2. Call me Pooh because you’re my Honey!


3. Are you Ariel? Because I think you were mermaid for me.

Slick, huh?

4. Are you from Wonderland? Because I’m lost without you.

Alice would be proud.

5. Damn, you take love to infinity and beyond.

Buzz Lightyear would be proud.

6. Did you steal some pixie dust from Tinkerbell? Because I’m feeling magical around you.

Smooth like Peter Pan.

7. Call me Peter Pan, because you’re my happy thought.

I never want to grow up.

8. I’m not Sully, but you could be my Boo.

Cuteness overload.

9. My name isn’t Olaf, but I just know you’re worth melting for.

Warm and fuzzy.

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10. They found Nemo and they found Dory too… I can’t find my girlfriend, could it be you?

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

11. You must be Mickey cause you so fine!

Oh boy!

12. I think that you’re a girl worth fighting for.

Mulan would be so proud.

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13. Can you feel the love tonight?

Because I can.

14. I can say you aren’t cute, but I’d be lion.

Simba would approve.

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Cheesy Disney pick-up lines 💖

Feeling extra cheesy and want to make your crush smile? There’s nothing more charming than using a cheesy pick-up line to show your love and affection.

And with these Disney-inspired lines, you’re guaranteed to make your special someone giggle.

1. Are you a genie? Because you just granted all my wishes.

Aladdin who?

2. You’re like Cinderella’s glass slipper… perfect fit for me.

Prince Charming, is that you?

3. If you were a Dalmatian, you’d be one in a hundred and one.

Too many spots to count, but I’ll still take it.

4. Call me Nemo because I’m lost in your eyes.

Finding my true love at last.

5. I like warm hugs, can you give me one?

Olaf knows what’s up.

6. All it takes is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust… oh and your phone number.

Tinkerbell would be proud.

7. What’s your favorite Disney movie? Mine is the one where we fall in love.

A classic love story in the making.

8. Are you a pirate? Because you have my arrrrrgh-tention.

Hook, line, and sinker.

9. You are Hans-some.

Just like Prince Hans, but without the betrayal.

10. You’re the Buzz to my Woody.

Best friends, turned lovers.

11. I want to show you my whole new world, but it seems like you already own a mirror.

Move over, Aladdin.

12. I don’t need to rub a magic lamp to find my perfect match; I already found you.

Genies are overrated anyways.

13. You’re Tiggeriffic.

Bouncing into love.

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Funny Disney pick-up lines 🤣

They say laughter is the best medicine, and what better way to break the ice with someone than by making them laugh? Humor is always a great way to show your personality and charm, so why not try one of these funny Disney pick-up lines on your next date?

1. I must be Goofy because you’re making me smile like an idiot.

Goofing around never felt so good.

2. There’s a snake in my pants!

Oh wait, it’s just you making my heart skip a beat.

3. You must be Cinderella and I must be midnight, because when I come around I’ll make your dress disappear.

Smooth, sneaky, and slightly scandalous.

4. You must be Pumbaa because baby — I’ve got no worries.

Hakuna Matata, baby!

5. You have such great hair, are you using the dingle-hopper?

Ariel would be proud.

6. Is that Pinocchio in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

I bet Gepetto never taught you that one.

7. You must be a mermaid because I’m hooked on you.

A perfect catch.

8. Your castle or mine?

A little forward, but hey, it’s Disney.

9. Don’t worry, Cinderella. I’ll get you home before the clock strikes 12.

Prince Charming’s got nothing on me.

10. I must be Lighting McQueen ‘cause you got my heart racing.

Vroom vroom, let’s go for a ride.

11. You must be Tiana because you’re my dream come true.

Frog prince no more.

12. Aye Mary - youze Poppin’.

I bet the dwarves would love to hear about this new development.

13. You have really nice eyes. You remind me of Quasimodo.

Not the most conventional compliment, but hey, it’s Disney.

14. My name is Sebastian, but I promise I don’t have crabs.

Under the sea, under the sea.

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Dirty Disney pick-up lines 😈

Ready to be more risque and daring with your pick-up lines? Take it up a notch with these dirty and flirty Disney-inspired lines.

Fair warning, some of these might make you blush. And make sure to use them at your own risk!

1. Are you the Sultan’s palace? Because I’m dying to get inside you.

Jasmine would be shocked.

2. How about I show you the real magic kingdom?

Not suitable for children, but definitely magical.

3. Hey Cinderella, let’s see if this fits!

Oh, it fits alright.

4. I can make any fairy moan… All I need to do is Tink’er’bell.

Naughty, but clever.

5. Hi, I’m Andy. Wanna play with my Woody?

A childhood classic, turned dirty.

6. Hey Aladdin, is that a lamp in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

The genie better watch out.

7. Can I Hakuna your ma-tatas?

Simba would be proud.

8. Wanna rub my lamp? I’ll make all your wishes come true.

I promise it’ll come true.

9. Want to try and tame my Beast?

Belle certainly did.

10. One night with me, and I’ll show you a whole new world.

But be careful, I might be too hot to handle.

11. Your body is a wonderland, and I’d like to be Alice.

But instead of the rabbit hole, let’s go down a different kind of hole.

12. I’d like to take a trip to your forbidden west wing.

But no need to hide me from your beastly desires.

13. Can you come check my bed? I think it’s covered in Monsters Inc.

Sulley and Mike have some explaining to do.

14. Spend one night with me and I promise to show you a whole new world.

But beware, it might be too hot to handle.

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So whether you’re feeling cheesy, funny, or daring, these Disney-inspired pick-up lines have got you covered. From classic love stories to childhood favorites, there’s a line for every type of Disney fan.

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