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Lucifer Quiz: Which character are you?

Find out with this infernal quiz which character from the Lucifer cast you are!

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Lucifer is an American TV series based on the DC Comic character of the same name from the comic book The Sandman.

In the series, Lucifer abandoned hell as he has grown tired of it. So he runs a nightclub in Los Angeles and becomes a consultant to the LAPD after he got involved in a murder investigation.

With his new partner, Detective Chloe Decker, he encounters several supernatural beings while solving crimes together.

Which character of the Lucifer cast are you?

The cast of characters in Lucifer is vast, so it can be hard to determine which one is most like you. But this quiz will tell you the answer. Just take the Lucifer Quiz: Which character are you? to find out! What are you waiting for?!

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Lucifer cast

The amazing cast of the Lucifer series is one of the main reasons why this show has captured the hearts and minds of viewers all over the world.

Lucifer Morningstar - Tom Ellis

With his charming British accent and devilish good looks, Tom brings this character to life in the most hilarious and endearing way possible. He effortlessly switches between being suave and seductive to vulnerable and emotional, bringing a certain likability to the Lord of Hell.

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Detective Chloe Decker - Lauren German

Her chemistry with Tom Ellis is off the charts and her no-nonsense attitude makes her the perfect foil to Lucifer’s shenanigans. Plus, who can forget that iconic scene of her punching him in the face? Lauren also brings a depth to Chloe’s character as she struggles with balancing her personal life and career.

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Amenadiel - D.B. Woodside

Despite being the complete opposite of Lucifer, D.B.’s portrayal of Amenadiel brings a different kind of charm to the show. His journey from strict rule-follower to compassionate friend is one that we can’t get enough of.

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Mazikeen - Lesley-Ann Brandt

This demon-turned-bartender is not one to be messed with, but she also has a surprising soft spot for her friends. Lesley-Ann’s portrayal of Maze’s tough exterior and hidden vulnerability makes her one of the most compelling characters on the show.

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Dr. Linda Martin - Rachael Harris

A human therapist who becomes entangled in the supernatural world of Lucifer, Linda serves as a sounding board and confidant for many of the characters on the show.

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Detective Dan Espinoza aka “Detective Douche - Kevin Alejandro as.

While he may have started off as the stereotypical jerk ex-husband, Kevin brings depth and complexity to Dan’s character as we see him struggle with his feelings for Chloe and his own insecurities. Plus, his dynamic with Lucifer is always entertaining to watch.

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Aimee Garcia - Ella Lopez

The bubbly forensic scientist Ella Lopez is played by American actress Aimee Garcia. As one of the few characters who knows about Lucifer’s true identity, Ella adds humor and heart to the show. Garcia’s portrayal of Ella brings a refreshing energy and charm to the cast.

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These are just a few of the many intriguing characters that make up the world of Lucifer! This quiz will tell you who you’re most like!

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