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Ready to take your relationship to the next level? Whether you’re in the honeymoon phase or have been together for years, there’s always room for growth and improvement.

We’ve scoured the app universe to bring you the 5 best relationship apps for couples in 2024. These gems are designed to boost communication, strengthen your bond, and sprinkle some extra fun into your relationship.

Let’s dive into our top picks and see how these apps can help you create a healthier and happier relationship.

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1. Coupled by PumPum

“Your new couple care routine!” The slogan of Coupled already says it all - the app aims to strengthen relationships. And trust us, it does a great job.

What the app offers

The app offers a variety of fun and insightful games, quizzes, and questions for couples to help you connect with your partner daily - even if you’re miles away.

Here are the key features of the app:

Daily Talk: Every day, you’ll receive a new Daily Talk question for you and your partner to answer. The questions can range from intimate and deep to fun and silly.

Fun Games: From “Would You Rather”, “Most Likely To” to “How Well Do You Know Me?” - these quiz games are super fun to play with your partner and learn more about each other.

Relationship Quizzes: These quizzes are great for identifying strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. The app offers a variety of quizzes that target specific topics like communication and conflict, love languages, and intimacy.

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The Activity Wheel: Don’t know what to do? Let the Activity Wheel choose for you! Spin the wheel and get an activity that you and your partner can do together. You can also filter by topics such as “Outdoor” and “Indoor” activities.

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Weekly Relationship Checkup: Keep track of your relationship’s health. With the Weekly Relationship Checkup, you can evaluate different aspects of your relationship, such as communication and intimacy. If both of you regularly participate, you’ll be able to identify areas that need improvement before they become bigger problems.

Special dates: In your shared profile, you can pin all the special dates like anniversaries, birthdays, and any other milestones that are important to your relationship. You can also add a reminder to the date so the app can notify you on time!

Pricing: You can download Coupled for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Premium subscription options are available for 14.99€/month or 69.99€/year for two users. 7-day free trial.

What we like about the app

Coupled is not just an app to have fun with. It encourages couples to communicate daily and work on their relationship in a fun and light way.

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The games and quizzes are not only entertaining but also offer an opportunity to learn more about your partner. Plus, the weekly checkup feature is a great way to keep track of the health of your relationship.

A seemingly small but significant feature is the Daily Talk question. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep communication alive in a relationship.

Another nice touch is the shared profile with your partner. You can personalize your profile with cute pictures of you two, making the whole experience even more special!

App icon Coupled by PumPum®
Coupled by PumPum® Rated 4.9 stars out of five stars

2. PumPum - After Dark

This app is from the same developers as “Coupled” and also has a lot to offer. The difference is that “PumPum - After Dark” is focused on the physical intimacy between couples.

What the app offers

The app offers a variety of sensual adventures and mini-games for couples to spice up their relationship. Here are the main features:

Steamy Adventures: The app offers various adventures, which include different “mini-games”. To start an adventure, you take turns spinning the wheel. When the wheel stops, a mini-game will be selected for you and your partner to play, such as “Truth or Dare” or “Confession Time”.

There’s also sensual foreplay adventure for couples who want to spice up their sex life and add a little bit of adventure to it.

28-Day Intimacy Challenge: We recommend doing this challenge for every couple! Each day, you’ll receive a new challenge to complete with your partner that creates more intimacy in your relationship.

However, it is not only about physical intimacy - many challenges focus on emotional connection and communication, too.

Secret Fantasies: If you’re open to sexual roleplay, you’ll love this feature. The app offers a variety of roleplay stories and scenarios for you and your partner to play out.

Love Dice: The popular love dice game is now in an app! Roll the dice and let fate decide what type of kiss, touch, or massage you’ll give your partner.

Adventure Wheel: Do you want to mix things up in your sex life? Spin the adventure wheel and get a random position to try it. There’s also a filter option, so you can choose positions according to your mood.

Pricing: You can download PumPum for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Premium subscription options are available for 9.99€/month. 3-day free trial.

What we love about the app

We love that this app is not just about physical intimacy but also encourages couples to connect emotionally. It’s a great way to add excitement and playfulness to your relationship.

The mini-games are really fun and creative and can definitely help you break out of your routine! The 28-Day Intimacy Challenge is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

3. Paired - Couples & Relationship

Paired is an app that focuses on helping couples improve their communication and strengthen their relationship. It definitely deserves a spot on this list as it offers great features for couples of all stages.

