The drinks you choose in this quiz reveal if you're a good lover or not!

Alcohol and sex often go hand in hand. So let's find out how good you are as a lover depending on what you drink.

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This quiz reveals if you’re a good lover or not!

Everybody wants to know if they’re a good lover or not. Are you able to make your partner enjoy your quality time in bed together?

That’s a question many people ask themself. This is why we’ve created this quiz with a twist. Choose between two different drinks to reveal if you’re a good lover or not! But don’t take the result too seriously – it’s all meant for fun.

Are you a good lover?

The best way of finding out if you’re a good lover or not is to ask your partner about their honest opinion and why they feel that way. But don’t feel hurt if your partner doesn’t tell you what you wanted to hear. Otherwise, they might be lying to protect your feelings.

Ask them what they like and how you could improve as a lover.

I bet you already have some great qualities regarding this horizontal topic your partner already likes a lot. But all of us can improve!

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