What do I want for Christmas?

It's Christmas time again! But like every year, there is this one painful question: What do I want for Christmas?

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O Christmas, you are one of the most wonderful and beautiful holidays ever. Around the globe, people sit around the Christmas tree, open presents, have fun, and are happy. Hardly any holiday is as memorable as this one.

There is hardly a person who doesn’t like Christmas. Well, the holiday stress plagues many people. But there’s another little thing that’s incredibly annoying about Christmas: the question of what to wish for.

What do I want for Christmas?

The majority of us live in a society of abundance. And since almost everyone already has what they need, people often don’t know what to want for Christmas.

Should it be a new game? Clothes? Gift certificates? Or even nothing at all except time together with family? Tricky question, isn’t it?

That’s exactly why we made this quiz. The results will tell you what you should want for Christmas.

So what are you waiting for? Take the What do I want for Christmas? quiz now!

What to get for Christmas?

But you can also approach this quiz the other way around: Why not answer the questions for someone very close to you? That way, you’re sure to find an excellent gift or at least the perfect inspiration!

What to get your boyfriend for Christmas?

Giving your boyfriend a gift can often be difficult. Guys are sometimes very cautious about what they want. Others, in turn, name a thousand things to choose between. Of course, that doesn’t make things any easier.

So if you want to figure out what to give your boyfriend, this quiz is made for you!

What to get your girlfriend for Christmas?

But a girlfriend is most of the time as tricky as a boyfriend. With what you can give a girl pleasure? Since everyone is so different, this question is of course not answerable across the board. But this quiz will definitely help you find the perfect gift for your sweetheart!

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