What the app offers

The app offers various tools and resources for couples to work on their communication and overall relationship. Here are some of the main features:

Questions: The app provides a vast list of questions and question packs across different categories. You also get a daily question to discuss with your partner.

Quizzes: Paired offers a variety of quizzes for couples to explore and understand different aspects of their relationship. From hard topics like finances to fun topics like love languages, these quizzes can spark some interesting conversations.

Games: The app has a collection of games designed to help couples connect and have fun together, such as “This or That”, “You or Me?” and other fun quiz games.

Exercises: If you’re a very ambitious couple and want to really work on your relationship, the app offers various exercises for you to complete together. These exercises focus on different areas like communication, trust, and intimacy.

Chat: The app also has a chat feature where you can privately communicate with your partner.

Memory Timeline: This feature allows you to save all the special moments and memories you have with your partner. It’s a great way to look back on your relationship journey and reminisce together.

Pricing: You can download Paired for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Premium subscription options are available for 14.99€/month or 79.99€/year for two users. Free “Welcome Games” to try.

What we love about the app

We love how the app offers a variety of resources for couples to work on their relationship. The questions, quizzes, and games are all great tools for sparking conversation and understanding each other better.

The chat feature is nice but not necessary, as most couples already have a way to communicate outside of the app. However, we do appreciate the memory timeline feature, as it adds a personal touch to the app and allows you to create a special keepsake for your relationship.

4. Evergreen - Relationship Growth

Evergreen deserves a place on this list because of its charming natural theme. The app is designed to help couples grow as a couple and individually, which is why it’s perfect for long-term relationships.

What the app offers

Evergreen offers a collection of tools and resources to help couples grow their relationship. Here are some of the key features:

Questions: You’ll get a new question on your Today page every other day. Unfortunately, there is no option to browse through all questions.

Quiz Games: Like the other apps in this list, Evergreen also offers fun and insightful quiz games for couples to play.

Couples Bucket list: Create a bucket list of things you want to do with your partner. Add goals, dreams, and experiences that you both want to achieve together.

Lessons/Advice: Evergreen offers various lessons and advice on different topics like communication, intimacy, and trust. Unfortunately, there’s no option to see all lessons at once, so you’ll have to wait for them to appear on your Today page.

Weekly Check-in: The app also provides a weekly check-in feature where you and your partner can rate how satisfied you are with different aspects of your relationship. Unlike other apps, Evergreen focuses on one topic each week.

Words of Wisdom: Every day, the app offers a daily quote or saying to inspire you and your partner.

Date Stories: You can also read and submit date stories for inspiration and ideas on how to spend quality time with your partner.

Pricing: You can download Evergreen for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Premium subscription options are available for 9.99€/month or 49.99€/year for two users. 7-day free trial.

What we love about the app

We love the nature theme of the app and the growing plant as a symbol of the relationship. The quiz games are very fun, and the bucket list feature is a great way to dream and plan together as a couple.

Unfortunately, you can’t pick and choose most of the content as you like; rather, you have to wait for them to appear on your Today page. However, the lessons and advice offered are very insightful and helpful in nurturing a healthy relationship.

5. Between - Couple Relationship Tracker

“Between” is a simple yet very useful app for couples, especially for those in long-distance relationships. The app allows you to chat, send cute stickers, and share photos on a private platform, making it feel like your own personal space.

What the app offers

Between offers the following features to help couples stay connected:

Chat & Private Messaging: The app allows you to have a private chat space with your partner, where you can send text and audio messages, videos, love letters, and adorable stickers.

Shared Photo Album: You can upload photos on your shared story or make an album to keep all your special moments and memories organized.

Cute stickers: If you love stickers, you’ll love the variety of cute and adorable stickers available on Between.

Pricing: You can download “Between” for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. All important features are available for free, but there are premium subscriptions available for additional features and an ad-free version. You can choose from 4 different premium plans - starting at 3,49€/month to a one-time purchase for unlimited access.

What we love about the app

What we love about “Between” is its simplicity and the feeling of having a private space with your partner. It’s perfect for couples in long-distance relationships to send each other cute messages and stickers.

The shared photo album is also a great way to keep track of your relationship milestones and memories. You also don’t need the Premium version to access most features, making it a great option for those on a budget.

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