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A lot of people grew up together with the Disney Princesses, Toy Story, Pirates of the Carribean and more of the beloved Disney characters. When you were trying to make friends and sharing your hobbies and favorite movies, you must have shared something related to Disney movies because it’s so common to love Disney that you can have it as your common denominator!

To help you make more friends and keep the old ones by spreading the love, magic and happiness that Disney has given throughout the years, here are some of the best pick-up lines inspired by all the Disney movies and characters we all love.

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Disney pick-up lines clean ✨

Disney fans from all over the world have one thing in common, they all surely enjoy the quotes and lines in the movies they’ve grown up with like Aladdin, Toy Story, Cinderella, Hercules, Frozen and Moana. These lines were inspired by these movies.

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1. You are the Buzz Lightyear to my Woody!

Toy Story lovers will love this one!

2. My heart seeks you as Moana’s was called by the sea.

Then you may see the light where the sky meets the sea!

3. Because of you, I strived to become a Hero from a Zero… just like Hercules did.

You may not be a god but you can still be awesome with the right amount of inspiration!

4. I may be an Ogre but at least I’ll always have you as my Fiona.

And you can both go to a land Far, Far Away.

5. You must be Ariel because I think you mermaid for me.

This will give you butterflies in your stomach and at the same time make you smile and laugh!

6. I think that you are a girl worth fighting for!

Fa Mulan would be so proud!

7. You are the Beauty to my Beast.

This one is a tale as old as time.

8. My name is Pooh and you are my Honey!

Isn’t this so cute?

9. For you, I will go the distance.

Fall for another Hercules pick-up line like Megara did!

10. You’re worth melting for!

Bring out the Olaf in you!

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Cheesy Disney pick-up lines 💖

Most Disney Princess movies are all about true love and happy endings. They teach you things and lessons in life and love in a way that even kids could understand and enjoy. Here are some lines that will make sure you win the girl or boy you’re pining for your whole life!

1. When I’m with you, I feel Hakuna Matata!

It means no worries for the rest of your days!

2. If I was Aladdin and I found the lamp, I would give all my three wishes to you.

Aaaw, such a cute line!

3. Like Ariel, I’d give up my voice just to be a part of your world.

Start looking for Ursula and trade your voice, then!

4. If I was Rapunzel, you’d be the only one to enter my tower.

Let those golden locks fall, princess!

5. You got my heart racing like Lightning McQueen!

Cars was such a great movie and McQueen was the bomb!

6. You will forever be the Peter Pan to my Wendy and together we can have that date at the second star to the right!

The Lost Boys and Tinkerbell will be mighty jealous!

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7. Do you trust me?

There are so much Aladdin lines and quotes here because he can be quite the Casanova without meaning to.

8. I’m not Sully but you could be my Boo.

No one thought you can hit on someone with something from Monsters Inc!

9. You’ve got a friend in me.

Woody and Buzz would be proud!

10. Call me Nemo. I am lost in your eyes!

Finding Nemo has never been this romantic.

Funny Disney pick-up lines 🤣

Not only is Walt Disney all about love stories and serious stuff. The characters are so full of life and there are scenes and inside jokes in the movies that only Disney fans will understand. Check out these hilarious lines inspired by those famous Disney scenes!

1. You got such great hair, are you using the dingle-hopper?

Ariel’s fork/brush scenes really make you LOL!

2. So did they give you a name along with those ripping pectorals?

Megara said this line to Hercules and it left him dumbfounded!

3. If you won’t wake up, I’ll be forced to execute the so-called true love’s kiss on you.

How to wake someone up…

4. Is that Pinocchio in your pants? You look mighty happy to see me!

Don’t you dare lie!

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5. I didn’t wanna say anything but Kung Fu Panda was kinda based on me!

Smug bastard!

6. You might be a lady but tonight, you are my tramp.


7. You must work for Disney because you seem to be the person who can make all my dreams come true!

Way too smooth!

8. Jafar or Ja-near, I’ll be there when you need me.

Well, now we don’t need to hate Jafar that much!

9. Do you want to build a snowman with me?

Low-key way to ask someone out during the winter season!

10. I can say you aren’t gorgeous, but I’d be lion (lying).

Simba and Mufasa will cheer for you on this one!

Dirty Disney pick-up lines 😈

These Disney pick-up lines are added with an adult and dirty twist that will surely make Disney fans blush. Make sure no one underaged hears these though as these will make you see and hear the lines of the Disney characters in a whole new light!

1. I permit you to enter my Cave of Wonders because I heard you got a big and hard diamond in the rough.

Who would have thought Aladdin was such a bad boy?!

2. I get lost in your body as Alice was in Wonderland.

Your body is a wonderland, baby.

3. If you’re Cinderella, just call me after midnight when your dress has already disappeared.

Wink, wink!

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4. Your castle or mine?

A disney twist to the modern way of asking someone to sleep with you!

5. My name’s Andy, wanna play with my Woody?

Need I say more?

6. You’ve shown me your Beauty, now let me show you my Beast!

This beast just got wild!

7. Whenever you’re around, my Pride Rock seems to be taller and harder.

Well, aren’t you quite a King of the Jungle!

8. Let me explore your rabbit hole.

Let your imagination run wild as Alice did!

9. Wanna rub my lamp? I’ll make all your wishes come true.

You’ll know it’s really a lamp when what comes out is blue, not white!

10. Spend one night with me and I promise to show you a whole new world!

I promise this one’s the last one from Aladdin!

There you have it! You’re all ready to go make today the happiest day in your life and spread the magic to all the people you meet by using these pick-up lines! What are you waiting for? Do it now. It was Walt Disney who once said that if you can dream it, you can do it!

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