The color gradients you choose reveal how good you are in bed!

It's time for the most important question ever: How good are you at sex? Your color choices can tell!

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How good am I in bed?

If there is one question that regularly occupies us humans it is probably this: How good am I at sex? or How good am I in bed?

And this is an excellent question! After all, you want to give your counterpart a good time in bed and have fun together. So it would be terrible if you find out afterward that the other person didn’t like it.

That’s why it’s so important that you take this quiz! Because with the help of your color choice, you can accurately determine how good you are in bed!

Don’t believe us? Then take the quiz now and prove us wrong!

How to be good in bed

Of course, you always want to get better in life, especially when it comes to sex. And there are many ways how to get better in bed.

But the best and most important way is probably to focus a lot on your partner and be responsive to them and their desires. Because the more you focus on being good in bed, the less you are.

Don’t be uptight, relax and just enjoy the time together. Be gentle.