What should I watch on Netflix?

You don't know what to watch on Netflix? Fear no more, we'll tell you what you should watch based on your personality and preferences!

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What should I watch on Netflix? Quiz

Netflix has a vast amount of shows and movies to offer, so it’s not always easy to decide what to watch, especially if you’ve watched a lot already. But there’s always something that you haven’t watched yet. That’s what this quiz is for. Take this quiz to find out what you should definitely watch on Netflix to kill your boredom, and start binge-watching! If you’ve already watched your result, just retake this quiz. There are plenty of results!

What to watch on Netflix in 2021?

There’s a lot of content on Netflix, and 2021 it’s no different. Take this engaging quiz to find out what you should watch on Netflix, based on your preferences and personality! You may find your next favorite show!

Netflix and Chill

We all know “Netflix and chill”, right? All the results are perfect for you and another person to watch and set a great mood. If you want, you can take this quiz with your “Netflix and chill”-partner to get the perfect result for the both of you!

Netflix Original

We tried to mainly contain Netflix Originals in this quiz because they are usually available in every country worldwide. Sometimes shows and movies are only available in the US but not in Europe or vice versa, for example. So don’t be afraid that your result won’t be viewable by you!

Have fun with this entertaining quiz!

What are you?

  1. Morning person
  2. Night owl
  3. Neither

What’s the most illegal thing you have ever done?

  1. I have a clean slate
  2. I’ve stolen
  3. Vandalism
  4. Something too illegal to tell

Choose something to drink!

  1. Coffee
  2. Lemonade
  3. Wine
  4. Beer

Which of the following is your guilty pleasure?

  1. Gambling and/or playing in the lottery
  2. Ordering food
  3. Drinking more than I should
  4. Binge-watching
  5. Social media
  6. Playing video games all night long

Do you think aliens really exist?

  1. Of course, they do!
  2. No!
  3. I’m not sure …

Do you like to binge-watch?

  1. Yes, I love it!
  2. Not really
  3. I hate it!

What kind of life do you think your previous life was?

  1. I was something special.
  2. I was some sort of peasant.
  3. I was some sort of royal.
  4. I don’t believe in reincarnation!

Which values do you want to teach your children?

  1. You can achieve anything if you want
  2. There’s always someone better than you
  3. There’s always a tomorrow
  4. The world is full of wonders

Describe your group of friends.

  1. One best friend
  2. A few close friends
  3. A large group of good friends
  4. No friends

What do you prefer?

  1. Science-Fiction
  2. Real Stories
  3. Weird Stories
  4. Fantasy
Show Result


  1. The Queen's Gambit

    An orphan girl with a talent in chess

    The Queen's Gambit is Netflix 2020 hit number one. It plays in the 1950s and is about an orphan girl that's really good at playing chess. But to be successful, she has to fight her addiction first.

  2. Money Heist

    A show about money and manipulation

    Money Heist is a Spanish show about a delinquent genius and his gang of eight people who manipulate the police to fulfill his plan. They end up in the Spanish banknote printing company with a lot of hostages.

  3. Peaky Blinders - Gangs of Birmingham

    Birmingham in the year 1919

    A show about an infamous gang in Birmingham and their tough leader, Tommy Shelby. He wants to move up in the world no matter the cost.

  4. Orange Is the New Black

    In the women's prison

    Orange Is the New Black is a show about a privileged New Yorker woman ending up in a women's prison, where she makes friends but way more foes.

  5. Stranger Things

    Of mystery and monsters

    Stranger Things starts with a young boy's vanishing and continues with a small town uncovering a lot of mysteries, secret experiments, and supernatural horrors from another dimension.

  6. The Seven Deadly Sins

    Seven evil knights save the world

    When tyrants take over Princess Elizabeth's kingdom, her only hope is a disbanded group of evil knights, called the Seven Deadly Sins, to reclaim her realm.

  7. Better Call Saul

    Breaking Bad's prequel

    This Emmy-nominated show is about a pathetic attorney becoming a morally twisted lawyer.

  8. You

    You will love me

    You is about a charming young man, falling in love with a girl. Nothing special? Wrong, he is a sociopathic stalker and crazily obsessed. He would do anything to make her fall in love with him as well.

  9. Narcos

    A true story

    Narcos follows the story of Colombia's infamous, violent, and powerful drug cartels. A truly gritty gangster drama!

  10. The Umbrella Academy

    Siblings with superpowers

    After their father died, superhuman siblings are reunited and uncover shocking family secrets, that could destroy humanity.

  11. Black Mirror

    Sci-fi anthology

    Every episode of Black Mirror is unique and about a twisted, high-tech, near-future humanity. You'll get goosebumps after every episode!

  12. Unorthodox

    A Jewish woman on the run

    After an arranged marriage turns out to be a nightmare, young Hasidic Jewish woman Esther flees to Berlin, Germany, until her past is coming for her.

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