Find out what your love language is!

There are five different love languages. But which of them is yours? Find out now with this quiz!

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Love Language test

Love is an unfathomable subject, not just a catchword in 90% of pop songs! It occupies every person around the globe and is the most wonderful thing there is.

However, everyone needs certain things to feel loved. And these are different for most. Most importantly, how people show others that they love them differs widely.

This is where the five languages of love come in!

What are the five languages of love?

In case you didn’t know, there are five languages of love. Depending on which language of love a person speaks, it differs what they need to feel loved and appreciated. Most importantly, they indicate how people express their affection for others.

The five languages of love are:

What is my language of love?

This is an excellent question! While most people are mixed types, one language of love is dominant in everyone!

So which one is yours? Only this quiz can clarify that! You’d better do it right now!

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