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But what are you gonna do, once the routine sets in? Some couple apps make life a lot easier in giving you ideas.

Among the most popular ones, we have chosen those that can really improve your daily life as a team. Forget yesterdays arguments and take on todays love challenges! All that with your love, of course. There you go for the five best apps to improve your relationship:

1. PumPum - Ignite the spark

The PumPum couples app is filled with minigames and challenges for you and your significant other. Everything you need for this adventure is your partner and one phone.

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So, how does it work? Firstly, you enter your names, and then you choose one of the many adventures. For example, you can get to know each other better with a bunch of personal questions, or you can spice up your sexlife with the sensual foreplay category. You could also challenge each other with the Parnter Quiz or the Relationship Quiz!

As you see, this app offers various games and adventures for you and your sweetheart. The only disadvantage: To unlock all categories, you have to pay.

  • Top: Availabe on iOS and Android, and many cateogries are for free

  • Price: Free but premium subscriptions are available for 4.99€ per month

2. Honi - Spice up your relationship

That’s a fairly complete app, based on a system of challenges. These challenges give you points. The little extra is that the tasks are customizable. Instead of paying, you can unlock them simply by logging in.

At the beginning you choose among a large number of categories (e.g. romantic, outdoor, long distance, in the kitchen…) Fresh: There are quickies, i.e. mini challenges, depending on your mood: shy, hot and hardcore. Each challenge makes you earn points, which can be exchanged into rewards (e.g. for a massage, a dinner…) These can be bought or sold between users. Means you can give ideas to others, but also get inspired by their craziness.

If you create a challenge yourself, it’s up to you to choose the number of points that can be earned. On top of that, Honi offers you a map with good deals (which is handy for the rewards πŸ˜‰). Your ideas are always welcome on their Facebook site.

  • Top: Category “long distance” and quickies, discount codes on Facebook, suitable for all types of sexuality

  • Price: Between free (unlocking) and 7.99€, available on iOS.

3. Can’U - Sexgame for couples

Despite the slogan, this app is not only about sex. You can, furthermore send or receive different types of love challenges. The little extra is that the generator sends them completely randomly.

How does it work? Once registered, you add one or more person/s. The idea is to challenge either your partner or friends. About the buddies, you’ll carry out the challenges separately and then compare the results. First you choose a category. The naughty and romantic challenges are for free. The other, more specific ones (hot, very hot, extreme, role-plays) are to pay.

A challenge can be accepted or refused. It has a realization time of a few hours up to about a week. Once the challenge completed, the player gains a certain number of points. The little extra is that the person sending the challenge doesn’t know what it is about, nor when it will happen. It’s this surprise effect that we adore. Apart from that, you may have the opportunity to try out things that you think are too naughty to ask your partner for. The task generator helps you to overcome this discomfort, since you are not aware of what it will ask. And why should it be your fault, if it has dirty thoughts ?

  • Top: Surprise effect, possibility to choose one’s sexual orientation

  • Price: Between free and 9.90€, available on Android.

4. Happy couple - Get to know your partner better

This app, which is used by two, is designed to get to know your partner better. Been on couple for a long time, it will help you to strengthen your relationship.

Five questions on six topics (emotion, sex, responsibility, communication, leisure and personality) are proposed on a daily basis. If you don’t really agree with your loves answer, you can discuss about it in another window. The aim isn’t to replace dialogue, but rather to go beyond the usual conversations. You’ll also receive advice on how to improve your relationship. To make the app more fun, there’s a point system. The points unlock new levels. Each level offers challenges.

The story of this app shows that it has proved its worth; the founder got together with a girl met on Tinder. His aim was to live a lasting relationship in our fast-moving times. In creating Happy couple, he mulled over to imagine something realistic and applicable in his own daily life. And if it worked for him, why wouldn’t it for you?

  • Top: Questions created by a psychologist and adapted to your situation (e.g. long distance), website with a nice blog.

  • Price: always free, available on iOS and Android.

5. Desire - Couple games

Here again, the founder, father of two children, says that his own story inspired him to create an app.

You can choose from hundreds of challenges, updated every week. They make you earn points that unlock new levels. On top of that you got a private and secured chat. It allows you to send photos and videos. To keep the best memories, you can create a romantic (or naughty?) diary for two.

  • Top: Every day you will receive a random question. You’ll only see your sweetheart’s answer once you’ve answered yours.

  • Price: Free to 1.19€ per item.

6. Between - Relationship app for couples

Between is a social network for two. The app allows you to send messages and share videos, photos and stickers. As there’s an agenda, you’ll always remember important dates for you two. Voice messages can be sent easily. Compared to other apps of the same style (e.g. Avocado), Between is just as complete, but always free.

  • Top: For long distance relationships

  • Price: Free of charge

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  3. The Power of Four Bases for Relationships: Can You Hit a Home Run in a Relationship?
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